(Clearwisdom.net) I have benefited in both body and mind from my 7-year practice of Falun Gong. If Teacher had not introduced Dafa to the world, I would not be here today. Teacher and Dafa saved me and gave me a second chance at life.

People who are familiar with me know that I had already been sentenced to "death" before I began to practice Falun Gong. I suffered many different kinds of illnesses, such as fatty liver, cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), rheumatoid arthritis and serious neurosis. I had to turn off the clock every night before going bed, as even the slightest noise would greatly disturb me. Every time my hemorrhoids were inflamed I bled profusely. After I gave birth, I dreaded the summertime. My entire body felt like it was being pricked with needles. During the winter freeze and the spring thaw, I felt a hot-burning pain, like innumerable needles scratching back and forth on my chest. I had serious pain in my back and it was a struggle to cook a meal; I was like a paralyzed person. A side effect of the long-term use of medication was that my teeth became loose and ached and pieces actually broke off in my mouth. The pain I suffered made me ill tempered and fearful. I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer when my child was very young. The doctor removed one of my breasts and three pieces of cartilage. Specialists thought I would only live 2-3 years. After the operation, I could only lift the arm on the side of the surgery to my mouth and no higher. For a few years, I spent most of my time trying to heal myself. I went to different hospitals, took many different kinds of medication daily, practiced different kinds of Qigong and spent all my money. I made a great effort, but my sicknesses were still there. I was dispirited and depressed. In 1996, I went to Changchun to be examined; there they found a malignant tumor in my thyroid which was the size of an egg yolk. I should have had another operation, and followed up with chemotherapy and radiology treatments. And in the middle of all of this my husband started having an affair and divorced me. My two children and I came on very hard times. I felt totally hopeless. My health was getting worse and worse. I was so weak that I had to rest while climbing stairs; otherwise I would be out of breath. At that time, one day seemed like a year. I even thought about suicide, but I did not do it for the sake of my children. Before I gave up, someone told me that Falun Gong could heal illness and keep me fit. Then I started to practice Dafa in 1997. As I practiced, my health improved daily. The illnesses of many years, including the tumor, disappeared. I felt full of vigor and was not worried about doing housework anymore. I really experienced the feeling of being free of any illness and weightless. I did not feel tired when I walked very far and felt only full of energy. Moreover, the arm that had caused me so much pain was fine. I could lift it again easily. Physically, I could do a lot of heavy work. Not only did I get rid of all my illnesses after I practiced Dafa, but also I understood the real meaning of life. My thoughts were improved and I understood how to be a better person. According to the principles Teacher taught us, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance", I treated people well, considered others first and strived to become selfless. Although my husband had already divorced me, I still took care of his ninety-year old father who could not take care of himself. After practicing Dafa, I had a healthy body and mind. I thank Teacher and Dafa from bottom of my heart for saving my life. I thank Teacher's benevolence for giving me a chance at a new life, so I could practice Dafa and return to my original, true self.

Teacher spread Dafa widely to save millions of people like me. But Jiang's evil political regime trampled on Chinese Law, and twisted all the facts. They took advantage of their power to fabricate lies, slander Teacher, frame Falun Gong and hide the truth from innocent people. They attempt to incite innocent people's hatred of Falun Gong, to poison and destroy people. At this moment, I sincerely hope that those who do not know the truth will not be deceived by Jiang's lies. I'm sharing my experiences of both before and after practicing Falun Gong in order to expose the lies with facts. Please come to find the truth about Falun Gong, please support the side of justice and choose a wonderful future for yourself.