(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Wang Yanqing and I am 37 years old this year. I taught political courses at Beipiao Middle School (the First Middle School). I started practicing Falun Dafa in February 1998. The teachings had a mind-changing effect on me. Many of my deeply-rooted concepts were uprooted. I began practicing Dafa and began my cultivation journey. I conducted myself according to the standards of "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance." I treated everything around me with a kind heart. My relationships to co-workers, neighbors and students were in harmony. My wife and I treated both the elderly the young well. I really felt the greatness that Falun Dafa brought to me.

However, the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa began soon after I started practicing. The authorities asked me to give up Falun Dafa cultivation practice, and the persecution then began against me personally.

1. Economic persecution

Shortly after the persecution started on June 20, 1999, Nanshan Police Station personnel forbade us from going to Beijing to appeal. About seven to eight practitioners were forced to pay a fine of 500 yuan. By the end of 1999, Guanshan Police Station personnel abducted me from school and detained me for the whole day, until seven or eight o'clock in the evening. They later fined me 1,000 yuan.

2. The persecution in the Beipiao Detention Center

At noon on January 4, 2001, I was forcibly brought to the police station by staff from the Political and Security Section. Before this, they even searched my home. As they didn't find anything, they took my computer. This was all caused by them discovering truth-clarification materials I had mailed to others. In the evening, I was handcuffed to the central heating pipe and sat on a sofa for one night. Around 5:00 p.m. on January 5, I was sent to a detention center with a charge of having committed the crime of slander.

One who just entered the detention center usually would experience a brutal beating. Then, during the chill of winter, people were stripped and were doused with large amounts of cold water. When they found out that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and a teacher of the First Middle School, my cellmates didn't touch me. The head of the cell asked me to sit with him and tell him about Falun Gong. So, I told him of my beneficial experiences since I practiced Falun Gong and also exposed the lies shown on TV. The goodness of Dafa, my kindness and sincerity deeply moved my cellmates and they gave up the idea of beating me. The head of the cell protected me after that, and even allowed me to sleep next to him.

That winter was extremely cold. Icicles even hung inside the room. My legs began to hurt. Sometimes I could not even stand up after squatting down. During my one-month stay in the criminal cell, my weight dropped by more than ten Jin (about 12 pounds).

On January 10, I was transferred to the administrative cell and was told I had a 15-day term. When the term was up though, paperwork authorizing another 15-day term came. When that term became due, they still did not release me, and this time there was not even any authorization document. On April 3, my parents, wife, and child came to see me. I had just learned that Wang Wenfu from the Communist School and I were sentenced to two years of forced labor and sent to Chaoyang City's Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp for further persecution.

3. The persecution in the Chaoyang Forced Labor Camp

When I arrived there, the environment had already undergone a dramatic change. Before this, all firm Falun Gong practitioners would suffer inhuman torture. Practitioner Liu Xue from Beipiao was forced to bow, with both hands raised up, trousers taken off and was brutally beaten on the buttocks. When blood appeared, they scattered salt on the wounds and continued beating. The following are the tortures I was subjected to at the labor camp.

Forced sitting. I was forced to sit on a round metal stool. There was a round hole in the center. The surface was rough. I had to sit with both legs parallel and both hands on my legs, and was not allowed to move. I was very slim, so long-time sitting was painful. Before long my buttocks developed sores and scabs. I was not allowed to speak at will and was followed when I went to the toilet. Sometimes I had to sit for over ten hours a day. I was strictly monitored the whole time.

Mental threats. Urged on by a guard, a common criminal whose last name was Dong threatened me. He said that several firm practitioners had arrived standing up by themselves, but left the place prone. If not converted, they would use pliers to squeeze my nails. This would not stop until I gave up practicing cultivation. If not converted, I would be sent to the manual labor team and be forced to perform hard physical labor, which someone with my physical condition could not tolerate. One night, the head of the instructors came to my cell after a drinking binge. He pointed his finger at me, "Wang Yuanqing, you must be converted." He looked ferocious. The guard also talked to me several times, and alternately threatened and cajoled me, to try to convert me. All these efforts were in vain.

Brainwashing attempts by collaborators. This lasted many, many days, one round after another, with the final result surpassing everyone's expectation. At first I was silent. They talked their talk and I recited Falun Gong books silently. Gradually, I found that this situation could go on endlessly. In addition, they were deceived by the lies and controlled by the evil. I knew that I must let them know the truth and make them wake up. So I began to communicate with them, calmly and patiently. They were shaken by my understanding of Falun Gong principles and went back to discuss this among themselves. Some began to reflect. Some had already begun to develop a clearer mind. At least four people in the strictly monitoring team knew that "conversion" (renouncing Falun Dafa) was wrong. A practitioner whose last name was Du clearly declared that conversion was wrong. At last, many practitioners declared the same thing. The situation dramatically changed. At that time, the evildoers realized the seriousness of the issue and quickly isolated me. They didn't allow practitioners to enter my room at will and did not allow them to talk to me. They treated me as unstable factor. At noon on April 28, three practitioners from Lingyuan and I were secretly sent to the Fuxin City's Forced Labor Camp for further persecution.

4. Being persecuted in the Fuxin City's Forced Labor Camp

The first few days after our arrival, the four of us practitioners were locked in a room. The guards forbade anyone else to enter, and would not allow us to casually get in and out. Their purpose was to prevent us from coming into contact with the local practitioners. Later we learned that one practitioner was cruelly beaten by a guard for refusing to perform the forced labor, and in response many practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. Three of us also started a hunger strike to protest. Finally, the deputy head of the labor camp met with us, and we were excused from having to participate in forced labor. Also, arbitrary beatings were no longer allowed. After the hunger strike was over, the four of us were separated.

One night in early June 2001, the deputy head whose last name was Xin, accompanied by a few guards came to the Xinshoe Brigade, where I was held. They immediately came into an inner room and ordered practitioners to stand up when seeing him. When this order was rejected, he took a flashlight-shaped electric shock baton and ruthlessly shocked Shang Yingkun who had been on a hunger strike for over 30 days. The next day, at about the same time as the previous day, they came to my room and told me to stand up. I sat there and didn't move. One guard said that as a school teacher I should know politeness and should show respect to others. I replied that any respect was supposed to come from one's own heart and one's individual willingness. If one gets respect by means of violence, by force or via an electric baton, would respect obtained in this way be worth much? I had not finished my words when I was yanked up. The deputy head Xin shocked my neck and back continuously with the electric baton. After venting his anger, he walked away, ashamed, under my glance.

At noon on June 20, when we returned to the corridor after lunch, the guards ordered everyone to squat down immediately. A few of us didn't follow this order. Several common criminals pushed us down with force. Each of us was given a forced labor camp uniform. Those who put on the uniform were allowed to return to his or her room; those who didn't were brought immediately to the guard's activity room. Practitioner Mi Guisheng was the first to be wrestled down. His forehead and neck were shocked by three big electric batons at the same time. He immediately started vomiting white fluid, while his body started to spasm and then he was dragged to the corridor. Having not yet any reaction to the situation, I was taken down by a big guy choking me. He was an education officer. This then followed with the electric batons. They particularly looked for sensitive spots to shock. They shocked my ears and caused the tissue of one ear to be stiff for a long time; they shocked my temples, making my head bounce up and down off the ground, causing me extreme pain. They kept this up until they had enough.

In order to gain a promotion as a provincial level labor camp, the guards had to reach the so-called Falun Gong practitioner reformation quota. That was why they started another round of reformation attempts on us. That evening, after a bout of drinking, the guards came to the office. I was the third practitioner called to this office. As soon as I stepped in, I felt an atmosphere of terror. Brigade leader Zhang and a few guards sat there with several electric batons on the table. They let me sit down on a sofa, yet didn't show their intention and just started to talk with me about some family things. The deputy brigade leader patiently described his experiences of growing up and some incidents about his two children. It sounded kind of touching, but that actually confused me about their real intentions.

Since I had previously suffered at the hands of labor camp guards, I was wondering how they were going to treat me. At about 10 o'clock, all the other guards went to sleep, and only one stayed and continued talking to me. All the things he talked about were things about daily life. His goal was to give the impression that they were nice people. At 12 o'clock they changed the shift. Another guard came to talk to me. By then I realized that they were doing this rotation in order to not let me sleep. It was to burn me out, either mentally or physically, and eventually to get me to give up Falun Dafa. At 6:00 a.m. of the second day, when everybody got up, the brigade leader let me go back to my room. I said that I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before and that I had to rest. He agreed. But when I had just lain down on the bed, the education officer arrived and told me to get up to participate in the cleaning work. I said that the brigade leader had agreed to my taking a rest; however, he told me that it was the brigade leader's order to call me out! At that time I fully understood their maliciousness and all the means they were trying to use to break me down.

During the daytime I was forced to work in the courtyard. In the evening, I was called to the office to continue their conversation for another whole night. The next day we had to continue working. Since I had clearly recognized their evil intentions, my mind became more determined and I also didn't feel sleepy; therefore they felt it was hopeless. By that time the situation changed somewhat. The brigade's political instructor came back. After seeing the situation he said to them, "You don't let him sleep all night and he is muddle-headed. How could he be reformed?" Afterwards they adopted the strategy of talking with me before midnight and letting me go to sleep after midnight. This lasted for two days and it finally stopped.

When the labor camp guard's reformation attempts stopped, the collaborator's "reforming attack" started. The Fuxin City Forced Labor Camp then had a brigade especially for female practitioners. There were only about 20 male practitioners detained in the Newcomers' Brigade. They sent former practitioners who had succumbed to the evil and renounced Dafa to talk to me, sending them one by one, to try to get me to give up Falun Dafa. However, my mind was determined. Finally they sent the two most wicked and deceitful women in Fuxin at the time to come and talk to me. My brain was empty and nothing could get in, even though one of the women's face was full of tears. During that time the guards sometimes came with the electric baton to threaten me. They thought that since I had studied in school before, I would be the easiest to "reform," to achieve their goal. They never realized that my getting into Dafa practice was wholly from my rational point of view. It was Falun Dafa that led me to understand the true meaning and significance of life. Moreover, these few years' practice has made me deeply feel the reality and magnificence of Dafa.

They originally planned to make a breakthrough starting with me, and never thought that I would actually become their stumbling block in reformation attempts. On July 11, 2001, several people from the provincial authority arrived. After a discussion, they decided to send practitioner Lu Dawei from Lingyuan and me to the Huludao Forced Labor Camp to continue the persecution against us.

5. The persecution at the Huludao Forced Labor Camp

When I first arrived there they put me in the Special Disciplined Division on the second floor. Everything there was connected with psychological torment, and I felt huge mental pressure. Everything the guards did was to wear down one's firm belief in Falun Dafa and exert imperceptible influence on practitioners so that we would accept their fabricated propaganda and slander. They planned for one to eventually be reformed and give up practicing Falun Gong. Such method has an inherent, outwardly false appearance. Its goal was actually secretive, and that was why I refused to go to the classroom and stayed inside the dormitory for nearly two months. Even though, I still did not have freedom. The guards did not permit me to speak with other people, neither was I to say that being steadfast in Dafa was righteous. I was monitored even during toilet breaks. The psychological torment was even more suffocating than the physical abuse!

At the end of November, Hulutao City mustered an anti-riot brigade to carry out the inhuman suppression against those practitioners who remained steadfast in Dafa. The sound of electric batons and practitioners' screaming lingered on endlessly. The odor of burned flesh filled the air (I was told afterwards what it was). I was on the third floor then and had no idea of what was happening on the first floor.

On the evening of November 30, practitioner Lu Dawei, who was on a hunger strike, was carried out but was quietly brought back. Only then did I feel that something was wrong. After that, several inmates carried me away. On our way, in an extremely frightening tone, they told me not to rebel and to answer what I was going to be asked. By then, my brain was blank. I was carried to the second floor of a different building. A guard carried me to a room. I did not know any of the guards there. On the table were several electric batons. I was handcuffed with my arms behind me, and was thrown to the floor. I was shocked me in several places. Several electric batons together shocked my neck, with one in particular shocking my mouth and face. Another shocked my back, the inside of my thighs and the undersides of my feet.

Then they took me back to the third floor. Everything inside the dorm that would let me see what I looked like had been removed. From the shocked expression of my roommates I knew that my face had been shocked until it was distorted; it was all swollen (afterwards, some inmates who were on good terms with me told me that they couldn't tell who I was). One of my hands was cuffed to the bed, making it difficult for me to eat. I had heard about "human oil" before, but had never seen any. This time I actually saw what it was like -- yellowish and thick. My blanket was covered everywhere with it. Several days later, my left nostril and the left side of my face started to scab over, which was extremely painful.

Several practitioners began to hold a hunger strike. Our merciful Master also unceasingly hinted to me in my dreams; hence, I also held a hunger strike to protest. The first day, I was made to ingest half a bottle of beer. At noon the second day they poured 100 grams of hard alcohol into me. My hands were cuffed separately to two beds on either side of me. A long rubber tube was inserted through one of my nostrils into my stomach. It was fixed onto my head for regular force-feeding. The rubber tube in my throat frequently chafed, which caused severe pain. I endured this for about 24 days and was eventually released on bail for medical treatment.

I went home. Because I did not follow the arrangements the Beipiao City's 610 Office, which Director Pei Hua had made, a few days before the Chinese New Year the evildoers sent me back to the forced labor camp. Afterwards I held a hunger strike for 33 days, and was again released. But in a few days Pei Hua sent me back once more to the forced labor camp. I was detained there until January 4, 2003, and was released when the term was over.

I did not go home this time, having learned my lessons the first two times. In order not to get my family into trouble, I did not dare to contact them. I feared that I might implicate them and bring more pain to them; therefore I continuously lived a destitute and homeless life. My friends told me later that the 610 Office people had been looking for me everywhere.

My wife is presently imprisoned in Shenyang City's Dabei Prison. I have not seen my child for nearly four years. He is living with his aunt. We have been forced to be a scattered family. I am a good teacher and my students deeply love me. I am a good citizen, and have been following the laws and rules. I have not brought any harm to other people or to society.

Everyone who knows me says that I am a good person. I have not violated any laws, because there is no such amendment to any law that says that "Falun Gong is against the law." Only Jiang Zemin said so, but he is not the law. Justifiably, I merely used my constitutionally granted rights and provisions under the law as a citizen, to defend my own legitimate rights and beliefs. I did nothing wrong. Under the evildoers' crazed persecution, I did not choose to kneel down and beg for forgiveness. On the contrary, I have persisted for justice. I have chosen the magnificent truth of the universe: "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." Meanwhile, I am willing to use everything I have to safeguard those principles.

I am not in the wrong. The evil Jiang's cruel suppression is the reason for my loss of happiness. It is the Jiang faction that has created the pain for my family members and me; hence we have lost our normal, happy life.