"I'll let you go since you did not sell out your fellow practitioners!"

One night when two police officers in a northeastern Chinese city were patrolling, they caught an elderly woman who was posting Falun Dafa posters. While taking her to the local police station, they asked, "Who instructed you to post the notices? Where did you get the posters?" Without directly answering the questions, the woman explained the facts about Falun Dafa. The older officer told the younger one that he was out of cigarettes and asked him to go out to buy a pack of cigarettes for him. As soon as the other officer stepped out, the older officer told the woman, "You seem pretty brave. You did not sell out your fellow practitioners. If you ever betray your fellow practitioners, I will surely arrest you. Now I'll let you go." As he unlocked her handcuffs, he said, "Hurry up. Go north. Don't let the other officer see you. Otherwise, I won't be able to rescue you again." The officer pretended to be focused on reading. As the younger officer came back, he was astonished, "Where is the old woman?" "I have been reading. How did she run away while handcuffed?" he answered. Finally they decided to act as if it had never happened.

"If anyone reports on them, just act slowly!"

In a 610 Office of a northeastern Chinese city, two police officers were chatting. One said, "The authorities have been arresting Falun Gong practitioners for the past few years. I believe Falun Gong practitioners are good people. My mother-in-law is a practitioner. She used to suffer from a lot of illnesses. Now she is in great shape! I even feel better myself when I visit her. I don't believe Falun Gong practitioners commit wrongdoings." The other officer replied, "Surely you're right. Maybe one day Falun Gong's case will be redressed. Let's stop doing bad things to them. If somebody reports them, let's act more slowly. Let's wait until they are all gone. If they're still not gone, let's try to let them go."

"Falun Gong practitioners kill people? We don't believe it!"

In a residential area of Jiangbei, Jilin City, a few elderly people caught some dragonflies and butterflies and offered them to a four-year old boy. To their surprise, the boy refused to accept them, "I don't want them. They are also living beings. We can't hurt them. Please let them go." Knowing that the boy's grandparents both practiced Falun Gong, the elders were very surprised at how such a young child cared for living beings. Looking at the boy, those elderly people said, "The media alleges that Falun Gong practitioners kill their parents and wives and that they even commit suicide and self-immolation. Even a child as young as this knows that killing is wrong. How could we believe that Falun Gong practitioners kill people?" Later these people sought out Falun Gong practitioners and befriended them. Some of them even started to practice.