(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner had been in a very bad cultivation state for some time. She had not been diligent in studying the teachings and practicing the exercises. She was not very strict with herself in daily life. The practitioner's physical body began to show signs of karma elimination. Only then did she start to study the Fa and practice the exercises "wholeheartedly." She was diligent for some time, but her health didn't improve and actually deteriorated. This practitioner became nervous and her situation became serious. She decided to go to the hospital. She was placed in intensive care at the hospital and her family was notified. Several practitioners living nearby learned of the situation and went to "rescue" her. Practitioners that couldn't go to the hospital would send forth-righteous thoughts at home.

When the practitioners arrived at the hospital, she could not open her eyes, but could still hear. One practitioner read Teacher's new article "My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'" to her, while others sent forth righteous thoughts. About half way through the article, the practitioner was able to open her eyes a little bit. When the whole article was finished, the practitioner could completely open her eyes and started to be aware. The practitioners began to talk to her about their understandings of the teachings and what each practitioner should do at this time. The practitioner's mind gradually cleared and she realized where she needed to improve. She continuously raised her xinxing and her health rapidly improved. The practitioners were excited to witness the miraculous recovery in such a short period of time. That night, this practitioner decided to go home. She began to seriously and wholeheartedly cultivate in Dafa and behaved in accordance with the requirements of the teachings. Currently she is very healthy.

A practitioner from Changchun was sent to a forced labor camp. The practitioner did not' yield to the pressures during imprisonment. Instead of being released, the practitioner was taken to a brainwashing center for further persecution. Periodically, a lot of money would be extorted from family members to release the prisoner or the sentence would be extended, as it had been in the past'. Some practitioners learned about this and discussed it. They came to realize that such persecution against this practitioner must be stopped. Several practitioners went directly to the brainwashing center accompanied by the family members of the practitioner. 'Other practitioner's sent forth righteous thoughts from home. The practitioner successfully returned home through the use of powerful righteous thoughts.

These two incidents reveal that when practitioners form a whole body, the power of such unity is tremendous. If the whole body could upgrade, our losses could be minimized. Recently, some not-so-diligent practitioners lost their lives due to illness karma. Some practitioners keep to themselves and are unwilling to go out after having been brainwashed. They have developed their own depraved understandings of the teachings. Some stay at home cultivating in secret and not living up to the expectations of Teacher. Still, some practitioners continue to experience persecution after being released from a forced labor camp or prison. They have difficulties in daily life with no income, even though some of the practitioners have diplomas and very high-level education. Some practitioners are not in a good state and are thus being locked up by their families. The old forces and dark minions are interfering and persecuting practitioners in various ways. If we can form a single body, take other practitioner's' struggles as our own and make full use of the power of righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference and destruction brought by the old forces and dark minions, we can help those practitioners being persecuted get relief and those not-so-diligent practitioners be more diligent. Then our overall conditions will definitely get better and the evil will find nowhere to hide. Then the situation will change dramatically and it will be easier to save the world's people.