(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of December 12, 2004, practitioners in Taoyuan demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises and clarified the truth to the public in the pedestrian district near the east gate of downtown Taoyuan. The melody of the exercise music, the graceful exercises and the smiles from compassionate hearts of practitioners attracted many passersby to stop and watch. Passengers in passing buses also watched us from the buses. The effect was quite good.


Group exercise demonstration


Young practitioner telling a street vendor "Falun Dafa is great"

The pedestrian district is located in downtown Taoyuan City. It has become a major attraction after a 1-year renovation by the city government. Practitioners came to the site in succession after 3 p.m., setting up the practice site and hanging up a "Falun Dafa Is Great" banner. Practitioners divided into two groups, one demonstrated the exercises while the others distributed fliers and VCDs as well as clarifying the facts to people in person. There was a young practitioner who was very courageous and clarified the truth to a street vendor.

Clarifying the truth to passersby

A practitioner ran into her daughter's kindergarten classmate. She shared the importance of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to the children. The practitioner introduced Falun Dafa to the mother and invited her to bring her daughter to the Minghui School. Another practitioner also met his coworkers and students who graduated many years ago. He encouraged his coworkers to come to the practice site to learn the exercises. Moreover, his students were surprised to see their tough teacher had become so friendly and compassionate.

Among those who participated in this activity, there was one couple who had a very special experience. Their daughter who was studying for a PhD in the US was found to have contracted a strange disease which paralyzed her completely. She then flew back to Taiwan for treatment. Fortunately, she learned Falun Dafa and completely recovered in less than one month. After witnessing the miracle that happened to their daughter, the couple also started to practice.

After the activity concluded successfully, practitioners cleaned up the site. Everywhere practitioners go, the only thing left behind is the beauty of sincerity, compassion and forbearance.