Precious Memories from an Experience Sharing Conference in Beijing, 1996

By Chen Long

( An International Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Beijing in October 1996. At that time, a few practitioners from Singapore came to our practice site. We shared experiences and understandings that we gained after we had started to learn Falun Dafa.

A practitioner who had begun practicing Falun Gong in 1993 talked about attending Teacher Li's lectures. She was working in the Department of Health and had practiced other forms of Qigong for many years prior to practicing Falun Gong. As she listened to Teacher's lectures, she could feel that Teacher was very different from other Qigong masters. She was not only able to feel the strong energy potency Teacher had, but she also realized that she had never before heard the principles he teaches. Teacher's words convinced her, and she respected him.

During one of the lectures Teacher started cleaning up practitioners' poor health. He asked everyone to stand up and think about the ill parts of their bodies. Since she often felt pain in her eyes and was unable to see things clearly, she thought about her eyes, and only thought about her right eye. When she followed Teacher's instructions to stomp one foot, she clearly felt that something was eliminated from her right eye, in a twinkling. She opened her eyes and found that she was able to see things very clearly with her right eye and the pain in her right eye had also disappeared. But nothing changed in her left eye. She thought about why there was no improvement in the symptoms of her left eye. Oh yes. She realized that it was because she only thought about her right eye and did not consider her left eye. But the cleaning up of illness was finished by then. She thought that she should never again focus on curing her own illness, and that she should just do well in her cultivation practice from then on.

That day when the lecture was finished, she felt a pleasant sensation that she had never before experienced. When she arrived home it was already about 10:00 p.m., and all her family members were already asleep. Without turning on the light she went to bed quietly. As she was going to bed she thought she might wake up the others, so she decided to sleep on the floor with a sheet. Just when she closed her eyes, she felt a shaft of light in front of her left eye. When she then opened her eyes she found that it was dark everywhere, without any light. Once again she closed her eyes. She then felt a shaft of light to appear in her left eye again, and the light was continually spinning. Her left eye felt very comfortable. She realized that it was a Falun that was cleaning out the illness in her left eye, and her heart was very moved at that moment. The next morning when she opened her eyes she found that she no longer had any pain in her left eye and could see things clearly with that eye also.

After hearing this practitioner's story, we were all deeply moved by Teacher Li's compassion and were amazed how marvelous and powerful Falun Dafa is!

Practitioners Recall Master's Lectures in Guangzhou City

1. Remembering Listening to Master's Lectures in Guangzhou City

By A Practitioner from Hunan Province

In December 1994, some of us from Chenxi were fortunate enough to break through various obstacles and attend the fifth session of the Falun Gong lectures held in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. This was the last session Master held in Mainland China. I battled extensive interference before I could attend the lecture series. I was lucky enough to see Master in person. I was privileged to attain Falun Dafa at that time.

The lectures were held between December 21 and 28, 1994, in a sports hall close to Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou City. Master had received an invitation from the Qigong Association of Guangzhou City. He taught two hours daily between the aforementioned dates. I only paid 80 Yuan for the eight-day session. Many people from throughout the country attended. Most in the audience had heard of it from relatives or friends; some veteran Falun Gong practitioners attended, too.

The Yuexiu Park sports hall (demolished in May 2003 to build the subway) could hold only 4,900 people, yet between 5,000 and 6,000 people had come. This presented a problem. Hundreds of participants could not gain entry into the sports hall; thus, they were unable to listen to the lectures. But none of those who couldn't gain entry complained to anyone and just sat quietly outside. In this way they showed their respect to Master and their sincere wish to attain Falun Dafa. After Master had lectured for an hour he became aware of the situation. Master proceeded immediately to discuss this with the Qigong Association Staff. He intended to find a way for those who couldn't gain entry to hear the lecture. The host found a conference room where they set up a closed circuit television system. Everyone could hear the lecture live! At last, everyone who had come was able to hear the lecture and see Master. The local veteran practitioners who had gained entry into the sport hall gave up their seats to the new practitioners who could not find a seat. They went to the second room and watched the TV instead. During the lecture Master mentioned in particular, "No one outside these doors will be left out" when he was teaching "What Has Teacher Given to Practitioners?" This incidence made people truly experienced Master's great compassion.

Shi Defa, a young monk, and I sat in the last row. The sport hall was packed. There wasn't an empty seat to be found. Male or female, young or old, all wished to cultivate and be steadfast in Falun Dafa. The entire sport hall was filled with boundless mercy, and the environment radiated a large energy field. Many among us cried without knowing the reason.

Master wore a conventional black suit and leather shoes. He was simply and appropriately dressed. He looked very kind, modest and gentle. He exuded dignity with great grace. In the middle of the basketball court a simple table and a chair had been placed. A gold-colored cloth hung over the chair. There was Master teaching Falun Dafa. It was so simple and yet so dignified. The environment was filled with righteous beings listening to the Fa.

Shortly after Master arrived with his resonant voice he greeted the audience. Afterwards he raised both hands up in the air, turned around and waved to everyone. I had a vision in which I saw many beautiful objects flying towards us when Master waved and walked in a circle.

Master taught the Fa without any extensive notes. He glanced a few times at one piece of paper that appeared to be folded many times. I guessed that there were a few topics noted on it. Master taught such profound principles in such a simple manner. The teaching was down to earth, to the point, easy to understand, modest and also humorous. The teachings were intense and brought forward the essence of all the things at all times and all over the world. The audience was amused at times and laughed out loud. Many in the audience who were true disciples were cleansed and recovered from their diseases in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Master also made clear that Falun Dafa only guides people in their cultivation and was not brought out for the purpose of curing people's diseases. It will only purify the bodies of those who are true disciples. Some with incurable and dangerous diseases also attended the lectures. They had not told the staff members their real situation, but had come to want to have their diseases cured and not to attain the Fa. Master told those people that he was aware of them and asked them to go to the hospital immediately if they should feel uncomfortable.

Later some practitioners asked Master about his previous life. I thought Master must have been Sakyamuni. I heard Master's answer, "I'm Li Hongzhi, not Sakyamuni." Then Master looked at me. Suddenly I felt a hot current run through my entire body. I felt as warm as if staying in the sunshine for a long time. I was so happy. I knew that was Master reinforcing my resolve.

Every time Master taught the exercise movements he explained the essence of the movements. Some of our fellow practitioners showed us the movements. At the end of the lecture some practitioners asked Master for his signature, which Master graciously gave.

Two things impressed me deeply during the Guangzhou lectures. One practitioner had just bought a new camera. One day when we walked into the sport hall he saw Master arriving at the same time. That practitioner immediately took a picture of Master. Master noticed it and quietly looked at him with kindness. An assistant from the Qigong Association of Guangzhou City noticed it and shouted loudly, "It is not allowed to take a picture of Master." While yelling, the assistant ran up to the practitioner and pushed him rudely aside. That practitioner almost fell down. He got really angry and was ready to retaliate. At that time Master appeared, walked up to him and said while patting his shoulder, "Guard your temper!" That practitioner suddenly let go of his thought of revenge. Later he told me, "If Master had not reminded me, I'm sure I would have started a fight with that guy."

The second thing that impressed me deeply occurred on the 6th or 7th night of the lectures. We were standing near Guangzhou Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where we boarded while there. We were admiring the night scenery in Guangzhou. Suddenly a huge white circle showed up in the sky over Guangzhou and rotated back and forth. The clouds that surrounded the circle were of deep colors. It was such a magnificent sight. Many practitioners and students from the Guangzhou Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine came outside to also see it after hearing about it. Some took pictures. Some practitioners whose third eyes were open told me that it was a Falun [law wheel]. Practitioners viewing the scene made the heshi gesture to show respect for Master. Later some practitioner asked Master about this during the lecture. Master said, "If you saw it, it should not come as a surprise to you." Master also said, "The energy field covered all of Guangzhou City and it benefited all people living here."

Mr. Zhang was one of the practitioners who had come to Guangzhou with me. He had been examined at the hospital before the trip and was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. After listening to the lectures carefully and practicing for eight days, he found during another examination that he was completely healthy. His wife, Ms. Ouyang, said that after listening to the lectures her outlook on the world had completely changed. I realized I found the most grandiose cultivation system. From that time onward I was sure that I would practice Falun Gong until Consummation.

2. Recalling Listening to Master Teach the Fa in Guangzhou City

By A Practitioner from China

In December 1994 I finally broke through all blockages and was able to attend the last Fa lectures Master taught. It took me three days and two nights on the train to get to Guangzhou City. After leaving the train station, our fellow practitioner Ms. Sun suddenly said loudly, "I feel something rotating in my abdomen!" Master had planted the Falun even before the class started. Master said in one of his lectures, "Everyone sits here all because of a predestined relationship."

It was about December 20 when I finally saw Master. I had longed for this for such a long time. Master was so noble, kind and gentle. I felt so peaceful and safe. It was just like a long-lost child returning to its parents. I cried happily. I said to myself from the deepest part of my heart, "At last I have met Master!" I didn't know how many people came to listen to Master's teachings. There was no more sitting or standing room in the entire sports hall. There were people even in the aisles and entrance areas. Master told us that practitioners from Guangzhou City and many veteran practitioners who had attended lectures before had given up their seats for those who had traveled here from other places and for whom this was their first opportunity to hear Master in person. They were watching the live broadcast in another conference room. During the first day, shortly after Master began to lecture, the staff told him that many practitioners were doing the exercises outside the sports hall. They couldn't get tickets. They had come here by plane from thousands of miles away after learning Master was giving lectures in Guangzhou City. Some of them were unable to pay for a motel room and they could only afford instant noodles. After hearing this, Master let them come inside immediately and they all sat on the floor in front of the podium. They sincerely made the heshi gesture of respect to Master. Enthusiastic applause then filled the sports hall.

During the first three or four days we often heard some strange sounds. One person just behind me often coughed with a strange sound. He coughed so horribly that it sounded as if he would cough out his lungs. I looked up and saw a mass of opaque air by the ceiling. The whole ceiling seemed covered with dust and heavy smoke. I noticed that Master kept whisking something off his clothes from time to time. Later I understood the reason. It was just like Master wrote in Lecture Five of Zhuan Falun: "Whenever he brought some bad things upon me, I would just clear them up. Afterwards, I would resume my lecturing."

On the 4th day Master told us he would purify our bodies. Master asked us to get up, think of our own or our family members' diseases, and stomp our right feet. We did exactly as Master told us and stomped our right foot. When Master raised hands and pushed down, I felt clearly that some awful, cold stuff moved downward and out while we stomped our feet. Master cleansed us! Since then I totally left behind my history of having many illnesses and began my cultivation path as a healthy individual. After Master purified our bodies, I didn't hear any more coughing from the person behind me. When I looked up again, the air was so clear that it felt like it was washed. We sat on the seats behind Master. Master often turned his head toward us and told us "All of you will be treated the same. I'm frequently looking at you. I will not leave out anyone sitting or standing behind me." Master told us there would be some reaction after our bodies were purified. After we went back to where we lodged, some of us felt chilly, had a temperature, boils, or even had loose bowels. And some people suffered pain all over the body. Some others had a serious headache. They couldn't get up or eat anything. But the next day everyone still got up and came to the lecture as normal. It lasted about two to three days. Afterwards everyone felt so healthy. No one felt uncomfortable. When walking we felt as if someone were pushing us.

I forgot which night it was. I heard loud cheering in the building where I stayed. In the Guangzhou sky and particularly in the sky above the places where practitioners were staying we saw many big and small Faluns rotating. The scene was so magnificent. Many practitioners and visitors in the same hotel witnessed this scene. Many practitioners who had a camera photographed that precious scene and witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa.

During those few days we listened to the Fa, the Guangzhou media spoke of the unusually beautiful weather. They also mentioned an improvement in public security. We knew that it was Master who brought peace and harmony to Guangzhou. To help us save money, Master finished the ten-day course in eight days.

Whenever I recalled the happy days with Master, I would remember what Master taught in Zhuan Falun, "I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious." Master's teaching led me to understand the real meaning of life, which is returning to one's origin. After I found Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, the great Fa of the universe, which I had awaited during all my lives, I began and continued to walk my cultivation path. I am returning to my true origin.

My Personal Experience of Seeing Teacher in Wuhan in 1993

By A practitioner in Wuhan City

In the spring of 1993, Teacher went to Wuhan City to give lectures in the auditorium of a scientific research institute that was an affiliate of a ministry of the Chinese government. Because it was his first time teaching Falun Gong in Wuhan, to let more people know about it, Teacher brought three disciples from Beijing and spent three days treating diseases for patients. During these three days, more and more patients came day after day. On the third day in particular they came in an endless stream. Many people were not willing to leave until nightfall. People with various illnesses, especially those with difficult and incurable diseases, came from everywhere. After Teacher's treatment they were all miraculously healed. A lot of people came to realize the mystery of Falun Gong and Teacher's great mercy through these events.

This true story impresses me very much:

An elderly lady was brought to the auditorium by her spouse and daughter-in-law. She had been paralyzed for five to six years and could not take care of herself. They held her up to Teacher. She leaned against a chair because she could not stand steadily. Teacher just looked at her without moving his hands. A while later, Teacher asked her to stand straight. At first she was afraid, but then Teacher encouraged her not to be afraid, so she quickly straightened her body. Then he asked her to step forward. She was a bit hesitant, but finally took a step with everyone's encouragement. After that she walked forward with confidence. Afterwards, she was asked to walk up the stairs, but did not dare to take a step. Teacher told her, "Go up! No problem!" Then she really walked up the stairs. Later she walked home on her own. After a while I walked out of the auditorium and saw her walking around by herself, so I asked her why she did not go home to get some rest. She replied, "I don't know why, I just want to walk. After I went home, I still felt like I wanted to go for a walk. So I walked back and forth at home and then ended up walking back here. I have not walked like this for several years. I am extremely happy!"

There is another incident that I will never forget:

This particular lecture series was ten days long. Teacher spent over an hour and a half to explain the Fa every day and then taught us the exercises.

One day after the class started, a man in his 40's wanted to come in without an attendance card, but the staff member held him back and explained that he had to have the card to enter the auditorium. He would not listen to him but instead started to make a scene saying, "I came here to challenge him (Teacher). My master is over 100 years old, but he [Teacher Li] is so young!" He also said many unpleasant words. Later that day Teacher found out and allowed him to come in. After listening to Teacher's lecture, he walked away very quietly. He found the staff member and said, "I won't make trouble again. He is the genuine master!"

Every time I recall the happy days when I had the good fortunate to listen to Teacher's lecture, I always feel deep respect and appreciation toward Teacher. With every single miracle that I personally experienced, I realized Teacher's great and compassionate salvation, and through them my faith in Teacher and Falun Dafa became firmer.

A Miraculous Personal Experience of Master Teaching Falun Dafa in Wuhan City

By a practitioner in Wuhan

I had been suffering from several diseases. I had gone through several surgeries and the pain I suffered is difficult to describe. I had practiced several kinds of qigong after the hospital could not cure my diseases; however, I still did not see much improvement.

In March of 1993 Falun Gong was spread to Wuhan City. I was lucky to be able to purchase a ticket from the city qigong association to attend the Falun Gong Seminar. The ticket I bought was for a ten-day session, and the price was 50 Yuan for a first time attendant and 25 Yuan for the second or more attendance. Usually, any half-day seminar from other qigong master would cost 100 Yuan. I got so interested in Master's profound great law after listening to the first class at the city hall auditorium that I completely forgot about my "diseases." What I had been seeking for hundreds of thousands years was this great law! The miraculous thing was that I did not see Master curing my diseases for me, but all the diseases that had made it difficult for me to survive had suddenly disappeared. It was like a chain that had been tying me up closely was suddenly removed. While I was going home on a bicycle after that day's class, it was as if someone was pushing me forward. When I looked back, nobody was behind me. I remembered that Master said his law body would protect us, and it is indeed true.

The joy of my body feeling light and disease-free prompted me to take the initiative to pass on the wonder of Falun Dafa to more people with predestined relationships.

A remarkable thing happened during the classes. We all felt Falun Dafa is so great, so I asked a practitioner who went to the class with me to go with me to buy a new tape recorder and tapes for recording the ten days' classes. We wanted to tape Master's teaching of the Fa. During the second day's class we pressed the record button. Then, we heard Master saying, "As I do not want you to do tape recordings, your tape recording will not work." Master did not show any gestures to stop us from recording the lecture. He continued his Fa lecture. Our enlightenment qualities were poor at the time, so we still kept busy with our recording. When we got home and took out the tape, we found the tape had been torn into many pieces. All practitioners on the scene were shocked.

Later on, when Master was guest of a radio talk show on Changjiang Economy Radio Station and he answered the listeners' questions, we asked Master if we could tape the show. Master smiled and said, "yes," so we made our recording.

There was an acquaintance who had a serious illness and was bed-ridden. When her family members went to work, they turned on the radio to let her listen. It just happened to be the time when Master was listening to another patient's question on the radio. Master asked this patient to support his body with his hands on a table and relax the whole body. Following Master's instruction, this acquaintance put her hands on a bedside cupboard and relaxed whole body as well. She could get out of bed right away and take care of herself. When her family members got home they were all very happy. Many of her family members later on started cultivating in Falun Dafa.

August 30, 2004

A Wuhan City Falun Dafa Practitioner Recalls Miraculous Stories When Teacher Gave Falun Dafa Lectures

1. In March of 1993, Teacher held his second session of Falun Dafa classes in Wuhan City. I felt that Falun Dafa was so grand that I called many friends and told them to come to listen the lectures. They had already missed the first four lectures. Teacher told the students that they would not miss anything. A veteran from the military had been infected with blood flukes and damaged his liver during therapy. As a result he suffered from ascites and cirrhosis of the liver. After several classes, his legs that had been seriously swollen, began to recover. Since then, he has been healthy.

2. In September 1993, Teacher held three successive sessions of Falun Gong seminars in Wuhan. One day a person who claimed to have cultivated to a high level said to me, "Whenever qigong teachers come to Wuhan to hold classes, I can use my supernormal abilities to remove the words on their banners. The only exception is the ten-day-class of your Teacher; the words on the banner cannot be removed at all." He also said, "This master's realm is extremely high."

3. In 1994, Teacher held a class in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Because it was very hot, a fellow practitioner passed me a fan. As soon as I shook the fan I heard Teacher say, "All of you, please put down your fans." I put down my fan, and right away I felt a slow, cool wind blow across us.

4. In December 1994, Teacher held the last class taught in Mainland China in Guangzhou City. Many people from all over the country went there. Many of them did not have tickets and had to wait outside. Teacher did not want to leave students who had come from far away outside of the hall. So at the beginning of each class Teacher said, "It is the same for the students outside of the hall; you will not miss anything!" Later, at Teacher's request, the sponsors agreed to add another conference room to broadcast Teacher's lecture live on television.

5. Ronglian's husband had a severe heart disease and could not lie down at night. After hearing about the miraculous effect of Falun Dafa, she tried her best to obtain two precious tickets and they attended the last Fa lecture held in Guangzhou City. After coming back from the class, her husband's heart disease was gone and the hair she had lost from illness had grown back.

6. When Teacher held classes at Jinan City and Guangzhou City, some of the students did not have umbrellas. Whenever we needed to go to class, the rain would stop and when we arrived at the lecture hall, the rain would start again. When the class was done and we left to go home, no matter how far away we lived, we were not soaked by the rain. It would start to rain again when we arrived home. There was only one exception to this. Once, after the lecture was over and we went shopping, the rain started right away.

Master Gave Me a Second Life

By A Practitioner from Guangzhou City

Between July 19 and 25th, 1994, Master came again to Guangzhou City to hold the fourth session of Falun Gong Classes in Guangzhou.

I was fortunate to attend Master's lectures. Master looked very young, tall and handsome. One practitioner whose Third Eye was already open said that there was a light ring above Master's head, which was emitting light. While Master gave the lectures, he gave the demonstrations. He sometimes also cured illnesses for the practitioners. Whenever I recall Master's treating illnesses for the practitioners, I cannot help becoming very moved with tears of joy, thanking Master for his giving me a second life.

I had had many illnesses since childhood. My liver and heart diseases were particularly serious. Not long before I attained the Fa, my diseases became so serious that I felt my liver was painful and swollen and I experienced frequent chest pain.

I remember that on July 21, 2001, when that day's lecture was about to finish, Master said by the podium, "Practitioners, please pay attention! Today I will treat your heart diseases. Sit on your seats and do not move. Think of nothing!" Immediately the several thousand practitioners in the Logistics Department Auditorium of the Guangzhou Military District became very quiet. In just a second, Master said it was done. At that very moment I no longer feel any pain in my heart area; there was not even a bit of pain in both the front and the back of my chest and I did not feel palpitations anymore. My happiness was beyond description. The doctors had said that I could, at most, live for eight more years and that I need to take medicine my whole life; however, this illness disappeared that very moment.

After several days Master said again during his lecture, "Those with liver diseases please pay attention. Today I will treat liver diseases for you." At that very moment when the practitioners became quiet Master said, "It is done." My liver disease that had made me suffer for over ten years was gone. Only then did I really know what a person would feel like when he or she has no illnesses. Since that day to the present, eight years has passed. I have not resorted to medicine to sustain my life, and I have been leading a healthy and happy life since then. How could this not be a miracle?

There is an ancient saying, "He, being one's master for one day, is one's father for the lifetime." While I was detained in a brainwashing center, those who attempted to brainwash me asked me why I am determined in practicing Falun Gong. I told them my experiences. After that I also added a sentence, "This is what I had personally experienced." They then had no more to say. No matter how Jiang's gang has tried to frame and slander Falun Dafa, my faith cannot be changed since even my life was given by Master and Falun Dafa. Here I want to tell all those who have an opportunity to know Falun Dafa, it is for the salvation of people.

Witnessing Teacher Purifying a Practitioner's Body

By a Practitioner from Dalian City

On March 27, 1994, Teacher came to Dalian City in Liaoning Province for the first time, to give lectures on the Fa. We saw a woman in her fifties in front of the lecture hall. She had difficulty walking by herself, so her husband carried her on his back into the hall. She sat on a deck chair that they brought to the front row, which drew the attention of many practitioners.

From talking with her we found that she was in the field of scientific research. She had had a major cervical vertebra surgery in 1991 and wasn't able to return to work until two years later. Soon after she returned to work she caught a cold on a business trip and became seriously ill. She tried various methods but could not cure her illnesses. Later, a practitioner who had attended Teacher's lectures introduced Falun Gong to her and recommended that she read the book China Falun Gong. That practitioner also told her that Teacher would soon come to Dalian to give Fa lectures. She read the book and came to understand Falun Gong, so she bought tickets and came to attend Master's classes.

Before the lecture began, Teacher saw her. Teacher asked some practitioners who were helping with the classes and some staff members from the Dalian Qigong Association to persuade her to return the tickets and leave. Her husband went to talk to Teacher. Teacher told her husband that he would not treat anyone's illnesses. Her husband said, "We are not here to have illnesses healed. We read your book and listened to the audiotapes of your lectures two weeks ago. We are here to cultivate." Teacher said, "This practitioner has some good enlightenment quality." Then Teacher went to meet the woman.

She stood up when Teacher came to her. Teacher asked her to sit down and patted her neck twice and her head twice. Then Teacher purified her shoulder. After that, Teacher asked her to walk. When she walked to the center of the hall, Teacher asked her to stop. Then Teacher purified her legs. After that, Teacher said, "Okay. Try walking again."

She walked back and forth. Many practitioners stood up and clapped for her.

After the lecture she felt her legs were very light. She walked out of the hall by herself and went home on a bus. Later, not only could she walk by herself, but she could also go up and down stairs by herself. She no longer needed others to carry her. It was a miracle! Teacher purified this genuine cultivator's body.

From attending the lectures and through her own experience, she came to realize that Falun Dafa is truly magnificent and supernormal. She decided to diligently and firmly cultivate in Falun Dafa. To thank Teacher for saving her, they made a beautiful banner that read, "Falun Gong is a Scientific Gem." They presented the banner to Teacher when the lectures concluded.

Recollecting Miraculous Stories From Master's Lectures in Wuhan and Guangzhou

By A Practitioner from Wuhan City

On March 25, 1993, I went to the lecture Master was presenting. When I was on the bus my purse was stolen and the lecture ticket was also stolen with it. So when I arrived at the lecture hall I could not go in because I didn't have a ticket. I was really anxious and waited there until most people had entered the hall. Just before the host started to speak, I suddenly had a vision in my brain of the seat number on the ticket which should have been "row 10, seat 9." So I told the door keeper and she confirmed that "row 10, seat 9" was indeed empty, so they let me in.

I believe this was the same as what Master had said about it all depending on predestined relationships - in that if I should attend, they would let me in.

One day in 1994, I felt very uncomfortable and didn't eat food for two days. And my stomach was in so much pain that I lie doubled-over in bed . My spouse noticed and asked me the place that I felt pain. He said that was an appendicitis, and he had surgery for this before. I disagreed with what he said, "I have cultivated for over a year, where has the appendicitis come from?" Master said,

"As true practitioners, we should look at issues from a very high level instead of from the perspective of everyday people. Should you believe that you are ill, this may really cause you to become ill." (Zhuan Falun)

"We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun)

After my thought became righteous, the pain stopped instantly and I started to feel hunger and wanted to eat food.

On March 25, 1993, before I went to the lecture I took some Chinese medicine to cure an ailment. After listening to Master's lecture I really felt healthy enough to be able to throw the medicine away. I've been so healthy since that I've never needed to take any medicine. I used to have illnesses that spanned over 20 years, including a prominent lumbar vertebra, chronic colitis, heart disease, low blood platelets, a tumor in the uterus, constipation and other illness. My employer had to pay hundreds of yuan for my medical expenses every month. I hope whoever listens to my story will realize that Falun Dafa is truly wonderful!

In April 1994 I heard that one of my colleagues got leukemia and was hospitalized. I went to see her. Her skin was covered with yellow spots. The doctor said her blood was also a yellowish color and they wanted to draw it out, purify it with chemicals and then transfuse it back into the body. Each process costs 10,000 Yuan. But whenever she went home after the operation, the illness would come back, so she had to stay in the hospital. I told her my story and she expressed interest and wanted to learn the Falun Gong exercises. Within a few days she was able to leave the hospital and requested me to teach her the exercises. After learning the exercises and studying the Fa, she recovered gradually and her skin color returned to normal.

I invited her to attend Mater's lecture in Guangzhou City in the end of 1994. Before we left for Guangzhou, her husband learned of our plan and also wanted to go with us. He said, "If Falun Gong can cure my wife's illness, then Teacher must be very great. How can I be left out when Teacher was to give a lecture in Guangzhou?" At that time I only had one ticket for his wife. I didn't have a spare ticket for him. He said, "Even if I can't go in to attend the lecture, it would be my honor if I could simply see Teacher." So he insisted on going with us.

On the train heading to Guangzhou City, we saw Master's law body and also saw heavenly soldiers and generals protecting us. Our trip to Guangzhou went smoothly. When we went to Master's lecture, my colleague then saw a big Falun covering the sky in another dimension. Within the cover, it was quiet and in a good order. But outside of the cover, it was chaotic, with crowds of people from different dynasties. After we arrived in Guangzhou my colleague and I went in to listen to the lecture. Her husband, along with over 500 other people who didn't have tickets, sat outside the sport hall to listen to Teacher's lecture, which was broadcast via loudspeakers. On the second day a practitioner had to take care of an emergency and needed to return the ticket, so my colleague's husband got the ticket and went in.

It was interesting, during the eight days in Guangzhou, it was raining every day, but it would stop when we were on the way to the lectures and going back to the place we lived. But it would rain again as soon as we stepped into the lecture hall or home.

During the lecture Teacher asked us to think about the part of our body that we felt uncomfortable with. If we were fine, we could then think about our relatives who felt uncomfortable with any part of their bodies. My colleague's husband thought about his daughter who was a teacher. Her vocal cords were damaged two years ago and she could not speak. No medical care could cure her problem. On that day during the lecture, he thought about the uncomfortable state in his daughter's body.

After he returned home, his daughter told him, "The third day after you and mom went to Guangzhou (the day when Teacher cleansed practitioners' or their relatives' bodies), I regained my voice and can speak again."

Staying in the same hotel with us was a young college student who wore glasses. He said that when he heard Teacher say, "Have you ever seen a Buddha or a Dao sitting there with a cigarette dangling from his mouth?" (Zhuan Falun) he thought that no Buddha or Dao would wear glasses. On his way to the hotel he heard a cracking sound that seemed to come from his glasses. He ignored it and by the time he got back to the hotel, he found the glasses were broken. At that moment he realized he should not wear glasses anymore, so he removed his glasses. Gradually he was able to see more and more clearly without them.

Falun Gong Practitioners in Guiyang City Recall the Precious Times When Teacher Lectured in China  

There are many moving stories from Teacher's four trips to Guiyang City to teach the Fa. Many people there were fortunate enough to listen to Teacher lecture in person. In the last five years, no matter how vicious the surroundings and how complex the situation - practitioners' determination to practice cultivation and follow Teacher is as solid as a rock. In order to validate the Fa, express gratitude to Teacher and encourage fellow practitioners, a few practitioners would like to share their personal experiences.

Xiao Wang attended Teacher's first class in Guiyang. During the 2nd and the 3rd day, while he was doing the second exercise, his wife (not yet a practitioner at the time) saw and felt a large light wheel spinning in her forehead and the top of her head. She felt that she was having a headache and it was painful. Xiao Wang asked Teacher what was happening to his wife and Teacher replied that it was good and asked him not to pay attention to it. The couple realized later that Teacher was adjusting her body. She had not attended the class yet at that time. However, Teacher already treated her as a practitioner.

When Teacher was correcting Xiao Wang's exercises, Xiao Wang felt like he was filled with electricity, and the energy flow was very strong. While holding the wheel at the sides, he strongly felt that the Falun was spinning at his palm with a strong force. There was a powerful cylindrical-shaped energy going through his ears and reached the other palm. The energy went through the ears again and came back to the original palm. It lasted 4~5 minutes. When listening to Teacher's instructions, Xiao Wang felt that the top of his head was opening and closing like the mouth of a fish. It happened many times.

Mr. He is in his 70's now. He had already retired for health reasons before he went to Teacher's class. He was well known for his poor health and had to stay in a hospital extensively every year. In addition, he had to have injections every week and took medicine every day. He had multiple diseases such as sciatica, coronary occlusion and work related spinal injuries and others. He fell into a coma every time his spinal injury pain became severe. He visited many well-known physicians in the Guiyang area and found no cure. Before attending Teacher's first class, Mr. He listened to Teacher's speech in the cinema at the Chunlei Square, and his sciatica was gone that day. Later on, Mr. He attended Teacher's first class. For the last 11 years, Mr. He never had to take any medicine and never spent a penny of his work unit's medical expenses for medical care.

Ms. Zhou, Mr. He's wife, was also troubled by various diseases. She had anaemia, thrombocytopathy, gastric bleeding, bronchiectasis, serious neurasthenia, and ice-cold and numb lower limbs. She depended on hot-water bottles to keep her warm all year long. In order to cure these diseases she attended various qigong classes and even went to Beijing to learn qigong. She spent most of her income on medicine and for learning qigong, but none worked. In the first day of listening to Teacher's class, she felt that her entire body was light, and her pale palms even became pink. She immediately realized that Falun Gong was not an ordinary qigong, and also felt Teacher's benevolence and kindness, since there was no qigong teacher who corrected a student's posture like Teacher did. Since then Ms. Zhou began to practice Falun Gong seriously and all the diseases were gone.

Ms. Huang is in her 60's, and had had headaches since childhood. It troubled her for many years. In the last three days of Teacher's 3rd class, she felt dizzy when Teacher just finished talking about curing diseases. Nevertheless, she was conscious. Her head shook to both sides three times, and her headache was gone and never came back! Not long after finishing the class, she was burned twice. The first time she had hot vegetable oil spilled on her arm and hand, and the second time she had boiling water poured onto her right foot. In both cases she didn't feel any pain and there was no swelling, no blister, and no scar; just like nothing happened. Ms. Huang knew it was Teacher who was protecting her.

In the 3rd class of Guiyang City, a paralyzed student from the Guiyang Art School was carried into the class. After Teacher adjusted his body, he could walk the same day, walked out of the auditorium and went back home on his own.

A female student from Guiyang, Xiaohe, cried a lot while sharing her experiences after the 1st class. She thanked Teacher for saving her family. For over a year she had a very tense relationship with her husband. Neither her husband nor she wanted to compromise and the conflict was escalating. They were on the verge of a divorce. After listening to Teacher's class for three days, she went back home to reconcile with her husband. Their relationship was saved, and the glacier between the couple melted.

There was another moving story making the rounds in Guiyang. A practitioner from Beijing Street was luckily sitting next to Teacher when having dinner. He noticed that Teacher would pick up the rice that had fallen onto the table and ate it, and was wondering why such a famous qigong Teacher was so frugal. After learning the Fa repeatedly, he realized that it was the manifestation of Teacher's boundless benevolence. Teacher told his students during the lecture that all matter has life in other dimensions. The student regretted being ignorant and misunderstanding Teacher.

My Recollection of Teacher Purifying Practitioners' Bodies during a Live Interview on a Tianjin Radio Station

By Liu Yi, from Wellington, New Zealand

In March of 1994, Teacher held the second Falun Dafa lecture in Tianjin. One morning the Tianjin Radio Station invited him for a live interview. I still remember the details.

Teacher answered a call-in from the audience. The caller sounded like a middle-aged man. He said that he had a certain disease that had not been cured after having been treated in many hospitals. The disease caused him much pain. He asked whether Teacher could cure his disease. Teacher told him about the true nature and cause of diseases, told him if he wanted to practice Falun Gong, he must put down his illness.

After listening to Teacher he asked, "Teacher Li, can you purify my body?" Teacher asked, "Is it very painful now?" He replied, "Yes. It is very painful."

Teacher said, "OK, all of you in the audience listening, if you have an illness, do what I tell you. Stand up and relax. Concentrate your thoughts in the part of your body where you have the illness. Relax, and relax more..."

About five to six seconds later, Teacher said, "OK, move around a little bit." Then he asked, "Do you feel better?"

That man said, "Yes. I do not feel the pain anymore. Thank you so much! I am bowing towards the direction of the radio station."

Teacher laughed and said, "Please don't do that." At the time, we heard that the man was crying and said, "I cannot express my gratitude in words. It has been so painful for so many years. Thank you." Teacher said, "You are welcome."

Every time I recall this incident, I always wonder what kind of predestined relationship this man had that allowed him to receive such a treatment. I wonder where this person is now. His experience will be solid evidence of the greatness of Falun Dafa.

Attaining the Fa Through Predestined Relationship; Ten Years Passed in the Blink of an Eye

-- Remembering the Details of Two Seminars by Master

By Xu Dong from Canada

It has been eleven years since 1993--the first time I saw the words "Falun Gong." I'd like to share some of my most treasured memories.

In 1993 I was attending college in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. I read an article in a magazine introducing Falun Gong. I was immediately attracted by it. I didn't know why, but I felt an indescribable sense of joy and excitement. In August I finally found the practice site in the Hankou District, Wuhan City. Thinking back, when I received the first copy of Falun Gong from the practice site's volunteer assistant, I did not truly know what I was really obtaining.

Attending Master's Seminar for the First Time

About a month later, on September 25, 1993, I attended Master's lecture held at an auditorium in Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics.

It was an eight-day lecture and was my first time seeing Master. My impression was that Master was very kind and dressed very simply. He was wearing a short sleeve white shirt and long slacks. Master lectured continuously on the stage. I still remember my feeling when listening to the Fa. Master talked about many things that I had never heard of before. I understood some, but not all of it, and believed some but not all of it. Nevertheless, in my mind I did have one thought: Falun Gong is great and I will cultivate diligently. Every day after lecturing on the Fa, Master taught or reviewed the five sets of exercises. He also went off the stage to personally correct the practitioners' movements.

I remember that in one lecture, Master wanted to let everyone experience the spinning of the Falun. He asked us to put our palms in front of our chests and then I saw Master waving his hand on the stage towards us. I felt something rotating at the center of my palm. The feeling was really wonderful.

The process of purifying the body was not very intense for me. Maybe it was because my body did not have too many problems. But during the second half of the eight-day seminar, I had severe interference from thought karma (of course I found out afterward what it was). Doubts about Dafa and Master constantly arose in my mind. It was as if they could not be suppressed, no matter what I did; however, they disappeared as soon as I entered the auditorium.

On the last day of the seminar on October 2, I saw Master do the large hand signs, and I had an indescribable and wonderful feeling. We all wrote down our experience from the seminar and handed them to Master.

In the afternoon on October 3, Master wanted to come by and take pictures with all the practitioners attending the seminar. We divided up by practice sites outside the auditorium to take pictures with Master. I have kept this precious picture by my side all this time.

Attending Master's Seminar in Jinan City, Shandong Province

I was fortunate enough to attend Master's lecture one more time in June 1994 in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Two other practitioners and I from my practice site took the train from Wuhan to Jinan. We started the trip a bit late but on the train we met many other Wuhan practitioners. When we were together we felt warm and at ease. We were constantly sharing experiences. When there were no seats we stood up and talked; when there were seats we let the elderly and children sit. Finally we arrived at Jinan on the day the seminar started. We did a count and found more than 100 practitioners were on that train. However, we didn't yet have tickets for the seminar. When we were worrying about it, a practitioner who was in charge of selling the tickets told us that over 100 tickets were reserved. I am still not clear how they knew there were more than 100 students rushing from Wuhan and who told them about it.

The classes I attended were the second session of Falun Gong classes in Jinan. It was held in a sports hall that could hold a few thousand people. We can still see the scenes from that time in the published videotapes of the Jinan lectures.

Being able to attend the classes and listen to Master's lecturing on the Fa, I felt warm and knew it was precious. During the classes I experienced my body being cleansed one more time. This time I felt it. I had symptoms of fever and the common cold, but I was fine after the classes were complete. There was a small episode during the seminar that I can still remember clearly.

While lecturing, Master asked the practitioners who used fans to stop fanning. Jinan's weather was hot and there were a few thousand practitioners sitting there. It was really a bit stuffy inside the sports hall and it was quite hot, so a few people were using fans. After Master finished asking people to stop using the fans, a cool breeze blew over us and it was very comfortable. The sports hall had so many people, and all the doors and windows were basically closed. I wondered where the cool breeze came from.

By now I have walked my path of cultivation for eleven years. During this time I have taken many detours, but I always felt that Master had never given up on me and always guided me and watched over me. On the path of cultivation, even though I have been tripping and stumbling, please rest assured, Master, that I will walk every final step well and will not let you down.

Translated on October 5, 2004 from