(Clearwisdom.net) Police officers at Nanguan Police Station, a branch of the Police Department of Taishan District, City of Taian, Shandong Province, illegally arrested Ms. Hou Qingyou on July 4, 2004. To extort a confession, police officers subjected her to toxic fumes for over forty hours. After the torture, Ms. Hou went in a daze and then into a coma for over forty days.

Ms. Hou is forty-one years old. She was a teacher at the Mechanical and Electronic Technology School of Taian City, Shandong Province. Because of her practice of Falun Dafa, the authorities illegally sentenced her to two years of forced labor. On July 4, 2004, the police arrested her once again.

The officers at the Nanguan Police Station first locked Ms. Hou up in a corner of the police building. They tried to deceive her into drinking water that was mixed with some poison. After she refused to do so, the officers forced the toxic liquid into her mouth, and spilled the rest over her body. In the evening, the officers hung up a curtain that was soaked with the toxic liquid on the window. Moreover, they soaked a towel and a police shirt with the toxic liquid and placed them in front of an electric fan, and turned on the fan. Throughout the night, Ms. Hou was surrounded with the toxic fumes.

The next morning, the officers instructed two inmates to beat Ms. Hou. In spite of her dangerous physical condition, Ms. Hou tried her best to explain to them how great Falun Dafa is and how to become a good person. Because of the terrible smell in the room, the two persons retreated from the room after only a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, the officers once again coerced one of them to go back into the room and to beat Ms. Hou. Ms. Hou finally started to vomit while the inmate was running out of the room, no longer able to stand the fumes and the smell.

To make matters worse, an officer burned a strange kind of joss stick, which filled the room with a rotten smell. The smoke made Ms. Hou dizzy and brought tears to her eyes. She felt like numerous tiny needles were piercing her eyes. One by one, the officers burned a number of strange joss sticks until 10 a.m. of the third day, when Ms. Hou went into a daze, with her eyes blurry, and everything seemed to be an illusion to her. The officers then took her to the Feicheng Detention Center. Ms. Hou did not come out of the coma until over forty days later.

On September 23, 2004, the Taishan District Court illegally sentenced Ms. Hou to nine years in prison. Her appeal was rejected by the Intermediate Court of Taian City, and she has been imprisoned ever since.

The staff members in the Police Department of Taishan District, City of Taian, who are responsible for persecuting Ms. Hou:

Qi Zihai, Director and Party Secretary of the Police Department, 86-538-8223814-2001 (Office), 86-538-8229566 (Home), 86-13053858501 (Cellular)

Li Shourong, Associate Director of the Police Department, 86-538-8223814-2002 (Office), 86-538-8229630 (Home), 86-13053858502 (Cellular)

Wang Xuming, Associate Director, 86-538-8223814-2003 (Office), 86-538-8518027 (Home), 86-13053858503 (Cellular)

Yu Daiping, Associate Director, 86-538-8223814-2004 (Office), 86-538-8296156 (Home), 86-13053858505 (Cellular)

Zhao Peiming, Associate Director, 86-538-8223814-2005 (Office), 86-538-8216266 (Home), 86-13053858506 (Cellular)

Zhao Qijun, Associate Director, 86-538-8223814-2006 (Office), 86-538-8336391 (Home), 86-13053858508 (Cellular)

Zheng Jie, Secretary of Disciplinary Committee, 86-538-8223814-2007 (Office), 86-538-8214492 (Home), 86-13053858510 (Cellular)

Feng Yuanjun, Associate Director, 86-538-8223814-2008 (Office), 86-538-8218678 (Home), 86-13053858511 (Cellular)

Zhai Ruiyong, Head of the Nanguan Police Station, 86-538-8333213 (Office), 86-538-8223814-3232 (Home), 86-13053858751 (Cellular)

Ling Junquan, Adviser of Nanguan Police Station, 86-538-8333213 (Office), 86-13053858752 (Cellular)