(Clearwisdom.net) When Falun Dafa practitioners have been severely persecuted by Jiang's regime, practitioners have used truth clarification to awaken many ordinary people deceived by lies and fabrications. When these people find out the truth, they treat practitioners kindly and justly, thereby choosing a good future which history will remember.

In what follows I will describe the righteous behavior of one director in a forced labor camp--whom I will call "Lao Yang"--who treated practitioners with kindness while I was detained there. Everyone makes different choices in this persecution: some have become the thugs of Jiang's regime, some turn a blind eye to the persecution, and some dare not tell the truth for fear of repression. However, there were some people who protected Falun Gong and practitioners. These comparisons allow us to see people seeking justice, following their conscience, and displaying good standards of morality. Their choices will be reflected in their own future. Please remember that, "G ood is rewarded with good and evil meets evil. "

1. Forbidding police from beating practitioners with electric batons

In the spring of 2000, Director Yang met with me and told me, "I have instructed all the police in the Third Division that beating practitioners with electric batons is forbidden, because they are all good people with high attributes and discernment. If we use batons and torture on them, we won't be able to correct real criminals. How will people view our justice system if we treat good and bad individuals in the same manner?"

I was so touched by his words that I told him, "All practitioners in the Third Division will remember your righteous behavior since you are protecting those who deserve unending generosity."

2. Talk at the camp meeting

One day in March 2000, at a camp-wide meeting, Director Yang called on the criminal prisoners to follow the example of practitioners. He said, "Since Falun Gong practitioners have come to our camp, it has changed a lot. Fewer people steal, beat or scold others due to the good example of the practitioners." He also told them that those who beat and scold practitioners will be severely punished. His talk clarified what was right and wrong, and the atmosphere in the camp became very righteous.

3. A box of green bean cakes

In July 2000, because of poor sanitation and flies in the camp's mess hall, many prisoners, practitioners included, developed loose bowels, and some even got intestinal inflammations. Many criminal prisoners clamored for an injection or medicine, but the practitioners never asked for any drugs. This contrast got Lao Yang's attention, and he asked me, "All of you have bodies that look just the same as mine, so how can you refuse to take an injection or medicine when you have loose bowels?" I told him, "This is the difference between practitioners and ordinary people: we are protected by our Teacher and will recover quickly, while ordinary people need to seek medical help to avoid risking loss of life."

He shook his head doubtfully and then asked Policeman Zhang to send us a box of green bean cakes. He told me, "I bought these with my own money so you can eat them safely." Several days later, all of us had recovered. I told this to Director Yang, and this time he believed the splendor and power of Falun Dafa.

We collected money for the bean cakes and handed it in to Director Yang. He said jokingly, "You Falun Gong practitioners are marvelous. Nothing can move you!" We told him that although we appreciated his help and understanding we would not take advantage of anyone since all of our behavior should follow "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

4. "You will regret divorcing a Falun Gong practitioner"

The wife of Mr. Li Qiang, a practitioner in our camp, came to ask for a divorce. After Director Yang heard this he met with her for over two hours to find out more. He told her, "All Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Li Qiang is a righteous and kind man who has been temporarily detained here, like other practitioners, because of his beliefs, not because he is a bad person. If you make a wrong decision now and divorce him, it will be difficult for you to find for such a good man again and you will regret it."

This reassuring talk melted away her worries, so when she later met Li Qiang, she told him, "Please set your heart at rest. I will wait for you forever."

After that, I told Lao Yang, "Because you solved this problem and dissolved her hatred, you did a very good thing, and more importantly, you will be rewarded for supporting righteousness and protecting the Fa."

5. "I can only recite the article to you"

On New Year's Day 2001, Director Yang asked me to come to his office and told me, "Your Teacher has a new article about eliminating the evil. Because I am a member of the party and a government officer, I cannot give it to you directly. However, I can recite it as if I were talking to you without violating the rules, and you can memorize it."

Then he recited it character by character while I memorized it. While we were doing this I thought, "How powerful Falun Dafa is! The righteous thoughts, behavior and truth clarification efforts of practitioners have saved the lives of many police. Since they have begun to help practitioners, they too can be saved. "

Such a good example of helping each other in ordinary society provides a model of high morals for human beings. Despite more than five years of persecution in China, people can still help practitioners and protect Falun Gong even in forced labor camps. These people are marvelous!