My name is Liao Jingman and I am a Falun Gong practitioner from Taiwan. In June 1998, I was still a healthy woman. At that time, a high school classmate of my husband's strongly recommended the Falun Gong books to us. My husband had always been interested in various cultivation methods, so it was fairly easy for him to take up the practice of Falun Gong. However, I didn't really start until March 1999. After I began the cultivation of Falun Gong, I went with my husband to attend morning exercises everyday.

No more than two months into my cultivation, one day I suddenly found a solid lump about 3 cm in diameter on my left breast. My intuition told me that this lump was not benign. Out of fear I went to the hospital for a checkup the very next day. The doctors suggested taking a sample of the lump for further examination. One week later, I went to check on the results. It was a malignant tumor. That was really a heavy blow to me. My once peaceful life was suddenly turned upside down.

The doctors urged me to go through surgery to remove both breasts and the surrounding lymph tissues to prevent the cancer cells from spreading. All kinds of horrible scenes, such as surgeries, cosmetic operations, chemotherapy, etc popped up in my mind.

After the surgery, I kept studying the Falun Gong books. I also read a lot of experience sharing articles written by veteran practitioners who had their illnesses cured after cultivation. Gradually the breast that was operated on healed.

One year passed. During that period, I would unconsciously pay attention to my left breast whenever I took a shower. I don't remember when the lumps showed up again. In no more than three months, my left breast was covered with lumps. I often felt sharp pain on my left chest. I couldn't get to sleep at night. Every night, I closed my eyes and waited for morning to come.

All through this, I still kept cultivating in Falun Gong.

In August 2001, the lumps on my left breast began to rapidly disappear one by one. My whole family was awed by the miraculous recovery. My daughter, who did some nursing work and had been having difficulty accepting the principles of Dafa, now began to believe in Dafa. What surprised her even more was that I rinsed my breasts every day while taking a shower, yet no infection was ever found, nor did I have any complications. The tremendous power of Dafa finally enabled her to take the path of Dafa cultivation.

It was Teacher's compassion and might that enabled me to finally have good night's sleep again. There was no longer the sharp pain in my chest. My renewed life once again validated the might of Dafa. However, my case is just one of the many cases where practitioners have benefited from Dafa. The pain I had suffered is no match to that suffered by practitioners in China who are still being persecuted. I hope that my personal experience can awaken kindhearted people and enable them to see through the lies that Jiang and his followers have made up to justify the persecution in Mainland China.