(Clearwisdon.net) My name is Nie Yuzhong, I am 42 years old, and from Tugou Village, Puwang (formerly Dawangzhuang) Township, Yinan County, Shandong Province. I learned Falun Gong in 1996. My parents and wife all practice the exercises, from which the whole family has benefited.

On July 21, 1999 when I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, I was intercepted on the way by the police and taken back to my local police station, where I suffered from brainwashing for three days and was fined 200 yuan. After that the Township Government, collaborating with the Villagers Committee, locked me up in the compound of the Villagers Committee for more than 20 days. We had a drought that year, but we were not allowed to go home to water the crops even though they were dying.

In January 2000, the Party Secretary Xie Hongri of Puwang Township forcefully detained me because my wife went to appeal. In the evening, Township officials Li Yongbao, Wang Xianyong, Bo Cunqi and some others led by the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Zhuang Gan De dragged me to the playground and took turns kicking me while wearing leather boots.

One day Wang Xiangyong and Bocunqi, led by Li Yongbao, painfully mashed my fingers in between two handcuffs several times. Then they handcuffed me and forced me to sit on the cement floor. They forced me to stretch my arms forward and twisted my toe tips. Then they took turns kicking me on my buttocks and thighs. Li Yongbao roared, "I will beat you to death!" As a result of the severe beating, I could not raise my legs to walk and when I wanted to go to the toilet, I could not squat down. Zhang Yuanjin of Puwang Township Government led several township officials as well as several people from the Village Committee to my house and tried to force my family to pay 2,000 yuan as a cash deposit to keep us from going to appeal again. Because my family had no money, they confiscated 500 kilograms of wheat and detained my wife at a Township Government building for several days.

The Puwang Township government abducted me to the Villagers' Committee compound. Led by Zhang Yuanjin, Wang Xianyong and Liu Jun brought me to a small room, where they beat my chest with a rubber hammer. They took turns beating me, saying, "Beat him hard." They hit my chest with all their might and every blow made me gasp with pain. As a result, I am in such poor condition that I cannot work. I had to hire people to work in the fields for me.

The officials of the Township forcefully took my mother and wife away from the fields and detained them in the Township government compound. The reason for the detention was because my father went to petition on behalf of Falun Gong. My mother is more than 60 years old and was forced to sit on the cement floor of the Township compound with her legs and arms stretched straight forward. Her face was covered with dust.

Owing to the persecution, nobody in my family was able to take care of our three children and our mother, who is over 60 years old. One child was only 8 years old, but had to boil water by herself. When removing the hot water from the stove, she spilled the water on her thighs and legs. The skin was burned off and the flesh was severely burned, as well. She kept crying because of the pain. It took more than 40 days for the burns to heal, and the scars are still visible.

In 2001 I went to Beijing to appeal and was detained by the police at the Qianmen Detention Center and then the Beijing Detention Center. Because I refused to tell them my name and address, the police stripped off my overcoat, sweater, socks and shoes, handcuffed me and left me in the rain and freezing weather for a long period of time. Then they used electric batons to shock my whole body, including my private area. After that, several police officers took turns kicking my chest. I felt that I was dying. Later I was taken back to the county detention center, where I was detained for more than a month. Then I was transferred to the county brainwashing center, where I underwent brainwashing for more than 20 days. Collaborating with the Village Party Secretary Meng Qingliang, the perpetrators took away a cow which was due to give birth, a sow that gave birth to ten piglets weighing ten kilos each, a bicycle, a farm truck, a television set, a bag of flour and three bags of corn.

A list of the names and phone numbers of those responsible for the persecution of Falun Dafa from Puwang Township Government, Yinan County, Shandong Province:

Country code: 86, local code 0539

1. Xie Hongri, Party Secretary of Puwang Township Party Committee, about 40 years old and is now the secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Pingyi County: 86-539-3224098

2. Wang Xianyong, a cadre of the Puwang Township Government, lives at Beiru Village, Sucun Township, Yinan County: 86-539-3866054

3. Bo Cunqi, lives in Bodianzi Village, Puwang Township, Yinan County:

4. Wang Fugang: lives in Dagou Village, Puwang Township, Yinan County:

5. Li Yongbao: lives in Yinan County: 86-539-3721669

6. Zhuang Qiande: lives in the Fucheng Residential Area, Yinan County proper
and works at the county supply and distribute center: 86-539-3227856

7. Liu Jun: 86-539-3225412 86-539-3233763 86-539-3270306

8. Liu Changjun, the former Head of the Dawangzhuang Police Station:
86-539-3223238 Li Hongjiang: 86-539-3521526

9. Ye Chengzhu, Li Dehui

Li Changjie, policeman: 86-539-3228596 86-539-3231161

The Office of the Yinan County People's Government: 86-539-3221128

The switchboard of the Yinan County Police Department: 86-539-3232110

The Office of Educating and Transforming Falun Gong Practitioners of Yinan County: 86-539-3259610

Meng Qingliang: former Tugou Village Party Secretary

Wang Qingsan: 86-539-3721653

Wang Xianyong: 86-539-3866054

Cheng Guangyu: 86-539-3521781

Wang Xuexin: 86-539-3891866