(Clearwisdom.net) Fifty to sixty practitioners are still being illegally held in the Qiqihar Labor Camp (the former Shuanghe Labor Camp) in Heilongjiang Province.

The first floor of the labor camp was the workshop where criminals and practitioners were forced to do slave labor. The second floor was for Group Nine and Group Eight occupied the third floor. The fourth floor was previously unused but, according to insiders from the labor camp, it is now stained with the blood of practitioners.

Practitioners in the Qiqihar Labor Camp have been steadfastly persistent in their cultivation and have resisted the authorities' brainwashing attempts. On the morning of February 16, 2004, a group of police led by the head of the labor camp Shang Jindong, the political committee member Wang Yufeng, and group heads Guo Li and Zhang Zhijie broke into the detention cells and began a new round of desperate persecution against practitioners.

On that day practitioners were brutally dragged up to the fourth floor in three groups. From the second floor up to the fourth floor, the police dragged many practitioners by their arms with their heels scraping the floor. The skin on their backs and their clothes were in shreds. As soon as they arrived on the fourth floor, the police covered the practitioners' eyes because they were afraid that their evildoings could be exposed. Every practitioner was cruelly persecuted with various torture methods. One torture is called the "iron chair." In the back of the iron chair are two round holes, through which the police stick practitioners' arms and then cuff their hands together very tightly, immediately twisting their arms out of shape. Next the practitioners' bodies, shoulders and legs are tied to the back of the iron chair, so that they can neither crouch nor sit down. Seeing that the practitioners still remained calm during this torture, the police, shockingly, proceeded to drag the iron chair in circles on the ground. The pain was so great that the practitioners couldn't help screaming. Many practitioners were physically disabled after being tortured in this way. The hands and legs of practitioners Gao Shuying and Zhang Liqun were swollen, and the lower halves of their bodies lost feeling. Even now they still need the support of others to walk.

No one knew what torture practitioner Wang Yuxing, from Daxinganling City, Heilongjiang Province, was subjected to after she was dragged up to the fourth floor. Some people had seen her lying on the icy cold cement floor, breathing feebly. She recovered after she was sent to the Land Reclamation and Cultivation Bureau Hospital in Qiqihar City for emergency treatment. Because she steadfastly resisted the persecution and the brainwashing, she was held in a small cell with the door and window blocked and kept isolated from the outside world.

To resist the persecution and assist their cruelly persecuted fellow practitioners, practitioners in the labor camp started a collective hunger strike that very day. The police persecuted them with forced-feedings. Some practitioners' teeth were broken when the police tried to violently pry open their mouths with a crowbar. Some practitioners became very weak after being tortured with the iron chair. Injuries to their stomachs in the process of the forced feeding caused them to spit up so much blood that two red pools formed on the ground.

Ms. Wang Guofang was from Daqing City in Heilongjiang Province. The police cruelly tortured her after they dragged her up to the fourth floor in the evening of March 8, 2004. She was never seen again. The police later forced practitioners to give false evidence that Wang Guofang had committed suicide.

Guo Li, head of Group Nine in the Qiqihar Labor Camp, cruelly forced practitioners and criminals to do long-term labor to meet their annual production quota of 100,000 yuan and to secure her personal benefits such as salary, bonuses, etc. She even forced practitioners who had been physically disabled by torture to work as long as 13 to 14 hours each day. Guo Li set a production quota for everyone. Those who failed to meet their quota got reduced points, which were then used as an excuse to extend their imprisonment. Everyone was given only about ten minutes for meals, which consisted of vegetable soup with small worms floating in it. The practitioners were forced to work for a certain furniture factory, smoothing the wood with sandpaper. The factory used spray paint that was full of poisonous ingredients such as benzene, and many of the practitioners became ill from the poisoned air. They used to be in perfect health, but after working in the factory, their eyes became congested and swollen, their hearing diminished, their legs became limp, and one shoulder would slump as they walked.

Those in charge of the Qiqihar Labor Camp:

Wang Yufeng, the political committee member

Shang Jindong, head of the labor camp

Heads of Group Nine: Guo Li, Zhao Lijuan, Wang Yuying, Wang Yujing

Wang Yan, former head of Group Nine

Heads of Group Eight: Zhang Zhijie, Wang Mei

Qiqihar Labor Camp: 86-452-2451085

Head of the Qiqihar Labor Camp: 86-452-2451198