(Clearwidom.net) In September 2002, I was detained in Heizuizi Labor Camp. The superintendent of the labor camp-owned clinic, Guo Xu, and guard Wang Jing confined me to a room in the clinic and force-fed me. They cuffed both of my hands together while Wang Jing stepped on my legs and then pried my mouth open as far as it could go with the "mouth opener," almost knocking out my teeth. Wang Jing said, "If you don't eat, we will knock out all your teeth!" Guo Xu pushed the feeding tube into my nose, pulled it out, and then pushed it back into my nose again. They didn't stop until my nose bled. They tortured me for three days, for four to five hours each time.

One time, clinic doctor Guo Xiaojuan and guard Wang Jing, along with about five or six others from the labor camp, worked together to force-feed me. They pushed the feeding tube into my stomach, but were unable to force feed me with corn paste. Frustrated, they poured water into my mouth until I almost suffocated.

The captain of the fourth section, Zhang Guimei, once beat my face with a wooden board, with ten clinic doctors helping her out. Some of the doctors lashed my face, and some of them dragged me by my hair along the ground. Finally, they beat my face until it was disfigured.

Wang Xiaohui, Yuan Ying, Feng Xiaochun and another person, all from the fourth section, beat me up while shocking me with an electric baton. Feng Xiaochun put the electric baton on my left arm, took off my clothes, and then continually shocked me. My arm was burned so badly a big black blister formed.

The following pictures are reenactments based on the practitioner's descriptions. Other practitioners are pictured.


What I suffered in Heizuizi Labor Camp is only the tip of the iceberg. I wish that all people concerned with justice would pay attention to the inhuman persecution happening in Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City and help stop the persecution as soon as possible.