(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp have followed the Jiang faction since July 20, 1999 to persecute Falun Gong. They torture practitioners savagely. In order to hide their crimes, they whitewash the facts by telling lies to practitioners' families and the public.

1. Women's Division

Practitioners detained at the Women's Division have experienced tortures in small cells, and intensive brainwashing and forced labor, among others. Each small cell (confinement room) holds three to four cages made from stainless steel pipes. The cages are about 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters tall. Practitioners were locked in these cages to force them to abandon Falun Gong. This was the primary place to torture practitioners. The division leaders hand-selected common criminal inmates, usually repeat felons and very violent, to monitor the practitioners. These people were chosen to torture the practitioners. Every time they tortured practitioners, they either had approval or direct orders from the division leaders and team leaders. They would wait until other inmates went to work, then they would block the hallways so no one could enter or get out, then the inmates would torture the practitioners. They would gag the practitioners' mouths with rags so that no one could hear what happened. The cruel tortures that the practitioners suffered are as follows:

1) Wearing a "boxing helmet:" the practitioners who were locked up in the small cells were forced to wear boxing helmets. They were not allowed to wear shoes. Some practitioners were forced to wear the helmet for as long as six months. During the so-called strict discipline period, the practitioners were not allowed to wash their face, feet or hair or brush their teeth, let alone take a shower. The practitioners were forced to buckle the helmets tight at the chin. Even breathing became difficult. The hot and steamy summer weather added to the misery; one became dizzy after wearing this helmet for a long time. When practitioner Li Yumei found lice in her hair the guards shaved her head.

2) Leg-splitting: practitioners were hung up in the air. The inmates tied the top of the boxing helmet with ropes or ripped bed sheets into strips for tying onto the cages. Practitioners' hands and one leg were chained or tied to the cage. Only one leg was left hanging in the air. The criminal inmates would pull the hanging leg to form 180 degree split from the other leg. They would repeat the torture over and over while urging the practitioners to give up Falun Gong. Some even said, "If you don't give up, we will break your legs." Those practitioners who suffered from this kind of torture felt that their hips were about to split. Some fainted from the pain and their legs lost sensation. The inmates would say, "Her legs cannot feel anything now; let's wait until the sensation comes back to her legs, then we'll try it again."

After this torture, some practitioners were unable to walk for about two to four weeks. Some cannot walk until six months later. Practitioners Wang Lijun, Man Chunrong, Zhong Shujuan, Sun Yan, Wang Shuhong, Wang Binhua and Wan Xiaohui have suffered from this torture. The chief inmates personally involved in the torture are Zhang Xiujuan, Gao Binling, Sun Bo, Guo Ling, Zhao Hui, Wang Xin, Ge Hong and Zhang Yang.

3) Five horses splitting a body (also called fly the airplane)

Practitioners were hung up onto the cages with their heads, arms and legs pulled to form the shape of an airplane. Practitioners were fixed onto to the cages in this position, and they were gagged with cleaning rags.

4) Abusive sexual tortures: After the inmates fixed the practitioners inside the cages in the position of "Five Horse Splitting a Body," they tore bed sheets into strips and tied knots every 5 cm. The inmates then pull the strips between practitioners' legs back and forth, causing bloody wounds on sensitive areas. Inmates Zhang Xiujuan said, "If you refuse to change, we'll saw you into two pieces." The inmates also kicked the women practitioners in the genital area. After the torture, some practitioners had difficulty urinating. These evildoers even stripped off the practitioners' underpants and stuffed hot peppers and chili powder into practitioners' vaginas. Some used mop handles, brushes and chair back corners to hit and poke inside their vagina, causing massive bleeding. After the torture, Zhong Shujuan suffered from massive bleeding and had trouble urinating. When Zhong Shujuan requested to go to the hospital, division leaders Han Jianmin and Wan Yalin were afraid that their crimes would be discovered and refused to let her get treatment in the hospital. Instead, they forced her to take some un-prescribed antibiotics.

5) Long time sleep deprivation and forced standing: Division Leader Han Jianmin decided that practitioners sent to small cells could not get any sleep for seven days and nights during the first week. The practitioners were handcuffed behind the back; they were told to keep standing and not to move. If they could not stand rigid or dosed off, they would receive additional days of torture. Practitioners were permitted only three bathroom breaks a day - morning, noon and evening. The practitioners who were on hunger strike were barred from using the toilet. Practitioner Wang Riqing couldn't control her bowels. After the first week of sleep deprivation and forced standing, the practitioners were allowed to sleep two hours a day (11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m). The extended standing caused the practitioners' legs to swell and the skin to turn black. It was very painful.

6) Brutal force-feeding: In order to protest the illegal imprisonment and the mental torment and physical tortures, some practitioners went on hunger strikes. As punishment, the guards and prison doctors performed force-feeding on them. They forced a thick tube through the nose into the stomach. They forced-fed practitioners twice a day. Some practitioners' nasal cavities and esophagi were damaged, causing internal bleeding. When Zhang Xiaoli was on a hunger strike, the guards left the tube in her stomach for a long time to torture her.

7) Insults and psychological abuse: In the small cells, the inmates pinned practitioners to the floor, then cuffed practitioners' hands behind their back. After that, they would write dirty words on the practitioners' bodies that curse Dafa. They also cut practitioners' hair against their will.

To force practitioners to give up Falun Gong, division leader Han Jianmin, deputy leaders Wan Yalin and Yuan Lingyue ordered criminal inmates to hit them with clubs and wooden bed boards. They also poured very hot water over practitioners' bodies and used needles to poke practitioners. In order to force Wang Riqing to give up practicing, the guards locked her in a cage with a mentally ill person. After suffering from severe torture, practitioner Li Ping was unable to move, but inmates Zhang Xiujuan, Xie Xiaoli used three cotton-padded quilts to cover her in the summer. Furthermore, they put insects on her body to bite her. After seeing that practitioner Li Ping couldn't take care of her own bowel movement, criminal Xie Xiaoli then used a brush to brush her anus. During winter time, the criminal inmates in charge of torturing practitioners in the small cells left the doors and windows up to freeze the practitioners who only had one shirt and no shoes and socks while keeping their own winter coats on. They did this day and night. These criminal inmates also crushed Wan Xiaohui's hands with their feet to force her to give up Falun Gong.

After spending a period of time with the practitioners, the inmates knew that these good people didn't deserve this kind of treatment. They knew the practitioners are good people. One inmate said, "We do not want to torture you, but the leader said, 'Giving Falun Gong mercy is giving cruelty to yourselves. Don't you want to have your terms reduced and go home sooner?' "

Personnel in the women's division chiefly responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Division Leader Han Jianmin
Deputy Division Leader Wan Yalin

Deputy Division Leader Yuan Lingyue
Political Instructor Tan Liping
Deputy Division Leader Ms. Hao
Squad Team Leader Yang Shengsheng
Squad Team Leader Duan Huixian
Squad Team Leader Huang Lijuan
Squad Team Leader Xu Lili
Group Leaders Guo Xin, Liu Yuchan, Cao Zhi, Fan Wei, Liu Yan, Zhao Xia, Luo Shenglin

2. Male Division

On March 12, 2001, Dalian Forced Labor Camp founded Division 8, which was located in a former classroom building. This was the center where male practitioners were persecuted. The former division leader was Qiao Wei, whose job was to execute orders from Hao Wenshuai (reformatory director), Zhang Ziliang (Political commissioner) and Zhang Baolin (deputy director) to persecute the practitioners. The general inmates did not participate in the slave labor. Their job was to watch and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The general inmates class monitor was then Gao Zhonghe; the assistant monitor was GaoYongping who later became class monitor. Later they both became major villains in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The primary torture methods used in the male division were:

1) Electric baton torture:

On March 19, 2001, the male division launched a major violent attack on practitioners to force them to abandon Falun Gong. In one day, more than 100 practitioners suffered electric baton shocking. The guards and criminal inmates stripped practitioners of their clothes, handcuffed their hands behind the back and gagged them with cleaning rags. They then poured water on the floor and pushed the practitioners onto the floor, face down. They put two chairs over practitioners' bodies and had two persons sitting on the chairs. Using high voltage batons, guards and inmates worked together to continuously shock the practitioners' entire body, including the most sensitive parts, such as the anus and genitals. Practitioner Li Jisheng, a 58-year-old man from the Dalian Development Zone was simultaneously shocked by five batons on his body and mouth three times (each time the batteries on all five fully charged batons completely ran out electricity). Later, the guards added three more batons, shocking him with eight batons for two complete discharges. After the shocks, guards and criminal inmates used rubber clubs to whip him. During the electric baton shocking, Liu Jilian, a practitioner employed at the Dalian Petrochemical Company, sustained a ruptured anus from the high voltage baton. His blood splashed onto the white plastered wall, making a large stain.

2) Tiger Bench

3) "Three boards" torture

To torture the determined practitioners, guards removed several boards from their beds, leaving only three pieces to support the head, lower back and legs. Then, they used the old style handcuffs (can only move on one surface) to chain practitioners' hands to the headboard or to the sides. They also hung practitioners' feet onto the bed rails with shackles. They put the boxing helmets on practitioners' heads. The practitioners were chained like this for days and nights. Only during meals or bathroom breaks were they allowed to have one hand free and the shackles removed. This torture lasted from several days to several months. For all this time, practitioners were chained to the bed on the three wooden boards with no showers, no face washing, no teeth brushing. It was very painful all over the body and especially on the ankles. The torture made them extremely weak, severely damaging their bodies and spirits.

4) Wearing the Boxing Hats (same as in the Women's Division)

5) Bending down (also called Flying Airplane):

The evil persons forced practitioners to face the wall. They then forced the practitioners to bend down towards the wall and put their heads against the wall. Their hands reached backwards to the extreme. Legs stayed straight. The torture lasted very long time.

6) Brutal force-feeding:

The practitioners who went on a hunger strike were pushed onto wooden chairs with straight backs. Their hands were tied to the rear legs of chairs. The evildoers also tie the practitioners' legs to the chairs' front legs. Their bodies were roped to the chair backs. Two inmates pulled their hair and ears while prison doctors performed the force-feeding torture.

7) Force feeding with alcohol:

The inmates even forced alcohol into practitioners who were on a hunger strike. They forced strong liquor through the nostrils and mouth. After days of a hunger strike without food or water, the practitioners were extremely weak. Taking advantage of practitioners' vulnerability, the guards filled them with large amounts of strong liquor every day. They knew that Dafa practitioners do not smoke or drink alcohol. They claimed, "Are you still practicing? Huh? I will waste your Gong." After the alcohol torture the practitioners were unconscious. While awake, they kept vomiting. Practitioner Li Zhongke's suffered heavy stomach bleeding and was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment.

8) Insults and psychological abuses:

Guards stripped practitioners of their clothes and tied practitioners' hands behind their backs. They pushed the practitioners onto the floor and wrote dirty words on their bodies to slander Falun Gong.

Those chiefly responsible include:

Qiao Wei: former division leader
Wang Jun
Liu Zhongke: former division leader
Jing Dianke
Song Hengyue

Dalian Forced Labor Camp address: Nanshancun, Front Street, Dalian Ganjingzi Airport, Dalian, 116022

Dalian Forced Labor Camp Director: Hao Wenshuai, 86-411-6859017 (office), 846-95798 (home), 86-135-00700718 (cell)
Deputy Director: Zhang Baolin 86-135-911-77866
Political Commissioner: Zhang Ziliang 86-411-298-2899 (home), 86-1380-4085129 (cell)

The women's division evil police:
Division Leader: Han Jiangao 86-411-685-9961 ex. 400
Deputy Leader: Wan Yalin 86-411-685-9961 ex. 400, 86-137-001-11874 (cell)

Division 8 evil police:
Division Leader: Liu Zhongke 86-411-685-9961 ex.280, 86-411-281-6666 ex. 5099
Guo Peng: 86-859-961 ex. 28086, 86-135-007-71196 (cell)

Dalian Judicial Bureau
Zip code: 116012
Addresses: The People's Squre, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

Below are some office numbers of Dalian Judicial Bureau
Dalian City Discipline Inspection Commission: 86-411-83630700
Examining and Supervising office: 86-411-3600886
Working Level Administrative Office: 86-411-3635434
Forced Labor Management Bureau: 86-411-3630696
Laws and Regulations Section: 86-411-3607944
Cadres' management Section: 86-411-3680697
Organization Management Section: 86-411-3636292
Institution Communist Party Committee: 86-411-3635809
Administrative Office: 86-411-3692764 86-411, 3622887 86-411, 3635563

Written on October 12, 2004.