(Clearwisdom.net) Busan is a port city of about 4 million people and the second largest city after Seoul in Korea. After the successful painting exhibition, "Uncompromising Courage" was held in November 2004, more local practitioners have stepped forward to take part in truth-clarification activities. To have more people learn the truth, practitioners in Busan decided to hold an anti-torture exhibition to expose the brutal persecution taking place against practitioners in China.

During the preparation, the practitioners visited other cities where anti-torture exhibitions were held and learned from the experiences of fellow practitioners. Then they organized the Busan anti-torture exhibition among themselves.

On Sunday, December 5, 2004, practitioners in Busan held the anti-torture exhibition on the square of Busan Station. Also, a truth-clarification photo exhibition was held, and a signature collection drive was conducted to rescue Ms. Gao Chengnu, a practitioner and wife of a Korean national, currently imprisoned in China.

Exercise demonstration

Anti-torture exhibition

People watch the painting exhibition and learn the truth

Signing to help rescue Ms. Gao Chengnu

Explaining the truth

Explaining the truth

It rained on Saturday and the temperature was low on Sunday. Practitioners conveyed the truth using vivid make up and compelling performances. Local residents watched the exhibition attentively and were indignant at the inhuman persecution in China.

Details of the program are as follows: First, with the melodious Dafa exercise music in the background, a practitioner gave an introduction to Falun Gong while several other practitioners conducted the exercise demonstration. The anti-torture exhibition was held afterwards.

After the beginning of the exhibition, many people came over to watch and one person took many photos. The practitioners' performance was very realistic and many local residents watched attentively. Their attention was captured by the scene in which a police officer interrogates a practitioner.

In addition, many local residents viewed the truth-clarification poster boards and signed the signature collection book to help rescue Ms. Gao Chengnu.

Through the anti-torture exhibition and signature collection, the practitioners in Busan exposed the Jiang faction's evil nature in the brutal persecution of Falun Gong and called on people to help end the inhuman persecution. After the event, the practitioners gathered indoors, viewed video footage of the event and discussed how to be more effective in future truth-clarification activities.