(Clearwisdom.net) One day in July 2003, the relative of a Falun Dafa practitioner in Sichuan Province was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in serious fractures to both of his legs. He only regained consciousness after three days' hospital emergency treatment. It took him 20 days to gradually regain his memory. The external injuries caused the exposed leg muscles to decay. The doctor had to remove two inches of the leg muscle. The doctor intended to reconnect the leg muscle one year later when the steel pins that were used to stabilize the fractured bones were removed.

In September 2004, the relative of the Falun Dafa practitioner went back to the hospital and met with the doctor-in-charge who had previously performed the surgery for him. During investigative surgery, the doctor discovered that the relative's leg muscles had miraculously and nearly completely healed, except for a small section left to grow and heal. The doctor was very surprised. He said, "Your leg muscle does not need to undergo surgical reconstruction; it will recover soon on its own. We only need to remove the steel pins and supports."

The relative hardly dared to believe this was really true. How did the damaged leg muscle grow and heal on its own? In his excitement he remembered, "I had this good fortune because of the benefits brought to relatives of family members who practice Falun Dafa. I benefited from my association with Mr. Li [founder of Falun Dafa] and shared my relative's good fortune."

Whenever other people remark about his good fortune, he will say that all this is due to the blessings brought to him because of his Falun Gong-practicing family member. Actually, it is also because this person had once safeguarded Falun Dafa books. His own upright thoughts and actions have thus brought him wonderful benefits.

November 10, 2004