(Clearwisdom.net) Liu Ying was a 35-year-old employee of the Beijing Titan Plastics Machinery Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Beijing and Hong Kong. She was a college graduate, with a degree in engineering. Since childhood, she had been thin, weak and sickly and suffered from tuberculosis, rapid heartbeat, and bloody noses. After she started to practice Falun Dafa at the end of 1998, her mental and physical state changed drastically. She gained weight and became very healthy, and her heart became very strong.

At the end of 2001, Liu Ying transferred from Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province, located in southern China, to the Tongzhou District in Beijing to work there. On March 4, 2002, after working for three months and three days, Jiao Xiuliang, Dai Mingxiang, Wang Xinghua, Zhang Zhichen from the Tongzhou "610 Office" and officers from the Liyuan Police Station suddenly burst into the Titan Company, abducted her from work, and took her to a brainwashing center with no evidence of wrongdoing. She was mentally persecuted for 20 days, during which her six-year-old child was left alone.

At the brainwashing center, "610 Office" personnel and collaborators (former practitioners who yielded under pressure to renounce their belief and assist in the persecution) tried everything to make her "transform." During more than 10 days of a hunger strike, she faced continuous deception, threats and various physical tortures, such as having to squat under a table with both hands on her head, being denied the privilege to go in and out, and having pieces of paper pasted all over her face. She was on the edge of collapse and could not endure anymore. In this confused state, she gave in to her tormentors and accepted their brainwashing. Practitioners are not released from the brainwashing center until they write letters exposing other practitioners and renouncing their belief. Practitioners who refuse are sent to detention centers or forced labor camps for further persecution.

The Tongzhou "610" Office personnel intensified the persecution by further deceiving Ms. Liu. In attempt to get a bigger bonus, they took advantage of her confused state. She could not figure out their true purpose and followed their orders, becoming a spy and betraying fellow practitioners.

"610 Office" personnel knew that Liu Ying was originally from Sanhe City in Hubei Province, so they colluded with the "610 Office" personnel in Sanhe City. On March 14, 2002, and February 27, 2003, Liu Ying led police to capture her own mother and many practitioners that her mother knew. As a result, her mother was subjected to brainwashing twice, and other practitioners from Sanhe were illegally arrested, subjected to brainwashing, and forced to leave their homes. Many homes were searched, and a couple of material sites were damaged. One practitioner was left near death with eight broken ribs after nine days of beating.

Liu Ying was not aware of these inhumane acts. When she found out, she was shocked and could not understand. She picked up the phone right away and questioned Yang Shibo, the head of the Daying Brainwashing Center and a "610 Office" staff member. She said, "Why are you doing this? How can you beat people to save them? If you keep doing this, I will take you to court!" But Yang Shibo sternly reprimanded her, "This is not your business! Leave it alone!"

Liu Ying was strictly monitored in many ways, most directly and frequently by phone. Every day her tormentors called her many times to monitor and track her whereabouts. In the beginning, the "610 Office" and the collaborators took turns harassing her. Later the "610 Office" took direct control. They called her while she was working and at home, often after midnight. The phone never stopped ringing, even just before her death. Gong Xiuping called and wanted to go to her house to harass her. If Liu Ying began to ignore them or if they sensed some resistance, they would immediately drive to her house to harass her. They often dragged her to participate in some regular social activities such as dancing, ball games, fishing, etc. On the surface, they appeared to be looking after her, but their intention was to control her completely and to keep her from contacting other practitioners, to destroy her righteous thoughts and to cloud her senses. Gong Xiuping, the chief of the Tongzhou District National Security Division, the head of the "610 Office", the accredited person from the Beijing police station, and Jiao Xiuliang from the "610 Office" should be held directly responsible for Liu Ying's death.

They made her life miserable in order to accomplish their goal. Because she practiced Falun Gong, they pressured her husband to divorce her, which caused her mental anguish. She had to go to work and care for their child on her own. Life was very hard. Even when her child was sick they forced her to work for them. In order to prevent her from contacting other practitioners, they often called her company to find out what she was doing. One day she went back to Sanhe City on assignment to "make inquiries." It was just for half a day, but when they did not find her, they assumed she went to do something else behind their backs. After she returned, she was interrogated until they felt satisfied of their control. She did not have any freedom.

Even after they had twice coerced her into helping to capture her mother, who was then tortured by brainwashing, they still forced Liu Ying to provide information for a third time. According to inside information from Liyuan Police Station, the incentive for capturing her mother was a 6,000 yuan bonus for everyone. Policeman Dai Mingxiang said, "In one year, we spent over 100,000 yuan just to catch this one old lady." Mr. Dai and Wang Xinhua went to Wuxi City in order to arrest her. They failed but spent nearly 8,000 over the three days. With the exposure of their persecution and their greed for promotion and money, Liu Ying started to wake up and felt something was wrong. She decided to not to assist them when they forced her to go to Sanhe again. She realized she had been deceived and was furious. She told her friend, "I will expose them! I will ask everybody to come here together and tell them they made me be a spy!"

But with the evil force in Beijing running rampant, it was not easy to get out of this difficult position. Her circumstances also were not favorable as she had just moved from the south and did not know many people. None of her family members could help her. The "610" Office in Tongzhou and the policemen there told her earlier, "If your mother or your younger sister comes here to visit you, we will arrest them right away!" Only her child was with her. There were all kinds of difficulties. The only thing she could do was take a sick day and take the phone off the hook at home so they could not call. Of course, this did not solve the problem, it just offered temporary relief.

Under the stress of not being able to get out of this terrible situation, she had thoughts of suicide. According to local people and coworkers, in the spring of 2003, about the time her mother was detained a second time and nobody knew whether she was alive or not, many people saw Liu Ying walking around for hours outside the factory, without looking or listening. She appeared to be grief-stricken.

When the "SARS" epidemic broke out, the "610 Office" in Tongzhou and the police station temporarily loosened their hold on her, and she was able to take a break and experience a period of calm. The person who talked to her verified that her status was good, and she had hopes of regaining a normal life. She thought that the "610 Office" would not ask her to do things again.

But before SARS was over, in the middle of June, the "610 Office" started to again target the Sanhe practitioners. They called her and forced her to work hard for them. In this desperate situation, the psychological pressure on her increased, and she felt she did not want to live anymore. The attack on Sanhe in the spring of 2003 shocked her, as it brought disaster to Sanhe practitioners and her mother. Liu Ying was caught and taken to the Sanhe detention center by "mistake" in this attack, but she realized she had played a shameful and pitiful role. She finally understood that their claims of "saving people" were actually hurting people. She decided to stop helping them. After that, she took days off and did not go to "work" anymore.

Under this heavy mental pressure, she was absent-minded and forgot things all the time. The hospital could only heal her illness but could not clear her mind. On June 24, 2003, the day after she was released from the hospital, she jumped off a tall building.

Before her death, she revealed what she had hidden in her heart for a long time: "I really don't want to do this anymore; they force me to." "I was deceived." "I thought that if we transformed practitioners, we would save them from persecution." With concern and regret, she tried to find out the Sanhe practitioners' situations. Finally she said, "My situation is hopeless, and I have collapsed. I cannot take it anymore and don't want to take it anymore. It is too difficult to live!" She left this world with deep regret.

The "610 Office" in Tongzhou and the policemen came when they heard the news. When they arrived on the scene, Liu Ying could hardly breathe and was in a coma. But they did not take saving her life as a priority. Instead, they went upstairs to question the 20 to 30 people surrounding Liu Ying's mother, wanting to know why Liu Ying jumped off the building. They were trying to find an excuse to blame Falun Gong.

Hearing that her mother was going to die, Liu Ying's child cried, "I don't want to live if my mom dies!" She tried to run into a wall while she spoke. Liu Ying's mother had to restrain her granddaughter many times. Even in this tragic situation, the "610 Office" personnel questioned Liu Ying's mother for over an hour while her daughter lay on the ground dying below.

Because she was left out in the sun for so long and nothing was done to help her until it was too late, Liu Ying died.

Liu Ying's mother knew that her daughter's death was due to her "transformation" by the "610 Office." Liu Ying could not endure the authorities' control over her life and their cruel mental persecution. Constrained by many restrictions, she was unable to free herself from this torture.

Liu Ying's death shocked the perpetrators in Tongzhou. In order to hide the fact that they drove Liu Ying to suicide by psychological persecution, they immediately notified the company that Liu Ying worked for, in order to block the news, and prohibited everyone from spreading the news.

The persons directly responsible, and the company that persecuted Liu Ying:

Tongzhou Police Department: 86-10-69542623

Country Security Department of Tongzhou Police Department: 86-10-69555950

Liyuan Police Station in Tongzhou: 86-10-60524838

"Daying" Brainwashing Class in Tongzhou (now cancelled): 86-10-89582763

Gong Xiuping, the head of Country Security, Tongzhou Police Department: 86-10-69555950

Jiao Xiuliang, accredited person for Tongzhou Liyuan from Beijing's "610 Office"

Yang Shipo, "610 Office" personnel from Country Security Tongzhou Police Department and the head of "Daying" Brainwashing Class: 86-10-69555950; "Daying" Brainwashing Class (now cancelled): 86-10-89582763

Dai Mingxiang, policeman from Liyuan Police Station: 86-10-60524838, cell; 86-13911662776

Po Yulong, the responsible person for persecuting Falun Gong in Beijing Machinery Factory: 86-10-80583414

Wang Xinhua, the policeman from Liyuan Policeman Station in Tongzhou: 86-10-60524838

Zhang Zhichen, the head of Liyuan Policeman Station in Tongzhou (has since been transferred): 86-10-60524838

October 14, 2004