1. Clamping muscles with pliers

Guards incite criminal inmates to clamp Falun Gong practitioners' muscles with steel pliers. The area that is clamped turns black and blue, and the pain is severe.

Clamping muscles with pliers

2. Stepping on the arms

The guards order criminal inmates to put a wooden board underneath each arm of the Falun Gong practitioner, and an inmate stands on each of the practitioner's arms.

Stepping on the arms

3. Torture chair

Guards in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp frequently shackle Falun Gong practitioners to the "torture chair" to abuse them. Many practitioners have been shackled to the chair for two weeks at a time. As a result, their buttocks fester, and their legs and feet swell and become numb. At the same time, the guards incite criminal inmates to violently beat practitioners, shock them with electric batons, whip them with leather belts, and pour cold water on their bodies. Practitioners are shackled on the chair for a long period of time, and they are not allowed to use the toilet. As a result, practitioners are forced to relieve themselves in their pants. In the winter, the torture chair is piercingly cold. Falun Gong practitioners' buttocks and private parts feel frozen and extremely painful, as if they were cut by knife. Some are nearly disabled. Their legs are immobilized by the horizontal bar and hoop on the steel chair, and they are unable to move. Victims soon feel pain all over their bodies, especially in the back.

Torture chair