(Clearwisdom.net) Hoping to show people the whole picture of the truth about Falun Dafa in a short period of time, as a first step, we chose to remake the film about the New York Falun Gong parade in April 2004. I, along with a few other practitioners who made the film, watched all of the footage taken by practitioners at the New York parade.

Seeing the familiar faces pass by on film impressed me very much. In the past, I have participated in activities like parades and the Great Wall of Courage and have never realized that every activity not only targets the world's people, but will also be left for the future. Sometimes upon seeing practitioners who took photographs, a wrong thought would come to my mind: we did not come here for taking pictures. Furthermore, I had never thought of assisting event coordinators and my own demeanor often did not meet the requirements of that needed for Dafa activities.

Before, when I heard that the practitioners making the films had much difficulty, I did not truly understand. After seeing the entire New York parade footage recently, I realized that it is not only the responsibility of the practitioners making the films to leave a record for the world's people and the future. It is also the responsibility of each and every Dafa disciple. Creating a good film clip does not only depend on the persons directly in the scene, but also on the people surrounding him or her, and on even more factors. Think about it: if one practitioner behind the practitioners holding banners was chatting, or was not serious or out-of-line, then the whole film clip could not be used because of that practitioner, or perhaps a piece of the message (on the banner) could not be passed on to people and the future. At the same time, this creates a great difficulty for the practitioners editing the film.

Of course, other than the people of the world watching the events, beings at all levels of spaces are also watching every action of Dafa disciples.

October 30, 2004