(Clearwisdom.net) December 11, 2004 was a sunny and warm Saturday. Christmas is approaching, so the streets were full of people busy shopping for the holidays. At one place in Midtown Manhattan, crowds of shoppers were surprised to see the Falun Gong practitioners' anti-torture exhibit, a reenactment of the brutal torture of practitioners in China. Many people talked to the practitioners, accepted the truth clarification materials, read the display boards, and signed their names in support of bringing an end to the persecution.

At this site, most of the Taiwanese practitioners don't speak English, but after 2 to 3 months of staying in New York, they have learned a few simple words like, "human rights," "rescue Charles Lee," and "stop the persecution." Their English is not good at all, but the Americans patiently listened and were moved by their pure hearts.

People not only signed their names on the petition calling for the end to the persecution, but they also signed the postcards appealing for human rights and to rescue Charles Lee, an American citizen currently imprisoned in China.

One woman signed her name and then took out some postal stamps to give to the practitioners. The practitioners thanked her but didn't accept the donation.

A mother and her son signed on the petition form. The mother told her son to take a postcard and said they would mail the postcard to President Bush.

One man said sincerely, "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance is what this country needs."

One couple walked away, but then the man came back and signed the petition.

All of the postcards for supporting human rights were signed and most of the postcards about rescuing Charles Lee were signed.

Night comes early in the winter in Manhattan, but the practitioners were still busy clarifying the truth as evening fell.

Anti-torture exhibit in Manhattan in the evening

Distributing truth-clarification materials