(Clearwidsom.net) Between April and June 2004, guards in the No. 3 Brigade of the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp placed eight Falun Gong practitioners in a "maximum-security level" unit. We have been able to learn the names of some of them:

Mr. Gao Changze, retired, about 60 years old;

Mr. Li Hailin, farmer, in his late fifties;

Mr. Li Caihua, farmer, in his forties;

Mr. Jia Shouxin, employee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, about 40 years old;

Mr. Wen Jixian, about 40 years old;

Mr. Bai Shaohua, a graduate of the Beijing People's University, in his thirties (Note: In 2003, his brother was illegally detained in Tianjin and tortured to death for practicing Falun Gong.)

They were forced to write self-criticizing reports "exposing their crimes" and to sit on "small stools" (sitting on these child-sized stools for extended periods is very painful and causes physical problems) for long periods of time. They were also deprived of regular sleep. From 5 a.m. to midnight, they were not allowed to leave the "small stool" except for bathroom breaks and were forced to read materials slandering Dafa. In spite of this treatment, Li Hailin and Li Caihua did not give up their beliefs. As a result, Li Hailin was forced to attend centralized training sessions and was beaten. Bai Shaohua was dragged to the "centralized training team" by 10 uniformed guards from the No. 3 Brigade and tormented for about two months, causing him to become quite emaciated.

Following these incidents and to prevent the leaking any evidence about the illegal persecution from the labor camp, the management ordered more frequent body and cell searches. People's bedding was repeatedly torn apart. Especially before and after their monthly visits with family members, practitioners had to suffer thorough body searches down to their underwear. Practitioners were not allowed to remove any of their written records, like diaries, phone numbers or notes, from the labor camp when they were released. After having been inspected by the Brigade, practitioners had to endure a second, more thorough search during which they were stripped naked before leaving the labor camp. The labor camp management strictly forbids any material exposing the extent of the persecution from leaving the labor camp.

Sometimes, the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp also illegally withheld practitioners' personal letters. They also had policies such as not allowing practitioners to go to the restroom more than four times a day, allowing only five minutes per visit and no more than five minutes for personal hygiene, forbidding them from walking around and talking to people in other squads, and subjecting them to forced labor. Practitioners sometimes had to work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

From the end of 2003 until 2004, practitioner Jin Hongguang was deprived of sleep for one month because he refused to be "transformed." Another practitioner in his sixties from Gansu Province was forced into the "central training squad" since he refused to be "transformed" and was beaten until his back was fractured. Peng Guangjun, a 54-year-old farmer from Huairou County, Beijing, called out "Falun Dafa is great". He was then tortured to death within about 20 days.