(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Ze, a former employee of the Tongzi County Water Supply Company in Guizhou Province, has become mentally disabled as a result of the torture he was subjected to at the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Peng from the Ganyintang Area of the Xiaohe District in Guiyang City was sent to the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp by members of the Xiaohe Police Department. He was beaten twice. During the second attack, he was beaten until he was vomiting blood. Because of the injuries, he was sent to the labor camp hospital and had to stay there for more than a month.

Falun Dafa practitioner Jiang Chaolin from the Baiyun District of Guiyang City was severely beaten at the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in June and July of 2004. His ribs were broken and were not treated immediately. As a result, the ribs did not heal correctly and formed a large protrusion.

Falun Dafa practitioner Cheng Huazheng from Anshun City of Guizhou Province was sent to the labor camp by the Anshun Police Department, Section No. 1. He was tortured until he suffered a mental collapse.

Falun Dafa practitioner Kong Deyi, an employee of the Xinan Tooling Shop in Xiaohe District of Guiyang City, was confined in a small cell for a month. Despite the torture, he never gave up his belief and steadfastly passed through the hardship.

Police officer Yang Yanshou, former director of the camp's Unit No. 5 was demoted to a janitor after his torture of practitioner Zhao Peng was exposed. Another prison guard, captain Pan Zong, was demoted to a clerical position in another unit after his vicious acts against Falun Dafa practitioners were exposed, which included beatings, depriving practitioners of sleep, forcing practitioners to work extremely long hours and other cruel methods.

Postal code of the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp: 551419

Phone Number of Related Departments:

Zhongba Forced Labor Camp Unit No. 5: 86-851-2549199, Team No. 3: 86-851-2549067
Team No. 1: 86-851-2549114

Baiyun District Police Department in Guiyang City: 86-851-4350449, 86-851-4831570, 86-851-4833110, 86-851-4834377, 86-851-4834417, 86-851-4834554, 86-851-4831050, 86-851-4607890, 86-851-4606660, 86-851-4869995
Section No. 1: 86-851-4834433
Section No. 2: 86-851-4834434
Section No. 3: 86-851-4604889, 86-851-4834464

Xiaohe Police Department in Guiyang City: 86-851-3837251, 86-851-3839150, 86-851-3838313, 86-851-3839160, 86-851-3807044, 86-851-3896295, 86-851-3832121, 86-851-3833498, 86-851-3847110, 86-851-3803980, 86-851-3832510, 86-851-3803981, 86-851-3803975, 86-851-3804122, 86-851-3841010, 86-851-3844646, 86-851-3800007, 86-851-3832042, 86-851-3803976, 86-851-3803977, 86-851-3833478, 86-851-3831765, 86-851-3803974, 86-851-3832369, 86-851-3835171, 86-851-3838520, 86-851-3834393, 86-851-3847657, 86-851-3845605, 86-851-3800482, 86-851-3845158, 86-851-3846207
(Police Officer in Xiaohe Police Department: Yuan Hai, Ren Yiquan)
Comprehensive Control Office of Political and Legislation Committee: 86-851-3847159
Patrol Unit: 86-851-3832369

Anshun City Xixiu District Political and Legislation Committee: 86-853-3323015

Guiyang City Police Department: 86-851-6845203, 86-851-6848351, 86-851-6764009, 86-851-6763517, 86-851-6841632, 86-851-6844344, 86-851-6766401, 86-851-3762816, 86-851-6765230, 86-851-6766092, 86-851-6765800, 86-851-6767008, 86-851-6768853, 86-851-6766777, 86-851-6840640
Political Security Section: 86-851-6765059
Political Control Section: 86-851-6844034
Disciplinary Committee: 86-851-6849195

Huizhou Province Police Department:
Disciplinary Committee: 86-851-5923296
Section No. 1: 86-851-5904194
Section No. 2: 86-851-5822117
Section No. 3: 86-851-5924739
Section No. 4: 86-851-5823425
Section No. 5: 86-851-5904290
Section No. 6: 86-851-5904314
Section No. 7: 86-851-5922662
Section No. 8: 86-851-5904369
Section No. 10: 86-851-5904380
Section No. 11: 86-851-5904455
Political Control Section: 86-851-5904022
Labor Camp Administration Section: 86-851-6837205

Guizhou Province Political and Legislation Committee: 86-851-6825870

Guiyang City Political and Legislation Committee: 86-851-5834900

Guizhou Province Labor Education Bureau: 86-851-5825046

Guizhou Province Labor Camp Administration Bureau: 86-851-5814395

November 12, 2004