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7. Undaunted in times of danger, Horrified but not endangered

Each time I was released, I immediately threw myself into the mighty current of Fa-rectification. When I heard that fellow practitioners in my hometown, Tangshan City, could not obtain Teacher's recent articles and Dafa material, I delivered it myself in a big leather trunk. At that time, the "self-immolation" case had just been fabricated and the evil was at it's most rampant point. Inspections at the railway stations were very rigorous, and when passing the ticket check-in entrance every passenger was forced to unpack their package for inspection. At that time I did not know of sending forth righteous thoughts, but I said in my heart: "I do not allow you to inspect my package." As a result, each time I passed the entrance, the inspector either turned around, or chatted with others and I took the chance to pass by unnoticed. Then the inspector inspected the passenger behind me. Each time the passengers in front of and behind me were inspected while I passed smoothly by with Teacher's help.

Later I realized that this was not a good way to supply materials. It would be better to help them set up a materials site. Therefore a practitioner in our area who was computer literate helped practitioners in Tangshan City to set up a materials creation site. Several months later another practitioner was abducted by the police, and he disclosed the existence the materials site, but he did not know the exact location. So the police scouted around. At this time Teacher had told us how to send forth righteous thoughts, and the Minghui (Clearwisdom) editors also notified us of the specific times to send forth righteous thoughts. Therefore we added the idea of protecting our materials site while sending forth righteous thoughts. This way we escaped several searches. All the neighborhood apartments were searched but the police did not enter our apartment while we were sitting inside sending forth righteous thoughts.

Later we moved into a Bungalow. One day when I walked into the courtyard, about six policemen followed me and asked for my ID. I stood in the yard while sending forth righteous thoughts, since there was printed material everywhere in one room and 40 boxes of new printing paper in the janitor's room. I was calm and cool-headed at the time, and I coped with them while sending forth righteous thoughts. Finally the police did not enter any rooms. When I sat down inside my heart began to beat violently, I felt the fear after the event. What a false alarm it was. I could not help expressing my gratefulness to Teacher. At critical moments, my graceful Teacher was looking after me. As long as I have righteous thoughts and no attachments of fear, nobody can harm me. The materials site ran smoothly for one and a half years without any interference. One box after another of Dafa truth-clarifying material was distributed to nearby areas, and saved a large number of sentient beings from poisonous lies.

8. As indestructible as diamond

At the end of November 2001, one practitioner who had contact with us was abducted by the police and disclosed the location of our materials site, and myself as the person in charge. At 9:00 a.m. on December 2, I was abducted while I was delivering Dafa materials to another practitioner. To help the practitioner escape, I shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great!" "The Tiananmen Square self-immolation was faked." As a result, many passersby crowded around. Then I began to tell them Dafa facts. The police beat and kicked me violently. I said, "Look, this is the so-called "good treatment" of Falun Gong practitioners propagandized by TV programs".

The police took me to the police station, and said complacently, "We got you at last. We have awaited your arrest for a long time." To obtain more information about the materials site, they tried to reach me with human emotion. They asked my acquaintances to persuade me. "As long as you speak a few words about the materials site, you will be released." I said nothing about the materials site, but clarified Dafa facts to them. I also told them, "It is absolutely impossible for me to betray my fellow practitioners." They responded, "We have plenty of means to make you talk." I answered, "You may do whatever you like, but I will not utter a word until death!"

At night they began to torture me. They bound my hands and arms behind my back with a rope, and then lifted the rope with a stick. As a result, all of my weight was on the rope and I suffered extreme pain in my hands and arms. After I was lifted to a certain height, they released the rope and I was dropped down. They called this torture "lifting the ropes." I was lifted and dropped 3 times that night. Without loosening the rope, my arms were too numb to sense any pain. But they loosened the rope each time to let me regain consciousness, so as to suffer the extreme pain. Then I was tied up again. The pain was hard to describe. After the torture of "lifting the ropes" I was tied tightly to a chair. The police beat my feet with a stick as thin as a finger, so savagely that the broken bits were scattered everywhere. As a result the flesh and blood in my feet were blurred. Then they began to beat my body with a thick club. They poked one end of the club into my leg and pressed hard with their whole weight. Then they held down my head with their legs to beat my back. I told them, "It is impossible for me to utter any fellow practitioners' name!" I sent forth righteous thoughts while staring at them.

They tortured me this way for three days while depriving me of sleep. During the day the police did not torture me much. They just beat my swollen and painful areas with a club, and then tried to force me to confess. They also brought six bags full of files, claiming that 28 people had confessed to the authorities about my identity.

On the fourth day they tried to make a video. They made me sit on a stool and then wrapped me with an overcoat. I realized that they were seeking to forge facts, so I flatly refused to cooperate. An officer then squatted behind the stool where I sat and stretched his hand inside the overcoat to drag my hair back so that my head was lifted. Another officer stood behind me to force me to look as if I was tearing a book with both hands. I grasped my fists to my chest so that they could not get their way. One officer tore a book and threw it onto me, another seized the chance to sprinkle water on my face to concoct a tear. I closed my eyes without any expression. I thought that as long as I refuse to open my mouth they could not fabricate any facts. They messed about for half an hour without success. Then they threw the video-recorder onto the table and began to savagely beat me. Afterwards they attempted to video tape me again. They made three or four efforts in vain. Each time they used brutal violence, with leather shoes, fists, and palms falling onto me like raindrops. I was covered with bruises and cuts, and some of my body parts were numb. At last they had to give up. Even two years later, some parts of my body are still numb today.

I was sent to the detention center at about 11:00 p.m. that day. Before leaving I said to them compassionately, "I do not hate you even though you beat me to such a state. I simply wish that you would not treat other Dafa practitioners this way. I have no grievance with you. Can you live with your conscience--" I sensed that my compassion touched them, and they revealed their shame.

Director Bai and Officer Liang interrogated me the next day in the detention center. I showed the tolerance and mercifulness of a cultivator. Instead of hating them, I clarified Dafa facts for more than three hours totally for their good. I mentioned why I cultivated Dafa steadfastly, why I returned to my hometown from afar to distribute Dafa materials, and why I spoke for their own good. My compassion touched them. Director Bai was moved to tears. Officer Liang was unable to sit still and walked about back and forth. I could sense that they were condemned by their consciences. They asked me nothing during the three hours. The interrogation turned into a chance to save them by Dafa. They did not ask to see me again.

In the detention center, the police ushered the practitioner who betrayed me to identify me. She nodded recognition. My tears gushed out. No matter how savagely I was beat in the police department, I did not shed a drop of tear. However, when a fellow practitioner, with whom I had related so well at all times performed this way at the key point, I cried sadly, not for her betraying me, but grieving for her act.

On the fifth day, when I saw that the police force-feed practitioners who were on hunger strike, I began to send forth righteous thoughts. The police came to beat me, and I shouted loudly. Afterwards they set about to force-feed me. The way of force-feeding, feeding directly into mouth, in Tangshan Detention Center is very barbaric. The police beat and pried my teeth with a steel lever and a hammer. I closed my mouth tightly so they could not feed me. They tried hard to carve my neck and pinch my face so that my face and neck were bloody. Since my mouth was closed, they pinched my nose. I was almost stifled. At this time it seemed that Teacher read loudly and calmly near my ears,

"There are a lot of yoga masters in India who can sit submerged in water for days or be buried underground for days, they can make themselves completely still, and they can even control their heartbeats..." (Zhuan Falun)

I enlightened right away. If others can be breathless for several days, I can also do this. Since this idea emerged, I was breathless too. After a few seconds, an inmate shouted himself blue in the face, "Stop, she will die." They stopped at that moment and let me go. I fell to the ground and lost consciousness, and they began to rescue me.

Since the force-feeding failed, they took me to a clinic in the detention center for an intravenous infusion. I refused to cooperate, and told them, "I demand release unconditionally. I am innocent. You must release me!"

On the seventh day, they took me to the psychiatric hospital. I was asked to change into patient's clothes, and a nurse took me to a room to change. When she took off my clothes and saw me covered with bruises and cuts all over, she could not help but cry. She put on my clothes right away. I told her that they beat me like this just because I cultivate Dafa to become a good person. I have been abducted fifteen times. I am totally innocent. I have been on a hunger strike for seven days. She immediately brought me back to the doctor's hospital. I told the doctor, "As a doctor, your duty is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Before cultivating Falun Dafa, I suffered from a bladder tumor, and I urinated blood often. I had serious dropsy and high blood pressure. Soon after I began Dafa cultivation, all of my diseases disappeared. How can I be ungrateful to my Teacher and give up Dafa--" After speaking, I was asked to do urine test. I responded, "I have been on hunger strike for 7 days. I urinate blood instead of urine." Then the police Liang from the police department said, "As long as you admit her, I will pay double the fee." The doctor closed his book loudly, stood up indignantly and said sternly and firmly, "Even if you pay me 100,000 yuan, I will not admit her. How can she survive--" After speaking, he turned around and left.