(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Meng Yuhua from Shenyang City, Kangping County, in Liaoning Province was sentenced to a prison term in 2002. Her son, Zhang Yuxin, who has lost his father as well, is now living with his grandparents. Their lives are extremely difficult because the only income they receive is 300 yuan from his grandmother's pension.

This year (2004), before the Mid Autumn Festival, the Liaoning Province Prison for Women refused to allow the family to visit Meng Yuhua.

Because Meng Yuhua was reported for hanging Falun Gong banners, she was detained by police officers of the Dadong Section in Shenyang City in 2001. While Meng Yuhua was being held in the detention center, her husband suffered deep depression and died in a car accident. Meng Yuhua initiated a hunger strike to protest the persecution of practitioners during the Chinese New year in February 2002. Because of her righteous thoughts and righteous actions the authorities released her shortly thereafter. However, she was again arrested and detained by the 610 Office of Kangping County, in collusion with the 610 Office of Shenyang City, for allegedly downloading and printing truth-clarifying materials for distribution. The Shenyang City Court in Dadong Borough sentenced her to 13 years in prison. She is currently detained in Unit Six, in the Ninth Ward of the Liaoning Province Prison for Women.

Meng Yuhua's son Zhang Yuxin is an elementary school student and lives with his grandparents. His family has yet to tell him about the death of his father. To avoid causing him even more emotional trauma, they told him that his father left the country. The second time Meng Yuhua was arrested, her father was overcome with grief and suffered a stroke, which paralyzed him. The remaining family members live on the meager sum of three hundred yuan a month that they receive from the grandmother's pension. Life is extremely difficult for them and they can barely afford to pay for necessities.

Meng Yuhua is a doctor and those who know her have praised her for her compassion. She has maintained a very harmonious relationship with her mother-in-law. All of her close relatives hope and pray that they will see her again.

Relevant phone numbers from the Shenyang Women's Prison:

Warden Wang Bin: 86-24-89296501
Political Commissioner Fu Chenyi: 86-24-89296502
Prison Guard Han TianBao: 86-24-89296503
Prison Guard Ai Liman: 86-24-89296504
Prison Guard Su Hui: 86-24-89296505
Prison Guard Meng Fanwu: 86-24-89296506
Prison Guard Liu Guojing: 86-24-89296507
Prison Guard Liu Xue Fei: 86-24-89296508
Prison Guard Xie Hua: 86-24-89296509
Prison Guard Qu Qiang: 86-24-89296510
Prison Guard Zun Tiehua: 86-24-89296511
Prison Guard Pei Xincai: 86-24-89296512
Prison Guard Yang Gongli: 86-24-89296513
Prison Guard Fang Shuxia: 86-24-89296458
Prison Guard Jiang Nan: 86-24-89296515
Prison Guard He Ping: 86-24-89296516
Prison Guard Liu Chuanliang: 86-24-89296517
Prison Guard Zheng Weibao: 86-24-89296518
Prison Guard Liu Lijun: 86-24-89296519
Office Director: 86-24-89296585

Other relevant phone numbers:
Communist Party Secretary: 86-24-89296520
Supervisor Office: 86-24-89296530
Prison Police Department Head: 86-24-89296686
Education Office Chief: 86-24-89296833
Penalty Carry Out Branch: 86-24-89296839
Reception: 86-24-89296693, 86-24-89296697
Hospital: 86-24-89296857, 86-24-89296859
Hospital Instructor: 86-24-89296861
Jian Jin Section office: 86-24-89296892, 86-24-89296893,
Number 9 Military Unit and Number 6 Small Unit telephone: 86-24-89296895
Supervisor, District Magistrate: 86-24-89296896
Liaoning Province women prison camp Mailing address
Shenyang City Yu Hong Section Pinglao County. Postal Code: 110147

October 18, 2004