(Clearwisdom.net) The Jilin Prison has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners very severely. At least three practitioners have died there due to the persecution. They are: Liu Chengjun, Wei Xiushan, and Zhang Jianhua.

During the past few years, practitioners in Jilin City have been trying to rescue jailed fellow practitioners. We participate in activities such as sending forth righteous thoughts in nearby locations, telling the facts about the persecution directly to the prison officials, calling and sending mail to each office in the prison, printing and distributing local versions of truth-clarification materials, and distributing investigative reports on the local policemen issued by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong.

Recently we heard that an unknown practitioner was persecuted to death in a local hospital. Later we learned that the practitioner was Cui Weidong. We also received information that there were more practitioners in Jilin Prison whose lives are in danger due to the persecution. When they were sent to a hospital for emergency treatment, the prison strictly blocked all information. Facing this situation, we immediately held a few meetings and reached a common understanding. First we published the latest persecution facts on the Clearwisdom website to expose the evil deeds to the world. We also made a flyer that said, "All Citizens in Jilin City, Please Pay Close Attention to the Falun Gong Practitioners Who Are Dying Because of the Persecution." Over the next three days, local practitioners posted more than a thousand flyers all over the hospital and the city to expose the persecution.

The day after we published the news on the Clearwisdom website, October 11, 2004, the hospital received many phone calls from all over the world. The employees who answered the phones claimed that they didn't know any details about the dead practitioner. They said that the practitioner who died in the hospital was sent in when he was almost dead, and Jilin Prison didn't disclose any detailed information about the prisoner to the hospital. The doctors and nurses didn't know the true story until they got the phone calls or read the flyers. Thinking back over the incident, the doctors and nurses realized that something must have been wrong, because while the practitioner had died over a month ago, the prison still hadn't allowed the relatives to see the body. After the case was exposed, Jilin City's Changyi Police Department ordered the hospital to not allow any visitors to see the practitioner's body without permission from the police department. The doctors and nurses discussed it all over the hospital. Many people felt that the prison must have done something very bad, otherwise they would allow the relatives to see the body.

The Changyi Police Department also ordered the hospital to catch and detain the practitioners who were distributing and posting truth-clarification flyers. The officials, doctors, and nurses who had realized the truth abhorred the behavior of the police. Even after more than 10 days, many flyers exposing the cruel persecution of practitioners in Jilin Prison were still up on the walls, and nobody took them down.

For a long time the policemen in Jilin Prison had tortured practitioner Li Zhiyong from Changchun City, and Mr. Li was dying. Local practitioners exposed the persecution facts on the Clearwisdom website many times. His parents were also actively involved in the rescue. They went directly to Jilin Prison to ask top prison officials to release Mr. Li Zhiyong. After they were refused without any reason given, they went to the Jilin Province Prison Management Bureau, the provincial Judicial Department, and the provincial "610 Office," demanding that they release their dying son. At last, Mr. Li Zhiyong was released unconditionally. On October 13, 2004, Mr. Li was returned to his home safely.

During this event, practitioners from both inside and outside of China formed one body. Some made phone calls, some stood up to clarify the facts on a one-to-one basis, some went to the prison to send forth righteous thoughts, and some distributed truth-clarification flyers. Many practitioners joined in. Everyone involved felt how great the power was when practitioners worked together.

In this rescue effort, we identified the correct goal from the very beginning. Our fundamental goal was to save people by exposing the evil and clarifying the facts. The rescue action exposed the wickedness of Jilin Prison to ordinary people. We also helped people realize the evil nature of the persecution against innocent Falun Gong practitioners.