Editor's Note: All of the photos below are of re-enactments of the torture suffered by practitioners in China.

Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, officials in the Fushan Township government have been closely following the Jiang' regime policy of brutally torturing Falun Gong practitioners mentally and physically in various ways. Their crimes include beating practitioners with leather-wrapped batons, electric batons, and whisk brooms,; slapping their faces, kicking, pouring boiling water on them, forcing them to stand on the cold snow-covered ground with bare feet, sending practitioners to forced labor camps, detaining them, financially punishing them with heavy fines ranging from 300 yuan to 13,000 yuan (1), and violently forcing practitioners to write "Guarantee Statements." They have ordered the Secretary of each village to collect 3000 yuan in cash pledges from every Falun Gong practitioner. If practitioners refused to pay the money, they would suffer long-term detention.

Some officials tortured practitioners in a township senior welfare house. Official Xu Wenli and Sun Changxing barbarously beat them with leather-wrapped batons. They drag practitioners into a dark room, and torture them by slapping on the face, scratching their ribs cages, and kicking and beating until bruises cover their entire bodies, and they are left in critical condition. On numerous occasions, Xu Wenli led a group of policemen to practitioners' homes to steal their personal belongings, such as Falun Dafa books and audio equipment. They force practitioners to attend brainwashing sessions and exhaust all of their strength while beating the practitioners. Ji Guanshen, a chef, has been one of these accomplices. He has poured boiling water on practitioners. In 2002, he received karmic retribution and died from a sudden attack of a serious illness.

A bag that has been used to hold cement covers the female practitioner's head. She is forced to stretch both hands forward, with her arms supporting a drawer with weights in it. Then a group of thugs brutally beat her head, face and hands with whisk brooms, wooden batons, fly swatters, and magazines.

They repeatedly beat her head, face, and hands with whisk brooms, wooden batons, fly swatters and magazines.

To force a practitioner to give up his belief in "Truth Compassion Forbearance," thugs stand on his legs, stomping on them with force, while violently beating and kicking him.

They beat a practitioner with a bamboo baton until the baton was broken. They then used a new bamboo baton to continue the beating.

Tools used to torture practitioners

They force a practitioner to sit on a bench. One thug pushes down one leg of a chair on the practitioner's instep, using the chair leg as the standing point to sustain the entire weight of the chair. Then the thug presses down on the chair with all his strength. He, rocks the chair in various directions, while viciously asking the practitioner if it is painful.

Many of the Fushan township government officials and staff members have illegally searched practitioner's homes, taken away their personal belongings, and extorted money and property from their families. Among them, Xu Wenli, Sun Changshen and Guan Yongshen have been the most active in committing these crimes.

A few people who have actively joined in the persecution of Falun Gong have suffered karmic retribution. Fu Chunni and Ji Shuyun, former Chief Executives of a hospital, have been dismissed from their jobs for corruption. A policeman called '"Big Li,'" who worked at a local police station, suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.

Fushan Township government officials who have actively participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners include:

Kong Xiangshun, former Secretary of the township Communist Party Committee;

Yang Xidong, former Secretary of the township Political and Legal Committee;

Li Yanliang and Du Jianhua, the chief officials of the township government;

Sun Changqing, a 40-year-old male who is an official in charge of a district; he lives in, Xiaerjia Village of Fushan Township;

Wang, vice head of the Fushan Township Agricultural Bureau, about 40 years old;

Other officials include Li Xunjun, Sun Changqing, Xu Wenli, Ji Yongshen, Li Yong, Jiang Yugui, Zhao Hongxin, Wang Xianghua, Wang Chenyi, Wang Meishan, Deng Weishan, Liu Zhenxiu, Yu Haiyan, Yu Zhongtang, and Li Shanliang.

The following is a photo reenactment of the violent forced-feeding in the detention centers of Weifang City, Shandong Province. For the past 5 years, detention centers of Weifang City have detained and tortured countless Falun gong practitioners. Their crimes have been exposed on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website many times. Practitioners who have suffered such tortures in the detention centers reenacted the force-feeding in the following picture.

Practitioner Gao Shuhua from Weifang City was tortured to death due to force-feeding on March 27, 2003 by the police of the Weicheng District Detention Center in Weifang City.


(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 yuan.