(Clearwisdom.net) Since April 2004, Falun Dafa practitioners illegally detained at Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, have again suffered brutal persecution.

Some were shocked with electric batons and others were injected with drugs that damage the nervous system. Some were hit and beaten as well as kicked, while others were forced to squat on their heels for six days to cause the collapse of the intestines. Some practitioners were forced to stand still on top of a tiny stool for six days nonstop, even when eating.

In order to "fortify their attack", the guards at Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp apply many tortures to force the "transformation" of detained practitioners under the lead of Deputy Director, Zhang Yanping, and Supervising Department Section Chiefs, Zhu Zhigang and Gong Chaolian. Special police chief and police were present daily to direct the inhuman persecution.

Ms. Yang Jusheng was beaten to disability. Her colon hangs a few inches out of her anus and bleeds continually. Ms. Li Ping was shocked by electric batons, causing her to pass out for several hours. Under the physical and mental trauma, Ms. Liu Dan (married in January 2004 and illegally detained at end of May) did not menstruate for five months. The guards did not care to send her to the hospital for a checkup; instead, they cuffed her hands behind her back and hung her up several days and nights to deny her sleep. Under the excuse of "bathing" her, they ordered jailed drug addicts to scrub her body with toilet brushes, which caused bloody scratches on her skin. Another practitioner, Ms. Li Mei, was so brutally beaten that she is unable to walk. Many detained practitioners have been badly injured by the beating.

We call on the government and people with a sense of justice to help. Please investigate the atrocities at Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp and bring those responsible to justice.