The First Written Experience-Sharing Conference in China on the Minghui website has just ended. After the call-for-articles notice for this conference was announced, we had a conference among local practitioners. We all realized that this was a sacred conference. I gained a better understanding of the reason for the written conference through the local conference and felt that every one of us should participate and do his best.

I ran into lots of difficulties when I actually began to write the article. I kept feeling that I was not good enough and, with so many shortcomings, I could not write anything. So I procrastinated and could not get much done. When I studied the Fa later, I read in Teacher's article:

"Dafa disciples as a whole have passed the stage of personal cultivation. At present, because the enormous current of Fa-rectification is charging forward, the stage of Dafa disciples' validating the Fa is approaching completion and history is about to enter a new phase."

("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People")

This paragraph made me realize that the schedule for Fa-rectification is very tight. This conference was a precious opportunity that Teacher gave us in this final stage of the Fa-rectification period. Also, the call-for-articles notice pointed out that this was a good opportunity for us to do an overall summary, to find out our own deficiencies, and to report them to Teacher. It was also a celebrated occasion for the practitioners in China to communicate with one another and to improve as a group.

Through experience sharing and Fa study, I kept rectifying my own mindset. With righteous thoughts I got rid of the interference and my self-discouragement. I put my focus on validating Falun Dafa. Even though I did have deficiencies, I would look at them objectively and not with my human attachments. I read many times the call-for-articles notice and followed its instructions to recall the path that I had traveled the past five years. I found that that through studying the Fa I indeed had established my righteous thoughts and conduct. At times I relied a great deal on Teacher's protection and compassion. I also found my fundamental attachments and other deficiencies. I made up my mind to work even harder in the future. At this time I truly felt Teacher's compassion and greatness and had tears all over my face. I truly realized that this conference was an opportunity that Teacher and Minghui provided for us to cultivate and elevate ourselves. I very seriously wrote each sentence in my article. Even when I wrote the last sentence "Please correct me if you find my deficiencies," which in the past I felt was just a formality, I truly yearned for fellow practitioners' feedback and help this time.

After I finished my writing, I found that from the point of view of the entire group my cultivation had a big gap from that required by Dafa. I was more focused on getting rid of my own attachments and on my own cultivation. When I was doing work to save sentient beings and validate Dafa, I often had an attachment to doing things just for the purpose of accomplishing something. After I read some of the written experience-sharing conference articles, the examples of proper enlightenment and righteous conduct helped me a great deal. I read certain articles several times. Comparing myself with them, I discovered that a very big gap existed between myself and fellow practitioners. I knew then how to improve in the future in areas that I was deficient. This pushed me to work even harder. My strongest reaction after reading these articles was that I needed to study the Fa well, to send forth the righteous thoughts well, and to tell the facts about Falun Gong to people well. These are exactly the three things that Teacher has asked us to do.

During this sacred conference, I was lucky enough to be able to help type articles. There were so many articles submitted. At first I was complaining that so few practitioners had to type so many articles. Later I sensed that this was not a job. We should not use a filthy mind to view this historic duty that Teacher has bestowed upon us. Some articles were rather short, only one page long. One could tell that the authors might have had some difficulties writing them. But in their plain and not so fancy language they displayed their steadfast heart toward Dafa. Each paragraph describing the righteous thoughts and conduct was a validation of Dafa and praise for our great Teacher. We tried to type everything, including some of those very short ones. A large number of the articles showed the support for this conference from practitioners and reflected the status of the practitioners as a whole. In some areas, every practitioner wrote something. In some areas, practitioners recognized the importance of this conference because they had been spending time together sharing experiences and studying the Fa, and they were able to catch up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. On the other hand, other articles clearly showed the attachments and deficiencies of certain practitioners. For example, some hoped that Teacher and Dafa would come and help society, the focus clearly on human beings. When we encountered such cases, we always tried our best to offer them our feedback and help them see their deficiencies, which also became a part of our elevation process as a group.

Thanks to the cooperation of practitioners in China, articles for the conference gradually were published on the Minghui website. We felt that Minghui increased its righteous thoughts content as a result. It was a large and strong field of righteous thoughts from us practitioners. Even the articles not published were part of the field of righteous thoughts. They were eliminating the dark minions and rotten demons in the other dimension.

Later, when I heard that in some areas the practitioners did not think that this conference was important, I truly felt sorry for them. By participating in this conference I realized that there were many important matters in the Fa-rectification proceedings. We would not have learned about them if we had not participated. Only through actually participating were we able to understand Teacher's benevolent arrangements for us and able to elevate ourselves through it.

Many important events have occurred recently: exposing the evil to the local people, sending forth righteous thoughts to break the evils concentrated in New York and Beijing, the torture exhibition, telling the facts about Falun Gong through legal means, collecting information on children orphaned as a result of the suppression of Falun Gong, and saving the imprisoned practitioners. Not only was Minghui encouraging practitioners to do important things, but they were specifically related to the three things that Teacher asked us to do, and our elevation and transformation were also in them. I hope that those practitioners who have not realized the importance of this will do so immediately so that they will not miss this opportunity. Let us work together moving forward.