(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2004, the Taipei Minghui School in Taiwan organized the fourth "Parent-Children Camp" aiming at improving the communication between parents and children and raising awareness of traditional values. Different from the three camps held during the summer vacation, this camp was shortened to one day. The major activities included a game called "Love to See You," a video discussing the limitations of modern physics, cartoons, studying the Fa (1) and practicing the exercises, a lecture on the duty of parents, and a game called "A Word from My Heart." The activities were rich and concise.

"Love to See You"

This is a game that emphasizes encouragement instead of punishment. In the game, the player talks about their recent good deeds and merits, such as taking care of younger siblings, cleaning up one's own toys, etc. These good deeds are then written down and praised.

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Both parent and child enjoy writing down a child's good deeds and merits

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Four-year-old girl doing the Falun Gong exercises

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Studying the fifth exercise

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Studying the first exercise

The Limitation of Modern Physics

This is a video program showing a series of pictures and visual effects to explain a wider concept. When the video played, the viewing angle of the images zoomed out to the planets, solar system, galaxy... until the Earth could no longer be found. In the later part of the program, the camera zoomed down into a microscope to see the lives in a drop of water. The children felt it was very interesting and it helped them to see things from a wider view and to notice the limitations of modern science.


The cartoon "Salmon" talked about the origin of life and the meaning of being a good person. "The Story of a Lotus Seed" talked about the self-confidence and heart-searching inherent in things that were easy to be attached to. "Repair" talked about the how to eliminate bad thoughts and return to one's true and honest nature.

Fa-Study and Exercise Practice

This is when the group studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. One 4-year-old girl said she liked doing exercises and her movements were very accurate.

Lecture: "What a Child Needs in the 21st Century"

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Lecture on the duty of parents

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"A Word from My Heart"

The lecturer was Ms. Lin Cuimei, a teacher at Taipei Xinsheng Elementary School who has 16 years of education experience. She said the teachers used to focus on teaching only knowledge. Later, she found it was comparatively easy to teach knowledge. This lecture instead focused on the needs of a child. Have the parents thought about it from the point of view of a child? Parents may only provide what they think to be good things for the children. She said nowadays, children were expressive and talkative but are lacking in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." Parents usually simply blame the children when they behave badly but don't realize that these behaviors were mostly learned from the adults. Children are like a mirror that reflects the nature of their parents.

Some children are not comfortable sharing their thoughts with parents. When a child wants to talk to his parents, can the parents give them some honest and good-will praise and confirm their abilities? The parents need to be the shoulders that the children can find support on rather than a wall to block their development. A parent, Ms. Zheng, said she agreed. She said she experienced the changes in children's attitude when she began to change herself. Her grandson has now become more polite when talking to adults.

"A Word from My Heart"

This is the most important game and brought the camp to its peak. In the game, the parents must give up their self-importance, get down on the level of the children, and go through layers of flowers to say a true word from the heart to their children.

The camp finished in an environment full of love and warmth.

(1) Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.