(Clearwisdom.net) Starting on November 22, practitioners in Queensland staged a 2-week anti-torture exhibit in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. At the busy Post Plaza in the city center, practitioners set up an exhibit site with photos, posters and banners which can be seen by passersby from all directions.

People shocked by the brutality re-enacted by the exhibit

People come in succession to sign the petition in support of practitioners

With practitioners close cooperation, the anti-torture exhibition, exercise demonstration and truth-clarification efforts formed a mighty and peaceful energy field, which attracted countless passersby to watch. Many were first shocked by the exhibit, and then started to study the exhibit and read the posters seriously. A lot of them showed sorrow and sympathy and asked practitioners for more details, and then went ahead to sign practitioners' petition calling for end of the persecution.

An elderly lady studied each photo seriously and talked with practitioners for a long time. She stayed for a quite a while even after she signed the petition. In the morning of the following day, she came back to talk with practitioners again. Many people showed their concern to practitioners and expressed their will to help. One time a passerby bought bottles of water for practitioners who were re-enacting torture methods. While passersby came in succession to sign the petition, some people also took extra copies of materials for their relatives and friends. A professional told a practitioner that from the newspapers, he only learned that the persecution was happening in China; however, he didn't know what really happened. From the exhibition, he said he learned how severe the situation is.