Dafa practitioners Ms. Gao Lihua and her husband Liu Zigang from Wuqiao County, Hebei Province, became homeless because of the persecution Falun Gong. On March 8, 2004, Ms. Gao Lihua died, because of the suffering she had to endure. Below is some information about Ms. Gao Lihua's child Liu Zhen.

Name: Liu Zhen

Gender: Female

Current Age: 17

Adoptive parents: Ms. Gao Qinhua and Mr. Wang Jingmin

Telephone: 86-318-2155811

Current School: Technical School of Electrical Welding Machinery Factory, Hengshui City, Hebei Province

Liu Zhen resided at one time with her uncle's family in Jing County. In June of 2003, depraved police officers from Wuqiao and Jing County, requested that Liu Zhen be suspended from middle school for more than 10 days. They wanted to set a trap to catch Liu Zhen's parents. At that time, Liu Zhen was about to take the entrance examinations for high school or technical school, which she wanted to attend after graduation from middle school. Given the suspension, Liu Zhen was unable to prepare well enough for the entrance examination, which affected her scores negatively. The Public Security Bureau of Wuqiao County had also issued an order that the high school of that county should deny enrollment to Liu Zhen. Liu Zhen asked for the grounds of such action and was told by teachers that the Public Security Bureau had issued the order.

At present, Liu Zhen is studying at the Technical School of the Electrical Welding Machinery Factory in Hengshui City, Hebei Province. She was also assigned to do her internship at the factory. Liu Zhen resides with her aunt, Gao Qinhua, and her uncle, Wang Jingmin.

Liu Zhen's father Liu Zigang, around 45 years old, used to work as the education director at Chenzeng Middle School, Wuqiao County. Liu's mother Gao Lihua, age 44, used to work as an accountant at the Wheat Mill of the Bureau of Foods, Wuqiao County. Liu Zigang and Gao Lihua were born in Jing County. In 2001, the couple became homeless because of the persecution. Staff from the Public Security Bureau of Wuqiao County harassed Mr. Liu's relatives quite frequently and some of the relatives were even detained. Gao Lihua suffered from deep mental anguish and constant anxiety over a long period of time. She became ill from the suffering and died in March of 2004. During the funeral, security staff from Wuqiao County set up surveillance around Mazhuang village, Jing County--Liu Zigang's place of birth. They wanted to catch and arrest Liu Zigang, Gao's husband. They interrogated anyone entering the village, and also monitored Liu Zigang's relatives who attended the funeral.

For further information about the persecution suffered by Ms. Gao Lihua and her family, please refer to: "Police in Wuqiao County, Hebei Province Persecute Dafa Practitioners Mr. and Mrs. Liu Zhigang, As Well As Their Relatives and Friends"