(Clearwisdom.net) One night, I went to Beijing's Railway Station to deliver informational materials about Falun Dafa to a person from out of town. I was late for some reason. When I got there, the train was to leave in half an hour, so I went in the waiting room to look for him.

Suddenly a group of policemen came in and sealed all the exits quickly. They did not allow anyone to get in or out and checked everyone's identification. I did not bring my ID and had a bag of Falun Gong materials on my back. At that time, I only had one thought: "I should not obey them." I stared at the eyes of one policeman who was guarding an exit and sent forth righteous thoughts. Then I walked to that exit. The policeman did not acknowledge me as I passed by him. After I went out over 10 meters, the policeman suddenly realized it and came out to chase after me. So I turned around and looked at his eyes and sent forth righteous thoughts the second time: "Let him stand right there and not come over!" He saw I was looking at him. (I have been looking perpetrators in the eye all the time. I walked out of the labor camp just like that.) He immediately tried to avoid my eyesight, seemingly afraid of looking me in the eye. He turned around but did not leave. I then stood there calmly and focused my thoughts; I wanted to set a big shield over Beijing's Railway Station and eliminate the evil field and all the evil beings in other dimensions that came here to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. I felt a big shield forming above my head and covering the whole area. During that period of time, I was very clear-minded and I felt my divine side becoming very energized.

I think this phenomenon was related to the fact that I usually pay attention to cleaning out my incorrect notions and having a strong main consciousness. I went to the ticket return department and called my friend. The policeman also followed me. He sat on a bench by me and squinted at me. At that time, I turned around and looked straight into his eyes, and sent forth righteous thoughts for the third time. I recited the formula twice. He then immediately turned around and avoided looking at me. I thought that I should leave the place very soon, so I walked out quickly. When I turned around, I found that the policeman did not follow. But now there were only 20 minutes before the train was to leave. I had a thought that maybe I would not be able to find my friend and that I should leave this dangerous place first. But on second thought, no! Because those materials were very important, I decided that I must see him and give them to him. Then I called him and asked for us to meet at another place. Finally I was able to give him the material.

Through this experience, I have a better understanding of how precious Falun Dafa practitioners are to all beings during this historical period of Fa-rectification and the importance of saving people. If more practitioners clarify the truth in society, more people can be saved. We should not allow the evil to persecute Dafa and practitioners with any excuse. We must truly reject all the arrangements by the old forces from our hearts. Meanwhile, the experience made me clearly realize that we should hold ourselves to strict standards. It is very important for us to send forth righteous thoughts to clear away anything that is not correct both inside and in the environment around us. We should always maintain the standard of Falun Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period.

November 13, 2004