(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Lei Jiangtao was illegally sentenced to seven years in prison. He is currently being held at the Jinzhou Detention Center and is showing severe symptoms of illness.

According to insiders, Lei Jiangtao is around 24 years of age. He lived in Leichen Village, Yuantou County, Jinzhou City, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and he graduated from Hengshui Normal College in Hebei Province in 2002. Sun Jiliang graduated from the Beijing University of Postal Communications in 2002. He then worked at Beijing's Taiji Huaneng Co. Mr. Wang Xu, about 27 years of age, graduated with a Master's degree from the Beijing University of Postal Communications and worked at a company in Beijing. The three young men are good friends and all practice Falun Gong.

On October 31, 2003, Lei Jiangtao went to Beijing to visit Sun Jiliang, and Wang Xu was also present. That evening, officers from the National Security Bureau arrested all three at Mr. Sun's residence. According to a witness, the officers blindfolded them and quickly led them away. We assume that the perpetrators from the Suzhou City National Security Bureau (NSB) followed Lei Jiangtao while he was in Suzhou City, and then notified the National Security Bureau in Beijing to arrest the practitioners.

Lei Jiangtao refused to give up his belief after being tortured for one year, and he was recently sentenced to seven years in prison. His family and friends are calling attention to this matter and asking for help on his behalf.

Related phone numbers:

Wang Xinmin, head of Jinzhou City's Police Department in Hebei Province: 86-311-4316608
Tian Zhigang, deputy head of Jinzhou City's Police Department: 86-311-4316602, 86-311-4322287 (Home)
Tian Qiusheng, head of the Political and Security Section: 86-311-4322750 ext. 8037, 86-311-4323921 (Home), 86-13930401587 (Cell)
Wang Junqing, deputy head of the Political and Security Section: 86-13932107591 (Cell)

Jinzhou City Police Department
Head office: 86-311-4322450
Political and Security Section: 86-311-4322750 ext. 8037
Detention Room: 86-311-4322214

Student Division at Hengshui Normal College: 86-318-6016093

Suzhou City's National Security Bureau
Office: 86-512-65221275
Main switchboard: 86-512-65115190
Chen Yan, division head: 86-512-65115190 ext. 3131
Jinzhou City Public Prosecutor's Office: 86-311- 4322825
Head prosecutor: 86-311- 4322163, 86-311- 4422267
Head prosecutor's office: 86-311-4422163, 86-311-4422267
Yang: head of office: 86-311-4337450
Cai: head of office: 86-311-4337480
Report hotline: 86-311-4322000

Jinzhou City government office: 86-311-4322293, 86-311-4326070, 86-311-4322229
Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-311-4322651

Dongsi Village Party Committee in Jinzhou City: 86-311-4370169