(Clearwisdom.net) On May 19, 2004, more than ten policemen unlawfully abducted my wife from our home in Lufeng City. Through many people's combined efforts, my wife was successfully rescued after she was detained for three days. To avoid being abducted again, my wife was forced to leave her parents, even though her mother was blind and in poor health. My wife brought our two children with her and after great difficulty, she finally found a place to live.

After my wife Zhang Lihong sent two children to preschool on October 27, she met one of her classmates at an elementary school in Shanwei City. She distributed truth-clarifying materials at the entrance of the elementary school. She was then unlawfully arrested. Currently she is being detained in the Shanwei City Sub-bureau Detection Center.


Zhang Lihong was arrested, and her two young children lost their mother

The family was left with two children, ages three and four. My father-in-law is over seventy years old and cannot take care of two children on his own. The two children are now living with their aunt.

I sincerely hope that the policemen in Shanwei City will stop persecuting people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance." Please release my wife Zhang Lihong immediately.

Shanwei City Detection Center: 86-660-3374114

Shanwei City Police Department: 86-660-3379133, 86-660-3371807

Shanwei City National Security Bureau, Criminal Investigation Brigade: Xie 686-660-3371360; Li 86-660-3374394