(Clearwisdom.net) Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City has used various brutal means to torture Falun Gong practitioners who are illegally detained there. The following lists some of the tortures used.

The following pictures are re-enactments of the tortures practitioners undergo:

1. Forced squats: One is forced to squat for a long period of time on a 30-by-30 cm. floor tile (about 12 in. x 12 in.). Both feet must stay on the tile, and the body can not move. If one fails to stay in the squatting position, or the squatting posture is not to their requirement, the practitioner is then beaten and kicked, hung, or shocked with electric batons. The forced squatting lasts anywhere from several hours to several days without a break. The long period of squatting results in pain and numbness to the feet and legs, pain in the cervical vertebrae, and pain in the abdominal cavity.

" Forced squats"

2. Flying the airplane: One is forced to maintain this posture for a long period, which results in numb feet, sore arms, dizziness, and pain at the lumbar vertebrae.

"Flying the airplane"

"The tying-up hangs"

"The back hangs (big hang)"

3. The tying-up hangs: One is tied up with rope extremely tight and hung up. The rope cuts into the flesh and forms grooves in the skin. In only a short time, the body, arms, and hands all turn purple-black, the heart races, and the body feels like it is swelling and is in extreme pain. The victim then loses consciousness.

4. The back hangs (big hang): One is hung and then shocked with electric batons on the face, neck, palms of the hands, and the arches of the feet. About thirty minutes after the police grow tired of shocking him and walk away, he is let down, and two guards swing his arms fiercely. The two arms feel so much pain, as if the arms were pulled off the body. He is then hung again, shocked again, and his arms are again forcibly swung. This torture is repeated many times. Some people have water poured on them, and are then electrically shocked for as long as seven hours. The electric current flows through the whole body due to the water, and the entire body shakes continuously. The heart beats fiercely and the places being shocked feel intense pain. The victim suffers extremely.

5. Cuffing the hands to the head of the bed on his back to force him to squat: This torture forces a person into a position of not squatting down and not standing up. He is forced to maintain this position for a long period and not allowed to use the bathroom. The legs and hips suffer extreme pain, the whole body sweats, and the victim has difficulty breathing. Some people have been cuffed in this squatting position for as long as 15 hours.

6. One is forcibly tied to the bed. After being tortured, he is forced to undergo so-called "medical treatment," and given forced infusions. He is kept tied to the bed, is not allowed to use the bathroom, and can only urinate in the bed and lie on the wet bed afterward. He has no blanket during the night, and trembles from cold.

7. To stop him from speaking, the victim's mouth is stuffed with dirty underwear and socks. After a long period of sitting on the torture chair, the flesh of his buttocks ulcerates, and he suffers unbearable pain and itching.

8. The two arms are cuffed to the upper portions of two separated bunk beds. Then four people pull the two beds apart. This stretches the body of the person and results in horrible shrieks from pain as his internal organs are stressed. To prevent the victim from shouting out, guards seal the mouth with tape and then repeatedly pull the beds apart.

9. After the electric shock there are small holes all over the socks.