(Clearwisdom.net) The wool sweater on the stuffed puppy toy in the photo is a product of the No. 8 Group of Hewan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan City, where detained Falun Dafa practitioners and other inmates are forced to work. Each person is forced to knit several sweaters a day, and some inmates are forced to knit eight to ten sweaters per day.

The decorative flowers on the clothes shown are also products from the group. Each person is forced to make dozens of them each day, and are paid only a few cents in Chinese currency for each flower they make. The practitioners and inmates are also forced to make various kinds of decorative flowers for wedding dresses. Each person is forced to make many of them each day. The work is very tedious and hard on the eyes. The slave laborers are not paid fixed salaries, and they have to buy their food in the labor camp. They are also forced to work extra hours sometimes. The forced labor camp extends the detainment terms of people who cannot meet their daily quota.