(Clearwisdom.net) The Dalian Forced Labor Camp is vicious in persecuting Dafa practitioners. The camp staff members attempt to humiliate and destroy the practitioners mentally and physically. The following are re-enactments by the practitioners who were there, to illustrate the tortures they experienced.

1. Force-feeding with Excrement And Urine

After this torture the practitioners throw up violently and are rendered unable to eat for over a week.


Force-feeding a practitioner with excrement and urine.

2. Scalding the Feet with Boiling Water

In this torture, the guards hang handcuffed practitioners up spread-eagle. They pour boiling water on the practitioners' feet, resulting in severe burns and blisters. Afterwards, they drag the practitioners back and forth on the ground, tearing the blistered skin, so that it bleeds. In order to cover up these crimes, Wang Yaling, Han Jianmin and Yuan Lingyue hid those who suffered from this torture in a dark and damp "small cell" for over two months. They also instigated other prisoners to apply improper medicine to the practitioners' burns and as a result, the practitioners' feet became infected. The practitioners who suffered this torture could not walk for over two months. They were still forced to do work in the "small cell."


Scalding practitioners' feet.

3. Force-feeding with Hot Pepper Water

The practitioner is shackled upright above the ground and spread-eagle. Other prisoners are ordered to force-feed the practitioners with extremely spicy-hot water. Then they put dry spicy noodles in the practitioners' mouth. The practitioners can hardly breathe, and suffer excruciating pain in the throat, esophagus and stomach. The practitioners are hung up like this for several hours.


Force-feeding with spicy hot pepper water. (Note: The fake blood seen in this photo is from another re-enactment and not meant to demonstrate the effect of this torture)

4. Beating with A Nail-Studded Wood Plank

The practitioners are hung spread-eagle in the air. They beat the practitioners with a nail-studded plank.


Beating with a nail-studded wood plank .

5. Sexual Assault with a Shoeshine Brush

Female practitioners are stripped naked and hung in the air spread-eagle in shackles. With a shoeshine brush, prisoners violently penetrate the female practitioners' private areas until they bleed and lose consciousness from the pain.


Sexual assault with a shoeshine brush.

6. Sexual Assault with a Rope

Female practitioners are stripped naked hung spread-eagle. A long, thick, knotted rope is pulled back and forth across the female practitioners' private part until the practitioner is bleeding and so badly injured it becomes difficult to walk.


Sexual assault with a rope.

7. Sexual Assault with a Chair

Female practitioners are stripped naked and hung up spread-eagle. They tilt the back of a chair forward and step on the seat to cause the sharp edge of the back of the chair to hit the practitioner in the private area with great force.


Sexual assault with a chair.

8. Tied-up in the Double Crossed Leg Position

The practitioner's' hands are tied behind their backs. Their legs are forced into a double crossed position. A rope is used to bind the practitioners' legs in this position for several hours until the pain is unbearable and the practitioners lose consciousness. After being untied, the practitioners can hardly walk.


Tying the practitioners' legs in a double-crossed position.

9. Dead Person's Bed

Practitioners' hands and legs are fixed for several months to a bed made of two or three pieces of wood and a metal frame.


Dead Person's Bed.

10. Flying (an Airplane)

The practitioners' hands are tied backwards above their head. Their legs are tied tightly together. Their body leans forward at a 90-degree angle.


Flying (an Airplane).