(Clearwisdom.net) One day, I saw a middle-aged woman who worked in a restaurant taking a break outside. I went over to say hello to her.

After awhile, I told her that I practice Falun Gong. She said, "You still dare to practice?" I told her how Falun Dafa is being spread all over the world, and that Master Li Hongzhi (founder of Falun Gong) teaches people to abide by the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." I also told her how Falun Gong could cure illness and completely restore one's health.

As I was talking, another two people came out to listen. I talked a little bit louder and continued telling about the beauty of Falun Dafa and the severe torture happening to practitioners in China.

After they heard what I said, they went inside and told more people to come out and listen. In total, nineteen people came out, including cooks, waitresses and the other employees. There were also passersby who stopped and listened to what I was saying.

I told them, "The police use over sixty methods to torture Falun Gong practitioners. There are over one hundred psychiatric hospitals that still jail practitioners, injecting them with unknown drugs that damage their nervous system and memory. Some practitioners are tortured into disability, insanity, and even death."

They were shocked and said, "Why are they doing something so inhuman?" They continued, "This is violating the law and committing crimes! You should go to the court to file a lawsuit against them!" I said, "Jiang Zemin issued an order: 'Beating them [practitioners] to death counts as their committing suicide. Cremate the body directly without identifying the person. These cases will be handled without investigating or affixing responsibility.' We have been appealing for Falun Gong in accordance with the law. As a result, we are arrested and sent to prison or labor camps. Where can we go to file the lawsuit?" They were then able to understand why we have to go out to clarify the truth to the public.

By this time, there were several passersby who stood there and listened, and I continued to talk about Miss Wei Xingyan, who was raped by uniformed policeman right in front of two female prisoners. I also told them about Ms. Gao Rongrong, a practitioner from Shenyang City who was shocked with electric batons for seven hours by two policemen from Longshan Labor Camp, Shenyang City. Ms. Gao's face was seriously burned and disfigured. I told them about Mr. Chen Chengyong, a practitioner from Guangzhou city, whose body was dumped outside and abandoned after the police tortured him to death.

I then continued to talk about the local police substation and labor camp torturing Mr. Qiu Zhiyan and Ms. Zhang Cuizhen to death, and the fact that the police from Hedong Police Substation, Benxin City, beat Ms. Wang Lianying to death, a woman who was over 70 years old. I talked about Ms. Ma Yumei and Ms. Jiang Chunyan, who were tortured to the point of mental collapse.

One person asked me why they hated Falun Gong so much. I told them that their supervisors gave them a quota to "reform" a certain number of practitioners. If they failed to meet the quota, they would be punished. In order to meet the quota assigned to them, or in order to get a bonus, some of the police went all-out. They had simply lost their conscience and would torture the practitioners in order to increase their salaries or get promotions and bonuses. The head of the 610 Office Liu Jing said to practitioners in the labor camp, "While forcing the practitioners to reform, some have become disabled. You people should understand that the Party and Country demand forced reform, and the purpose is to save you." He not only did not punish the officers who committed those brutal acts, including murder, instead he asked the practitioners to understand them!

One of the listeners said, "The police committed such serious crimes. You should go to the Central Government." I said, "Yes, but Jiang himself violated the Constitution and the law and gave the orders that began the persecution. That is the source of all the evil, so where can we go?"

One of them said, "Jiang should meet with karmic retribution! Otherwise, you should use violence to solve the problem." I told him, "We would never use any means that violates the law, nor would we resort to violence. Some people accused us of being against the Party. However, we are actually just against the persecution and have opposed it peacefully and rationally. We want to safeguard our human rights and freedom of belief."

Nineteen people from the restaurant were all listening to me. Sometimes they went inside to take care of their customers. Later, those that had left came back and listened some more. This went on for over 2 hours. They told me, "Falun Gong is so great. Your Master is so great. He teaches his practitioners to be so brave and determined. You can even talk openly to us about the truth under the current situation."

Some of them asked, "Falun Gong is so good. Can we also practice?" I said, "Of course. I have books at home. If you want to know more about Falun Gong, go and read the books of Falun Gong. The books are really priceless." They said, "We'll gladly take them home and read them."

Before leaving they said, "We liked listening to what you said. When you are free, please come to talk to us again." Looking at them, I could not help feeling happy for their bright futures.