(Clearwisdom.net) At 9 o'clock November 17, 2002, a gang of plainclothes policemen searched me by force while I was on a mountain road. They stole 400 yuan and a ring of keys, then sent me to Leshan City's Wutongqiao District Detention Center.

At noon on November 18, Li Zuo and Ren Huaifei from the National Security Brigade came to see me. I said, "I did not violate any law. Practicing Falun Gong is my freedom of belief. I have never been against the Party." In the afternoon, policemen Zhong Yuqiang and Huang Liping took me from Prison Cell No. 9 to Prison Cell No. 10 -- the place known as the "devil prison cell."

The head of the cell, Luo Peihua, told his men to first give me a "welcome party" and serve me several "dishes." The first "dish" was called "Water Dripping Guanyin." Prisoner Peng Huaming used a plastic broom to violently whip me on my back until it started to bleed. Another prisoner, Zheng Kun, waved a fan to create a breeze and continuously poured cold water over me. I was flooded with water for about 50 minutes and I felt bone-chilling and heart-throbbing pain. The second "dish" was called "Dry Stir-fry Long Beans." Prisoner Yuan Tao inserted a toothbrush between my fingers. He then pinched my fingers and violently rotated the toothbrush and smashed the flesh and skin between my fingers, causing an ulceration in that area which lasted for more than 40 days. The third "dish" was called "Hoof Stew." Yuan Tao, Zheng Kun and Peng Huaming pressed me down, forcing me to sit on the ground with my back against the wall. The three of them violently stepped on my thighs. Then Tan Jianhua also joined them. My thighs turned all blue and purple and I was in excruciating pain. The fourth torture was called "Soup of a Hundred Vegetables." The tormenters still held me down, pressed my back against the floor, and forcefully spread my legs to make a straight line. The fifth "dish" was called "Heart-Penetrating Lotus." They forced me to stand and pressed me against the wall while prisoners Yuan Tao and Tan Jianhua used their fists to hit me on the chest forcefully. The sixth torture was called "Roasted Hen." They bent my back and used their elbows to violently hit my back and waist. The seventh "dish" was called "Air Force Test." I was made to support my body with my left hand on the ground and my right hand crossing under the left armpit to grab my left ear, then I was forced to quickly swirl my body. Because I did not make a sound from the pain, they came over and attacked me viciously. Yuan Tao beat me, causing my face to bleed. Yuan and Zheng also burned my arms, fingers, and chest with cigarettes. Luo Peihua said, "I got word from the higher-ups that if we beat you to death, it will be treated like nothing has happened at all." Luo and Zheng said, "We'll stop hitting you if you curse your Teacher." I did not utter a word from the beginning to the end. The five of them stopped beating me after they were exhausted.

From then on, Yuan Tao and Tan Jianhua always found excuses to hit me. They did not let me sleep for forty days. Tan Jianhua also stole a pair of leather shoes and a wool sweater from me and did not allow me to wear shoes. Peng Huaming took my blanket away from me. Yuan Tao stole a wool sweater and a wool vest. Luo Peihua stole 114 yuan from me.

I requested to see my family members. Li Zhuo from the National Security Brigade said, "First, no discussion of the case. Second, no exposing the secrets of the detention center. Third, no hunger strike." Because they were scared of what I might say, they eventually did not allow me to see my family members.

Afterward, the paper with the court ruling was released saying I was charged with "engaging in underground activities" since I was acquainted with [a certain practitioner], which meant that I had violated the law for talking with someone. What that practitioner and I were talking about was how to become a good person, and about our own families and lives. Is that a crime?

I did not do anything that was against society. I was treated this way only because I have a belief. The reason for my writing this article is because I want to regain my freedom and be declared innocent. Meanwhile, I want to expose these scoundrels in broad daylight so that evildoers will receive due retribution.

Also, in the 2nd Prison District, Deyang Prison, the prison guards have been beating Falun Dafa practitioners Song Ziming and Gong Yuanyou. Policeman Cui Weigang, prisoners Mo Xiaohua, Qiu Congjun, Liu Huaifu and Chen were ordered by the "610 Office" to beat the following Falun Dafa practitioners: Tang Gangyi, Yang Yourun, Ju Changwu, Wu Mingshan, and others.