(Clearwisdom.net) A couple of practitioners had the dreams described below. We share them with you to encourage practitioners who still haven't stepped forward to clarify the truth.

A female practitioner had very strong attachment of fear. When other practitioners invited her to go out with them to hand out truth-clarification materials, she always used various excuses to decline the invitation. One day after she once again refused to go out, she lied in bed to take a nap. While she was half asleep, half awake, she saw the practitioners who went out to clarify the truth. She noticed that the truth-clarification materials they held radiated beams of golden light. As the practitioners handed out the materials, layers upon layers of evil were eliminated and practitioners immediately became extremely tall and solemn. The practitioner's main spirit was extremely regretful for not having joined her fellow practitioners to clarify the truth. She pulled her hair with both of her hands, feeling desperate and painful. At that moment, she awoke with tears running down her face. From then on, she changed her state of mind and became very diligent in clarifying the truth.

There was another female practitioner who stepped forward to clarify the truth relatively late, but was nonetheless very diligent. Once she had the following dream: Teacher was leading the way in the front, with practitioners following behind. Trailing the practitioners were demons. The road upon which Teacher led the practitioners to walk was very narrow, with an abyss on both sides. Some practitioners fell into the abyss as soon as they went astray. The demons following practitioners kept dragging practitioners falling behind. Practitioners caught by them immediately fell into the abyss. Whenever big demons came, Teacher would stop to eliminate them. No matter how big the demons were, they would immediately dissolve under Teacher's mighty power. Then Teacher would lead practitioners to move forward. When Teacher led practitioners to a safe place, the demons were still following them. Then this practitioner saw Teacher turn around to face the demons. Teacher's compassion and stateliness were beyond the power of language to describe. The demons dissolved immediately. Then Teacher said to the practitioners, "However I led you through the road, you shall lead them (referring to those practitioners who have enlightened along an evil path, or still haven't stepped forward to clarify the truth) here the same way."