(Clearwisdom.net) One early morning in March 2003, a group of people from the local police department, the police station, the village government and the security department suddenly broke into my home. Without showing any warrant, they turned my home upside down. They took away Teacher's lecture cassettes, my Falun Dafa exercise music tapes, and my cassette player. I thought to myself, "No, I can't let them do this. I am a Dafa disciple and I should safeguard Teacher and Dafa. Dafa has given me a second life and I can't let them take away Teacher's lecture cassettes." My family members and I then blocked the door and would not let the police out. During this entire event, I also asked Teacher to strengthen my righteous thoughts. The standoff between the police and us lasted for over an hour. In the end the police returned the exercise music tapes, the cassette player, and most of Teacher's lecture cassettes. But in order to report to their superiors and get credit, they insisted on taking two of the lecture cassettes, telling us to go to the police station to get them back later.

My neighbor kindly advised me not to go to the police station. I thought that I was doing the most sacred and righteous thing. What was there to be afraid of? So my son and I went to the police station to claim the cassettes. On our way there, we kept clarifying the truth to people we met.

At the police station, I clarified the truth to everyone. In the end, the director said, "You can go to the police department to claim your cassettes." I realized that it was time for me to clarify the truth to people in the police department, so I went on to the police department.

After arriving at the police department, I first clarified the truth to the janitor. Then I went in to talk to people one by one. I shared with them how I have benefited from Falun Dafa, and I advised them not to persecute Falun Dafa. I told them that Falun Dafa is wonderful. Some of them could not understand and said many bad things. Some even threatened to arrest me. I was not scared at all. I kept advising them to treat Falun Dafa and its practitioners kindly. Some of them came to understand what I was saying and even brought some water for me to drink. I went to the police department over a dozen times. Each time I would take every opportunity to clarify the truth. In the end, I finally got my cassettes back.