1. "Millions of good people have lost their happiness, so we should help them."

One morning, as we were setting up our anti-torture display at Freedom Square in the cold wind, a young man hurriedly walked towards me. He said, "I work at the shopping centre nearby. I have read your materials and looked at your displays and I know that you are all really good people. Furthermore, millions of people in China have lost their happiness and so many are enduring cruel tortures, it is just too horrible. I told my friends that we should help them but some of them think that it has nothing to do with them, stating that it's not their business and they only care about earning money." This young person then went on to say, "People cannot just live for money. We should help those who have lost their happiness. Can I take some more materials? I have many customers and friends. These materials can be put at my work place so that they can be read by more people." We immediately gave him a bundle of folded newspapers and small leaflets that contained information about Falun Gong and the persecution. The young man placed the materials in his backpack. Before he left, he had tears in his eyes and said, "Take care." Tears blurred my vision as I watched him leave for work. So many kind-hearted lives are waiting for us to inform them about the persecution and about Falun Dafa in general, thus setting up a positive relationship with Dafa.

2. "I have to introduce this wonderful meditation system to the people of Palestine."

One Sunday morning, we were taking part in some Falun Gong related activities and practicing the five sets of Falun Gong exercises in Central Park. Not long after, a woman with a cute little girl came over, expressing that she wanted to learn the exercises. She told me that she had already heard about Falun Gong a few years ago. She is going to go to Palestine in two months, and she wanted to learn all five sets of exercises so that she can teach the people there, who she says are living in extreme hardship. I taught her the first four exercises. The woman really paid great attention. Later I told her that she could come to our anti-torture displays to finish learning the rest of the exercises. Yesterday she came again and learned the fifth exercise.

3. A disabled person without hands wants to sign the petition

Last Saturday, several Falun Gong practitioners worked together in groups. One person held the torture information boards, one person held the petition and another person was handing out leaflets. We arrived at a business district and started to hand out leaflets to the passers-by. Under our peaceful and righteous field, not only did people take the materials but they also signed our petitions calling for a stop to the persecution. A disabled person came by riding in an automatic wheelchair. I gave him a leaflet, which he happily accepted. When I asked him whether he would like to sign the petition to end the persecution, he smiled and said, "I have no hands." Then he said, "How about you sign for me." He told me his name and I wrote it down. I thanked him sincerely. He kept on saying to himself, "Torture and persecution is not right."

4. A Chinese woman: "We all know about it. We are all discussing this matter."

I met a Chinese woman who was carefully observing the anti-torture displays. When I walked up to her to give her some materials, she immediately said, "We all know about this and we are all discussing this matter." I then told her about how the former Chinese President, Jiang, started to persecute Falun Gong, and the fact that more than ten countries are suing him for genocide. I also told her about the spread of Falun Gong in Taiwan. She listened carefully and continuously nodded her head. At last I asked her whether she would be willing to sign the petition. She hesitated for a minute and then signed. I thanked her for her support and expressed my hope that she would tell her Chinese friends about it, which she agreed to.

At our anti-torture displays, many people told us, "You are doing well. Keep it up!" Some said, "Your anti-torture displays are really earthshaking." Other people asked us for materials to show their friends. Every week, I can feel the tide of Fa-rectification moving through the human world.