The following is an excerpt from an article I read recently on Minghui Net (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net)

"Very often, practitioners are quick to pick errors in the articles from the Minghui Weekly. One practitioner said that she would write to the editors and complain about the errors. I said to this practitioner, 'I have seen the editors revising the drafts of articles submitted and they are extremely busy. An occasional mistake is unavoidable. What's your first reaction when you have spotted a typo in the publication? Would you complain about the mistakes made, or would you feel sorry for how busy they must have been to miss spotting the mistakes? Mistakes are unavoidable. I would use righteous thoughts to help clean up the negative elements controlling them from behind. Everyday, a large percentage of my righteous thoughts are devoted to this area. Practitioners from all over the world read the Minghui.net everyday, and making sure everything is correct is a burden on the editors. But how many readers help by focusing their righteous thoughts in this area? If everyone complains about every mistake made, do you know how much more pressure we will put on the editing team?"

After reading the passage, I felt that I had committed the same mistake. Every time that I spotted a mistake made on the Minghui Weekly, I would start to blame the editing team for their carelessness. If I were the editor, I told myself, I would not make those silly blunders. Later, I learned that our fellow practitioners working for Minghui.net are very busy indeed. Mistakes are unavoidable. Yet, never before have I helped by clearing interference from them with righteous thoughts. But, subsequent Fa study and mutual experience sharing have made me realize that on meeting something unpleasant, our first thought should not be one which resorts to complaining or blaming someone. We should constantly use righteous thoughts to get rid of the interference causing the issue.

Recently, a fellow practitioner was not in a good state. He devoted little time to Fa study and could hardly keep up with the four sessions of righteous thoughts daily. Besides, he slept 10 hours each day. One day, I said to him, "You are not in good shape lately. You have been interfered with. Aren't you feeling strange? Don't you know why you keep falling asleep, shortening the time you could have devoted to Fa study?" I repeated the same message when I met him the second time. A few days ago, I met him again. He was taking a nap and snoring heavily. A sudden thought came to my mind: "Help him! He is not in a position yet to help himself control this form of demonic interference, but I can do it by using my own righteous thoughts to drive away the black minion controlling him from behind." At the same time, I formulated this message to the governing goddess of sleep: "Sleep is a normal requirement of a person. But if you cause a Dafa practitioner to oversleep, which in turn takes him away from the task of Fa rectification, you have committed a serious crime. When Fa rectification finally enters this human dimension, how will you reposition yourself?" Then I recited the verses for sending forth righteous thoughts. After a short while, our fellow practitioner woke up, and gave a big sigh of relief.

After the incident, I gained more confidence in using righteous thoughts. I would like to share this with other practitioners Whenever we sense anything unusual with another practitioner, we must not resort to complaining, blaming or finger pointing. We are all working together as one body. Let us utilize our great force of righteous thoughts to help each other in getting rid of interference, clearing our own dimensional space, and making clarifying the truth easier for the Fa rectification work.