Ever since 2000, the Gaoyang Labor Camp in Baoding City, Hebei Province has been detaining Falun Gong practitioners. They brutally tortured practitioners who were resolute and unwavering in their faith in Dafa. More than 30 prison guards had burned and buried five practitioners alive. They also transferred several dozen practitioners from brainwashing classes and other labor camps in Baoding City, Shijiazhuang City, Zhangjiakou City, etc. to Gaoyang for further torture.

One evening between April 20 and April 23, 2003, close to 30 prison guards took five Falun Gong practitioners to a deserted field, and pushed them towards five burning bonfires. Each bonfire was separated from another by about 100 feet, with pre-dug pits next to them. There were 5-6 guards next to each bonfire. The guards yelled at the practitioners; "Do you want to be burned to death or buried alive? A quick death means less suffering than a slow painful one!" Without finishing the sentence, they pushed practitioners Ms. Du Hongcai and Ms. Liu Yanxiang towards two of the bonfires. Guards standing next to the pit pushed practitioner Ms Li Jinling, who was transferred from Baoding Labor Camp, into the pit. They shoveled dirt to her waist level. Another practitioner, Ms. Song Guixian was buried up to her neck. Later the guards pulled her out of the pit and lifted her right over the bonfire. Blisters caused by the fire covered her back. The torture continued until daybreak.

On the evening of May 26, 2003, prison guards took practitioner Ms. Wang Chunmei, who was transferred from Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan City to a deserted field. They put a snake and a lizard on her body, and threw her to the ground. They pressed on her lower body from the waist down with a thick log. They shocked her feet with an electric baton, causing severe swelling of her feet, with pus forming around the sores. She could not even wear her shoes after the torture.

One evening around 8pm in July 2003, Dafa practitioner Ms. Jia Rongjuan, 50, was taken to the "torture room" on the second floor. They cuffed both her hands in front of her chest. Her blood pressure was very high already. Five or six prison guards (one of them was the prison doctor Wang Baoguo) shocked her simultaneously with five electric batons. After they shocked her, some guards choked her neck to the point of suffocation, some pressed and ground her feet and ankle with their leather boots, some pinched her inner thighs. They tortured her from 8pm in the evening until the next morning for nearly 9 hours. Jia Rongjuan lost consciousness three times. Each time she was awakened by the prison doctor, who was injecting some unknown drugs into her body. Then the torture resumed. Afterwards, when she was sent back to her cell, there was not a single part of her body that was not covered by wounds. Her whole body was disfigured and covered with numerous bloody wounds. Bloody sores caused by electric shocks covered more than two thirds of her back.

Practitioner Ms. Chen Yali was transferred from Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City. In August 2003, a prison guards covered her mouth, so she had to breathe through her nostrils. They sprinkled pepper powder into her nostrils to force her to breathe in. In addition, they applied various tortures on her for more than two hours.

After October 2003, they shocked practitioners Ms. Wu Shouzhi, Ms. Qu Xiaoying, and another disabled practitioner with multiple electric batons, which, after the constant mental and physical stress, caused them to suffer a mental collapse. They tortured practitioner Ms. Wu Shouzhi by shocking her with six electric batons at one time on October 27, 2003. She became incoherent afterwards. The labor camp did not treat her and claimed that she was "pretending." The camp officials ordered drug addicts to supervise, curse and beat her. They continued shocking her for 2-3 months. A previously healthy person was tortured to the point where she could no longer take care of herself. She urinated and defecated on the floor and suffered from mental disorders. She looked like a walking skeleton. When her family demanded her release from the labor camp, the officials refused and then asked her family, "Pay a 10,000 Yuan ransom and she will be released." Because they could not afford the ransom, the officials cajoled and coerced until the family paid a smaller amount before she was finally released. This practitioner has not recovered fully, even today.

Between June 4 and August 8, 2004, guards tied up 18 practitioners, including Ms. Wang Guilan, with phone wires and then tied them to some steel pieces on the floor that were installed specifically to torture practitioners. They connected the other side to a hand- cranked generator (an old hand cranked military telephone) and shocked them. Practitioners Ms. Zhang Shumei (from Chicheng City) and Ms. Qiao Jianying (from Chicheng City) both lost consciousness twice.

Practitioner Mr. Cai Baozhu, 37, was from Zaoqiang County, Hebei Province. On April 12, 2004, the guards took him to the torture room and shocked him with electric batons until his face was disfigured. Another 70-year-old elderly practitioner with white hair could not escape the torture either. Ms. Meng Junluo, from Hengshui City, was tortured four times by guards after they tried to drag her out to the courtyards without success. Finally several guards just shocked her in the hallway until her whole body contracted into a ball. Ms. Liu Yuling, 60, from Beijing, was shocked until she passed out. Her body was covered with dark patches and she could not control her urination and bowel movements. They finally sent her to the Gaoyang County Hospital for emergency treatment. Ms. Li Xia was ordered to curse the founder of Falun Gong 50 times. She refused. Guards then tied her up tightly until the ropes bit into her flesh. They shocked her with electric batons several times. Each time lasted over a half hour. Her face was disfigured and both her hands were left numb.

Shocking practitioners with several electric batons and savagely force-feeding them was a common occurrence at the Gaoyang Labor Camp. In November 2002, they transferred several dozen practitioners to Gaoyang Labor Camp from other labor camps and brainwashing classes in Baoding City, Shijiazhuang City, Hengshui City, and Zhangjiakou City. Ms. Liu Shuqin was from Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou City. The guards shocked her vaginal area after she refused to give up her faith in Dafa. She suffered from incontinence after the brutal torture. Ms. Liu Yanxiang was transferred from Tangshan City. The guards took her to the torture room. (The room was covered with sound absorption tiles without windows. Loudspeakers and a monitor camera were installed in the room. The wall and ceilings were painted with slogans and cartoons designed to defame Dafa.) Prison guards forced her to curse Teacher and she refused. The guards then stripped her of her clothes and pressed her onto the floor. Nine guards then shocked her with electric batons.

Practitioner Ms. Song Guixian was transferred from Tangshan. She was force-fed twice a day with cold water, excrement, pepper oil, and food mixed with unknown drugs. Each time they used a large injection tube on her. They used a special tool to pry open the mouth of Ms. Liu Yanxiang. Then they used a teaspoon to forcefully force water-soaked bread into her mouth. Her lips were cracked and bleeding.

In February 2003, practitioner Ms. Ma Guiying could not eat due to discomfort in her stomach. She was force-fed. The prison guards forced her to extend both arms, cuffed her hands and squat down. Male guards then pulled her hair, four other guards (3 male, 1 female) and three inmates worked together, with prison guards holding two electric batons to shock her mouth, hands, and arms. Others kicked her in the chest while wearing boots and punched her in the face. Her chest was swollen and very painful. Her face, mouth, hands and arms were hurting badly; they were all bruised with dark patches and severely swollen. Even so, she still was forced to do hard labor.

Prison guards Ye Shuxian (ex-group leader) was very brutal when pinching and scratching the inner thighs of practitioners. Some prison guards would torture practitioners by dislocating their arms, forcing them to freeze in the snow-covered field, exposing them to mosquitoes in summer, ordering them to shoulder heavy sacks of wet dirt, or perform military style standing for several days and nights without sleeping. They even stripped female practitioners of their clothes and beat them until they rolled around. Moreover, they used scissors to poke their bodies, used fire to burn their hair, and forced them to do hard labor for more than 12 hours a day.

The above testimony covered only a partial record of criminal acts committed by the prison guards at Gaoyang Labor Camp in Hebei Province. We urgently request that all who know further details come forward so that we can prosecute the accomplices of the Jiang regime to the fullest extent of the law.

Partial list of Gaoyang Labor Camp prison guards:

Camp Director Wang, a direct accomplice in crime, later arrested due to corruption.

Guards who were responsible and directly participated in the torture:

Yang Zemin, 5th brigade leader; Li Xuejun, Instructor; Ye Shuxian, ex female group leader; Ma Li, office deputy; Wei Hongling, current female group leader and prison doctor, always involved in injecting unknown drugs.

Guards who participated directly:

Li Jixing, husband of Wei Hongling; Duan Guanghui, female group leader; Zhao Yuan, deputy female group leader; Wang Baoguo, male section prison doctor.