Mr. Liu Yinggu is the director of an elementary school. He was diagnosed with critical diabetes, prostate gland cancer, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, asthma, and other ailments. In order to heal these chronic diseases, he frequented Liu Fuquan's herb store so often as if he was going to the kitchen for food. Liu Yinggu's herb dosage increased, but his diseases only worsened. His hair was thin and course and his face was pale. Liu Fuquan, the herbalist, could not do anything to help.

As the days went by, Liu Fuquan wondered why Liu Yinggu had not returned for his medicine. What was more fascinating was the fact that Liu Yinggu's face regained its rosy complexion and he looked happy. Liu Fuquan was curious about what had healed Liu Yinggu.

Liu Yinggu told his herbalist how he had begun practicing Falun Gong and how Falun Gong healed his sicknesses. Liu Yinggu introduced Zhuan Falun (1) to Liu Fuquan who now understands how he was cured.

Since witnessing Liu Yinggu's recovery, Liu Fuquan has become a practitioner and tells everyone he meets about the benefits of Falun Dafa.


1) The book, Zhuan Falun, comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa.

November 18, 2004