(Clearwisdom.net) The Epoch Times series of "Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party" are now being published. There has been a lot of feedback both from China and abroad. These are some of my thoughts.

Some people say, "If you are a Communist Party member, you should not practice (Falun Gong) any more." "If the (Chinese) government tells you not to practice, you should not practice any more." This kind of logic seems to make sense. Some of our practitioners even felt it made sense, therefore they gave up practicing Dafa.

Teacher said,

"''During the process of beings in the cosmos deviating from the Fa, beings came to no longer know the Fa's existence or the Fa's true requirements for the beings at different levels. So this has caused sentient beings, when faced with something as major as today's Fa-rectification, to be unable to handle themselves correctly in relation to the Fa, to Dafa disciples, and to myself."

("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference")

Teacher also described the origin of the Chinese Communist Party in detail in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference." It was purposefully arranged for by the evil forces and the purpose of creating it was to use it to persecute Dafa for the time being. Dafa creates everything in the universe. During the Fa rectification process, everything that is against Dafa will be eliminated eventually. So you can imagine the fate of the Communist Party, which was particularly established to be used to persecute Dafa.

We are cultivating ourselves while complying with the ordinary human state to the best extent. We try not to create any barrier for people in learning about Dafa. We keep our posts and titles in this ordinary human society. If we were to do something to change that format, we would achieve a negative effect instead. It is very important, however, to know how to eliminate every unrighteous thought and notion in our own minds from the brainwashing we have all received by the Communist Party. A person's' brain is like a container, whatever it contains, it becomes. The last few generations have been brainwashed by the Communist Party for many decades; especially the generation made up of people nearing 40 years old. Some songs that we hum unintentionally are revolutionary songs that promote 'violence and struggle,' let alone many ways of thinking about things.

Teacher has told us to:

"Change the human logic that you, as an ordinary human, have formed deep in your bones over thousands of years,"

("Cautionary Advice," Essentials for Further Advancement)

let alone those wicked notions which have been instilled into us by the Communist Party that was created for persecuting Dafa.

Just look at these slogans: "Whatever the Communist Party tells us to do, we'll do it." "Everything and everyone obeys the arrangements of the Communist Party." "Be a screw that will never rust." "National interests go beyond everything." "Stabilization surpasses everything." For the past few decades, the majority of Chinese people didn't know their rights as human beings, let alone knowing that freedom of belief and speech are basic human rights recognized internationally. Many practitioners who grew up in China did not know about this either. People gave up their rights to independent thinking and choice of belief without realizing they had done so. Even nowadays, a statement like "the government already banned it" has become an unarguable reason that a practitioner should give up cultivation. It also became a reason for ordinary people to hate Dafa practitioners. Aren't these old force' arrangements?

As practitioners of Dafa, we must clean up every remaining bit of poison from the brainwashing we received from the Communist Party in our minds. This is particularly important for practitioners who still live in China under the rule of the Communist Party.

December 4, 2004.