(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Xiufen was a foreign language instructor at the Zuojia Town Agricultural Reclamation Foreign Language Institute in the city of Jilin. Because she distributed truth clarification materials, she was unlawfully arrested by the Jiutai City Police Department in 2001. After ten days of torture, she passed away. Below is a statement by her father Wang Zhi.

(Refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/19/17911.html for a previous report about Wang Xiufen's death)

My daughter Wang Xiufen, 37, was a foreign language instructor at the Zuojia Town Agricultural Reclamation Foreign Language Institute in the city of Jilin. Xiufen first attained the Fa in 1998. After July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, she went to the Jilin Provincial Government located in Jilin City to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. She was then unlawfully detained in the Daguang Detention Center at the city of Changchun, and was released twenty days later. Later she went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested in Beijing and transferred back to the Jilin City Detention Center. Several months later, she was transferred to a brainwashing center. After Xiufen was released from the brainwashing center, she again went to Beijing to appeal, and was again arrested and sent back to the detention center in the city of Jilin. After six months of unlawful detainment, she was transferred to the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City, where she experienced a tremendous amount of torture. On the eve of the Chinese New Year in 2000, because she meditated, she was shocked simultaneously with multiple electric batons by policemen. At the end of the first lunar month in 2000, the guards at the labor camp tied Xiufen to the "Death Bed." They stripped her naked and opened all the windows to freeze her, and they continually slandered and cursed at her using the foulest language. She was tortured this way for a whole week, experiencing great pain and agony. By March 2000, Xiufen was tortured so much that she became mentally disoriented. The labor camp staff did not want to take responsibility, so they ordered our family members to bring 500 yuan for a mental institution diagnosis, and gave bail on grounds of medical treatment.

On December 21, 2001, Xiufen went out to distribute truth-clarification materials, and was unlawfully arrested by the Jiutai City Police Department. By New Year's Day of 2002, only ten days later, she had been tortured to the point that she could not move. When the family was ordered to visit, she could not even speak a single word, and then passed away a short while later. She was tortured to death.

My daughter, from childhood to adulthood, never did anything wrong. In front of her parents she was always loyal and respectful. A person this good, just because she wanted to tell the truth, was brutally beaten to death. If you can't even be a good person, is there any fairness left in this world? This is all the work of Jiang Zemin. More than ten days after Xiufen passed away, my son finally gathered himself and notified my wife and me of her death. The only thing we could do was cry. There was nothing else we could do. What a great person she was, and yet still, for being a good person, she was beaten to death. How can the heart of a father and mother take this? The best people beaten to death, where can we go to reason things out? At the time of Xiufen's death, her little daughter was only ten years old, with no one to look after her. Everyday she thought of her mother returning home. Now the little child is looked after by her father's parents, and life is very difficult.