(Clearwisdom.net) Authorities at Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province, closely followed Jiang's regime to try to brainwash illegally detained practitioners. They also brutally tortured determined practitioners.

Division 1 head Shi Chunfeng is very vicious. In 2002, Huang Yuedong was among the practitioners who were tortured the most in Division 1. To transform Huang Yuedong, Shi Chunfeng led several policemen and others to tie Huang Yuedong onto a bed. They then used the "small white dragon" (a white plastic tube about one inch in diameter and about 8 inches long) to drill into Huang Yuedong's armpits and on the inner sides of his thighs. Four fist-sized holes were dug out and a rib was fractured. They also twisted the plastic tube until they had made two holes in his chest. Each hole was about an inch in diameter. They then put salt in the holes and brushed them with a toothbrush. They also inserted electric batons into the holes and shocked him. This torture was extremely cruel.

Practitioner re-enacts the torture.

Because the holes in his armpits were so big and complicated with infection, they did not heal. When the labor camp clinic could no longer handle it, Doctor Liang took Huang Yuedong to Jiutai Hospital. When the hospital doctor and nurse asked what had happened, Liang lied to cover up the labor camp's crimes, saying it was due to a car accident. Huang Yuedong immediately told the doctor, "No, it was not caused by a car accident. I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and they tortured me like this." Both the doctor and nurse were shocked. How could anyone be so cruel! If they had not seen this with their own eyes, they would not have believed it.

Tools the police used to commit their crimes: "small white dragon" (white plastic tube about one inch in diameter and about 8 inches long).

Guards ordered inmates to place burning cigarettes between practitioner's toes on both feet. Then they turned on a fan.

For practitioners who do not "transform," this labor camp also illegally extends detention terms or sends them to brainwashing centers for more persecution.

The responsible units and individuals:

Jiutai Labor Camp: 86-431-2511058
Inspection Office: 86-431-2511261
Office of Managers: 86-431-2511834
Office of Director Guo Junpeng: 86-431-2511197
Zheng Hailing, Managing Office head: 86-13331651669(Cell)
Wang Chunshi, clinic supervisor: 86-13844002938(Cell)

November 4, 2004