(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ge Peilin, 47, is a resident of Nanchang City Boiler Factory in Jiangxi Province. She has been illegally detained many times since Jiang's regime started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999. She has recently become mentally unstable and cannot take care of herself due to the harassment and mistreatment she has received at the hands of lawless authorities from the Nanchang City "610 Office," Qingyunpu District police Station, and the boiler factory.

Before practicing Falun Gong, Ge Peilin had high blood pressure. She suffered temporary paralysis of one side of her body when it got serious. The symptoms disappeared after she began to practice Falun Gong.

In 1999, Ge Peilin went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong with her sister. They were arrested in Tiananmen Square and were detained at Xuanwumen Police Station, where the police injected her with an unknown medicine used for treating mental illness. Ge Peilin was interrogated alone and suffered beatings by police. A policeman hit her head with a baton. Her eyes became blurred and her head started to bleed.

After this incident, Ge Peilin was arrested several more times and taken from her home. One time, five or six people ran into her home to arrest her, and they beat her at the time. There were many residents in the boiler factory's residential compound who witnessed the scene. Ge Peilin was abducted and brought to a detention center for illegal detention.

In the detention center, Ge Peilin's blood pressure was very high. The physician's blood pressure monitor reached its top reading, yet they still did not let her go. They deceived her seven or eight year old son, telling him his mother would be sent home. Instead, they sent her to Nanchang City Police Hospital and made her pay for her treatment.

Her family subsisted only on her husband's 700 yuan income to cover living expenses. Where could they have the money for treatment? Furthermore, in the past few years, she never had any health problems because they practiced Falun Gong. Now her illness came back due to the persecution. When Ge Peilin asked that they let her go home, they called in two vehicles loaded with people. They surrounded Ge Peilin, her husband, and son, and pushed them around. Finally, they forcibly gave Ge Peilin an injection. After seeing no effectiveness, they let her go home.

Shortly afterwards, when the authorities saw that nothing serious happened to Ge Peilin, they once again abducted her and took her to the Nanchang City Forced Labor Camp for detention and persecution. On that day, she was sent to Jiusi Hospital in Nanchang City because she had high blood pressure and vomiting. Her face turned dark, and her whole body started to convulse. At the hospital, Ge Peilin suffered tremendously, yet the jailors still cuffed her hands and chained her feet. Finally, she lost consciousness. A doctor said, "This person is in such bad shape, and you people have no conscience. She practices Falun Gong, that's her personal belief, you should honor her belief. Now she is dying, who will take the responsibility?"

The jailors threatened the doctors by saying, "Stop speaking for Falun Gong, otherwise, we will arrest you as well." Later they saw Ge Peilin's health condition was indeed getting worse. Fearing having to take responsibility, they found an excuse and slipped away. In the end, Ge's husband had to ask some people to carry her home.

In order to force Ge Peilin not to practice Falun Gong, besides deducting her husband's salary, Jiangxi Boiler Factory also assigned people to watch her. One evening after 10 o'clock, someone deceived her into coming out of her home, saying the gate house had a fire. However, after she went out, the factory's security department searched her house and took away many Dafa books.

Currently, Ge Peilin has become mentally unstable and cannot take care of herself due to the persecution. It was another blow to her already suffering family.

Parties involved in the persecution:
Boiler Factory of Jiangxi Province
Qingyunpu District Police Station in Nanchang City
Nanchang City "610 Office"

October 31, 2004