(Clearwisdom.net) During the past several years, prison guards have utilized many torture methods to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners in Deyang Prison, Sichuan Province. They have committed severe crimes against Dafa practitioners.

Guards have persecuted more than 100 Dafa practitioners in Deyang Prison. What follows are some cases that I am aware of:

1. Persecution in the forced brainwashing class

1.1) In late January, 2002, the prison officials gathered all practitioners who did not write the "Three Statements" and put them in the brainwashing class in Division 2. Zeng Fugui, the director of the Education Office, ordered some guards to sleep and rest during the daytime and beat and torture Dafa practitioners during the night, to force them to give up their practice. Dafa practitioners were forced to run intensely during the daytime, and were deprived of sleep and beaten at night.

Dafa practitioner Tao Changquan refused to write the "Three Statements." The guards thus tied his hands and feet, and also stuffed his mouth with dirty rags used in the bathroom. Guards beat him with an electric whip. Chengdu City Dafa practitioner Li Shaobin did not yield to demands to write a so-called "understanding" to renounce the practice. He was then forced to stand in the sun for more than 10 hours every day. As a result, his legs became sore and swollen. After several months, he could not stand upright, and was sent to see a doctor. When he was released one year later, he still could not stand up.

1.2) In late July 2002, Dazhou City Dafa practitioner Chen Chuanbo did not write the "Three Statements." Guard Qiu Shen ordered an inmate surnamed Chen and two other inmates to brutally beat him. As a result, his chest was severely injured, and still causes him pain today.

1.3) In early November 2003, Division II of the prison forced practitioners to watch video programs defaming Dafa, and ordered practitioners to call themselves criminals aloud. Dafa practitioner Che Changwu, 63, did not yield to the vicious request and refused to watch. Inmate thugs Ren Jinshu and Liu Chunyu brutally beat him. When Che Changwu yelled, Liu Chunyu threw him on the floor and choked him. In addition, Liu Chenyu also stuffed dirty rags from the bathroom into Che Changwu's mouth and held him down on the floor.

Dafa practitioner Li Tianguo and Li Chengdong did not yield to the demand to call themselves criminals. As a result, they were sent to the Enforced Section for further persecution. Li Chengdong was so brutally beaten that both legs almost became disabled, and were in extreme pain. During two weeks in the Intensive Section, in addition to routine running, the practitioners were forced to run 100 laps around the playground. In addition, they were given very little to eat, and were often cruelly beaten and humiliated.

1.4) In April 2003, Dafa practitioner Liang Junhua did not yield to the illegal demands, and did not watch the video programs defaming Dafa. As a result, the guards beat him brutally several times. The sounds of the beatings woke up a Dafa practitioner surnamed Tao in Division 6. Tao called out loudly, "End the persecution! Stop beating!" His calling woke up people in Division 4 and Division 5, letting them know that some guards, including Wu Tinghai (in Division 5) brutally beat Liang Junhua. During those several days, a practitioner died of persecution in Deyang Prison Clinic. No information was known about that practitioner's name, address, or which detention center he was transferred from.

These two incidents led to a strike by more than 100 practitioners in the prison. They refused to work, held hunger strikes, wrote letters to the prison head, and made solemn statements declaring all the "Three Statements" made before August 2002 as null and void, since they were written under high pressure and severe persecution.

Upon Dafa practitioners' righteous requests, prison officials punished one guard surnamed Li in Division 5 who brutally beat Liang Junhua.

2. Making up lies to confuse the world's people

In July 2002, the prison officials gathered practitioners who were steadfast in their beliefs, and sent them to the brainwashing class, where they forced them to watch a video program. In the video program, there was a story of Xiao Duoliang. The story claimed that Xiao Duoliang practiced Dafa and was later "transformed." There was a guard who also watched the video program. He was from Zhongjiang County, the same place that Xiao Duoliang came from. He said, Xiao Duoliang was tall and thin, and was more than 70 years old. But in the video program, Xiao Duoliang was short and was a little fat, which indicated that the program story was fabricated.

3. Division 5 uses heavy physical labor to persecute Dafa practitioners

In Division 5, Dafa practitioners' workload is several times more than normal inmates. For example, one task is to peel off the outer layer of telephone line. The workload quota for criminals aged over 50 is about 2 kilograms. For practitioners, however, guard Wu Tinghai increased it to 10 kilograms. If one does not finish the quota, there is no break on Sunday, plus the inmates are forced to walk like soldiers and sit in the yard until 10:00 p.m. during the cold weather. Sometimes, for practitioners who do not finish the workload, they were brutally beaten and further persecuted.

On August 1, 2004, Division 5 guards sent Leshan City Dafa practitioner Wu Qiang to Division 2 and detained him there for 15 days with the excuse of his not finishing the workload. At 4:00 p.m. on August 2, while being handcuffed behind the back and chained at the feet, Wu Qiang was cruelly tortured again. It was so painful that Wu Qiang yelled out loudly.

On August 16, Wu Qiang was sent to the Intensive Section and was beaten badly. His body was bruised and injured all over. After the beating, he was detained there for 15 days.

A short while later, guards claimed that Wu Qiang had "Disturbed Prison Management" and threatened to extend his detention term. After more brutal torture, Wu Qiang still did not yield.

Deyang Prison has committed enormous crimes in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Those listed above are just a few among the hundreds, if not thousands of cases.