(Clearwisdom.net) The son in an extended family of five had heart disease and underwent open-heart surgery at the Longnan Hospital. Unfortunately, the surgery left him in a coma.

His wife took their child and left him. His father also stopped going to the hospital. His mother sat weeping by her son's bedside every day.

One night the mother had a dream. She dreamed of a gentleman in white clothing telling her, "Your son has come under my care." When the old woman woke up she took a look at her son and saw that he was still the same. The second night she had the same dream, yet her son was still lying there, motionless. The third night the mother again had the same dream. She thought, "Three days in a row I had the same dream. What is happening?" She looked at her son. At that very moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.

From that time on, her son regained his health.

A friend heard about the matter and asked the mother, "To whom does your family pray? What are your spiritual beliefs?" The mother said, "We don't pray to anyone and we don't have any spiritual beliefs."

She remembered that a Falun Dafa practitioner had once asked her to help safeguard some Falun Dafa books. This friend followed the old woman to her home and to look at the books. When he flipped open the first page and pointed to the photograph of the founder of Falun Gong, he asked the old woman, "Is this the person you dreamed of?" She said repeatedly, "Yes! That's him!"

Obtaining good fortune for safeguarding Falun Dafa - this incident soon became widely known at Longnan Hospital.

November 02, 2004